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  1. Guys, please download KWAVEU app & press lots of hearts for Youngji! We need 30M hearts omg
  2. Youngji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. These are such good news, I can't wait on August 25! Youngji solo! 10 day!
  4. All I want is Youngji's solo to be successful,she deserves it, she's been working so hard&never complained abt DSP & she has every right to.
  5. So excited for solo debut Youngji. Hope DSP will going do promotion properly Youngji's team for her solo debut is no joke.
  6. Schedule of displays of F.B.I show(Youngji) in the next few days.
  7. Youngji is online just now and liked pic/post from jfamily_boss,lee nakyum, and Jinwoon (left to right) Youngji liked Caolu, Sumin, yedam_2145, and Boram's Instagram post
  8. Youngji had a good practice with Mister: she danced Mr when was a trainee in CCM
  9. I just like this old video with Youngji Retrospective, It seems so called))
  10. 1st pic = Sunghoon's post OG comment=uwa its bedlington paradise 2nd pic = Youngji's post his comment=bedlington is pretty 161027 Youngji she participated in the show tvN My Ears Candy there has asked Sunghoon to walk and fly a kite into the sky of Sunghoon under a photo of Youngji recently left the comment (Come and take away a snake, the child)