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  1. 9 hours ago, red4summer said:

    - would it be better if 2 members were added instead of one. (though youngji received the popular votes, somin scored higher in other areas.)

    Now we already know that addition only of one participant was the good idea. Though with two participants, DSP could try to continue Kara with new structure. But it is difficult to call such idea good.   

    The ratings of participants for their skills, didn't make any sense. All this was so subjective that is even ridiculous. Youngji was judged for two mistakes in singing when it strongly worried. But later it has become clear that Youngji has one of the best vocals in Baby Kara. Besides Youngji has passed two stages where it hasn't received expert estimates at all. If she participated there, she would win prior to the final ))

    Audience wanted Youngji and they have received it :gemhappy:

    9 hours ago, red4summer said:

    - was it wise to hold kara project in the first place. (i meant some of girls could well and more deservedly form a new group.)

    April I was group for 'Baby Kara'. But we know what has occurred.

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  2. I supported Youngji and Chaekyung during Kara Project. Though it became early clear that Chaekyung won't reach the final, unfortunately. But other my girl has won a show and has got to Kara :gemnoway:

    I hoped as Chaekyung will be in new group, but she hasn't got in April, it so has upset me. Though I can understand DSP: it is necessary for them will change structure of group, after Sojin suicide. And to transfer a debut. Otherwise there would be a lot of negative to DSP and April.    

    Though it is strange that they have chosen Somin: she didn't suit the concept April at all. It was DSP mistake. They needed to take Chaekyung in group at once, but not Somin. At least, now they have corrected this error. And I am glad for Chaekyung!

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