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  1. Since this topic was started in 2009, I try to comment with the feeling back then, it was Seungyeon, she was
  2. Seung Yeon and Young Ji become my bias in this topic
  3. I would try search engine, and translation website, that's what I do.
  4. Hara. We went to the seaside, enjoying the view and breeze...
  5. KARA's Perfume KARA 5 JEWEL 'K5J' I like this video a lot, one can seldom or rarely or impossibe to see what they would wear to a date, but this video may give some hint umm, gorgeous is the word, Hara's hair bow is like oh my goodness Koo Hara - Love, Secret Love (2012 KARASIA Solo)카라하라 I like the music arrangement, and Hara's performance 20181102 K-CONTENT EXPO 2018 BRAZIL - KARA Heo Youngji - Mamma Mia + STEP + Jumping + Pandora + Talk Happiness level is at maximum, it may be a relatively small stage but I feel like I'm watching a large stadium show, big fever. Original topic from
  6. ... oh my goodness (the kitty is so cute), ... Please take caution and protect yourself (what if the kitty is a bomb), Your Highness, princess Youngji of the KARA nation. ... Youngji is likely as crazy as I do <3
  7. Chacha and Pico aww, they're so cute Didn't know that Hara writes Chinese wow, and showing the fans in Weibo Sorry for this late appreciation I love you and thank you I mean WOW, I think it's my first time to see a Korean star write Chinese, and Hara's writing is better than many Chinese
  8. Hara is too good, while the world is not
  9. Hara's hair is so amazing, congratulations 2000days to Youngji, loving Mamma Mia
  10. The one in the other thread, there