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  1. I don't know which one to vote, it will be easier if I saw them in person, and then make the comparison
  2. @ilovekaramorethanthebeatles, Wilbert Kaby Mix 2020(op8) https://app.box.com/s/03iujczlc0ycstez976ae8vcmx24au3a "op" serve as a revision number, op8 of Baby Mix is 99.9% identical as before, only that the hidden track is removed, because that part eventually ends up too long and I think it's better to seperate it. Kaby Mix 2020 Epilogue https://app.box.com/s/mc2011sbj89xut56uwmwvz08oqzs0eft Epilogue mix originally belongs to the hidden ending of Baby Mix. Eventually it features more groups or singers beyond Baby Kara because I Wanna Do Ma Thang yes 3YE give me that idea, and Jiyoung. Since it's a hidden section, should I leave it as secret as it is up to you to discover them. I cannot recognize each and every one of them. Some hints are Each UAEaudiomix has an O.P. number. Kara History Mix the version you're listening to is op17 for example, which is the most heavily revised or improved of all. The original idea of History Mix is to pick one song for each year, but then I found out it's not possible because, I cannot choose only one from Solo Collection in 2012, Lupin or Jumping in 2010 etc. Miss You Mix is kind of a hurry, hurry to make it before the end of 2019, it is largely occupied by Pretty Girl and Honey to cover up the lacks of construction, I mean the original songs are excellent, but Miss You Mix ends like that is not what I satisfied, at least not very much. Miss You Mix taught me that, life is sometimes imperfect, and I should try to get along with it, try it live with it. Island Mix is simply missing too many iconic Japanese songs to live up the title, no French Kiss no Speed Up no Dear Kamilia (etc.) are you kidding me, but I like the final outcome of Magic Mix, it becomes something new, something fresh, something beyond my expectation, just like magic, not my magic, it's Youngji's magic, Kara's magic. What I want to tell is, they have a "p" number too, which is a sequence code as follow: p43 michaeljacksonmix p72 4minute 1stalbummix p88 kara historymix intro p89 kara historymix p90 kara missyoumix p91 kara beautifulmix p91.2 kara beautifulmix_v2 p92 kara magicmix p93 kabymix p94 kabymix_epilogue Coincidentally, Beautiful Mix which was specially designed for Hara's Day 1/13 is no.91 which is exactly her year. The first Kara mix being no.88 by chance is also very interesting. Kara taught me that, life maybe sometimes interesting. Youngji taught Songyeon how to dance a Kara song according to her/Hur sisterTV channel, I like that, I read many people like that, I have crazy ideas let's bring Songyeon on stage, I think Hara wouldn't mind that. It's not a replacement, Hara can never be replaced by anyone anyway. Anyway, look forward to more great videos, fighting~ I like Seungyeon's Vlog too, it's kind of resemble Hara On & Off, fighting~ I didn't expect she would like Wonder Girls songs, I thought they were rival, someone asked them for Wonder Girls office things like that. I am so stupid. Nicole searched the net for information about herself and explained, interesting idea, how can I miss that. I'm not good at youtube or many things, if there is any channel/s or things I missed, please forgive me. (bow) https://youtu.be/Ox_PCRh-3Ic [VLOG] 어떤 하루 _리얼 일상 공개🌸💁‍♀️(여러분의 하루는 어떤가요?) https://youtu.be/i2F8wJHFPew K-POP 아이돌 13년차 니콜이 처음 본 나무위키, 진실과 거짓!!! https://youtu.be/wbox3onJrvU 허자매 데뷔 임박? 허보아가 별명이었다던 허송연..DSP소속사 찾아간 사연은?!(feat. 카라 미스터) l 허자매tv (ENG SUB) I think this should be it, See ya Kara fighting, Baby fighting Joy be with you
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/file/lx5fxgj22bem3xz/Kara_-_History_Mix_Intro.mp3/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/3s5p1mwctn1tgj3/Kara_-_History_Mix.mp3/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/np31i2pwvrjr4dq/Kara_-_Miss_You_Mix.mp3/file Dedicated to those who love Hara. This audio fix is a mix up of KARA songs taken from their CD albums I brought about 6 years ago, along with others I borrow on somewhere um. It's the longest audio mix I ever did, I do want to keep it as short as possible, but Kara break my record. It is supposed to have an intro music, which that part end up too long and I think maybe it's better to separate them into two tracks. And in case someone may see this word UAEaudoimx, because another someone asked me 14 years ago, but it does not stand for United Arab Emirates, it means Ultimate Audio Experience pardon me, I come from South China. By the way, I do have Fin.K.L album White which hold their iconic track Forever Love, I read that Hara like them too. I thought I would never do a remix again, maybe it's not a remix at not, at least not a typical one. It was indeed senior K-Pop DJs who inspired me to do audio mix in the first place, back how many years ago I don't remember, their works are great for sure. I got bullied since middle school. You don't feel that much at first, you didn't even realize, but as time goes by, aftermath increase, to a level until you can hardly stay alive, or stay the same. Kara, my first strong impression is, Honey perhaps. I can still remember watching them in a music bank show on TV, and each member was telling the MC about their appeal charm such as Nicole with her crescent-moon eyes that winning the fans and saying sorry about that, I think there're just kidding (they're indeed talented) and they're so cute I mean from the bottom of their heart. I usually prefer ballads or bands, but somehow I brought a couple of Kara's albums eventually. Now most CD shops are closed down, I should be their last customers, now I have no place to go, no money, no friend and no place to go. Kpop is unique, I see kindness from it, and a feeling of closeness, I'm thankful. I left the music world 4-5 years ago, I mean environment change, living condition change, life change whether you like it or not. I don't know much in Kpop recent years, I mean I'm kind of shut down myself and become not interested in any thing belong to this world, this world has no interest in me. It was by chance I read about the news of Hara, then she lead me to Sulli, and only few days ago I learn about SHINee who they have member lost too. I rarely check any news, but somehow I browse to that section in the midnight of 25th last month, or 26th I'm not sure, I don't know why I would do that, then I was shocked. To Hara, I am sorry for loving you too late, I wish you the best of happiness wherever you are now. You give something precious to people, and that something will pass on and on, such as your courage which I lack of. I like Hara not because of her physical appeal, I mean I never saw any singer any skin color would chat with fans, casually before bedtime. It's her kind, innocent and beautiful soul that attracts me, and her brave personality I can see she is always, and forever is. The world is so complicated, good people can hardly live I just know that. Just remember Hara would reply fans instant message, I mean not a robotic thank you or mechanic hi, or official no comment, but a sentence after thinking up with emotion, not me I just read the posts here. I'll remember Hara as the kind, strong and brave pretty honey girl as always. Miss U, With My Heart, I Am...(ing), I just can't stop thinking of you, but I better stop here or this will never be ending, this world will never be the same without you, Forever Love Hara & Kara 2019.12.31
  4. I'm glad the photos are still available to see, at least some of them
  5. Profile

    We have many things in common, horror movie, sleeping, only that I don't dance. So far I think Hara or Kara as a whole they are close to Girls' generation the most, which is not easy to see it.
  6. Since this topic was started in 2009, I try to comment with the feeling back then, it was Seungyeon, she was
  7. Kaby Mix 2020 https://app.box.com/s/3yr0aqvymoycr3lktwpgoxs5x799po6c Kaby Mix 2020 focus on Baby Kara associated groups including KARD, 3YE, APRIL who they have just made comeback recently with Red Moon, Queen and Lalalilala respectively. "Kaby" is an idea of K and Baby where "K" represent Kpop. I don't know what to say no more just call it Baby Mix will be easier. I know I know people miss Kara, Baby Mix is specially featuring Hara, Youngji, and Baby Kara, I know them through Hara On & Off reality show a couple months ago, I mean the show is a couple years ago, but I just get to know it some months ago. It's very long but I managed to have watched it all completely, I'm the kind who don't even bother to watch a music video entirely usually. So Jin get my first and most attention, she is cute. So Jin stand out and the rest of them are quite equivalent. Chae Kyung becomes my favorite after her group Civa, that I only discovered it recent months. Chae Won looks like my old friend, we've lost contact many many years ago so I'm actually not sure, we don't have any photos, I'm regret now, Chae Won feels like a close person. There must be someone or some people mentioned before that, So Min looks like Hara, it can't be only me. Kard, just found out they have actually toured many places including Hongkong 2 years ago, I missed them, I missed even my favorite local group and this is life. My feeling of Kard is they are very friendly, such as Ji Woo walking out the airport bare face with no glasses, and smile and looking around like an ordinary person, but she or they are super stars. I wonder if there is any photo of Hara and So Min together. The more I look into Baby Kara, like I mentioned somewhere else, there are too many hidden treasures in the Korean music industry, yet to be discovered. April's new album Da Capo, the music style is different from Kara, I'm glad they do because otherwise it will be difficult or impossible to mix them up with Kard and 3ye. Yoo Ji has participated in different groups before, like many others, I wish them all the best of luck. "Baby" to me has a wider meaning than just Baby Kara, to me is K-pop girls star who are having a hard time in career or life. Special blessing to So Jin. I may not know her well but she has the most baby face. Love April, 3ye, Kard, Civa and the rest of Baby. Mix07(CLON,Yuki,Diva,AlexTo,AhMeiMei,HOT) https://app.box.com/s/j8ihtr96zr8dbql4nsxpa3pnphj8tgoy 20 years ago there's this mix done by someone or some people I don't know. It's my favorite and it becomes even more special today because of the song Why Do You Call Me featured from it. "Why" being the debut song of Civa, originally sung by Diva. I like the cutie-horror concept of Civa's version, that headless girl is epic. Special mix sharing with the special Kamilia. Whoever did that mix is pioneer, my respectation and salutation. Back then there do not even have the word mashup yet, at least I never heard. Yuki, Ah Mei Mei are from Taiwan; Alex To from Hongkong; Clon, Diva, H.O.T being from Seoul, there are rarely 4 languages in one song or mix: Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and English. Just found out today, Diva and Alex To have actually filmed a MV together, an English version or remix of Why. Alex To like MJ too and he is one of the acknowledged Chinese dance singers, for those who don't know. Music sites do not accept Michael Jackson Mix to be uploaded, I hope the others will last. "Kamilia" makes me think of Camellia Hill, a tourist spot in Jeju, one of the places my mother went to last year. I've never been to Korea but I can tell both Jeju Island and Seoul city are beautiful places from the photos taken. And that Schisandra juice from Jeju is oh my goodness. Seung Yeon went to Jeju Island too last year according to her Vlog, I wonder if she has brought that too. You know I love you still Kara, but you told people to Break It, from the first album, I hope you don't mind me breaking this place into Baby Kara with the following links to their videos. I wanna do more Kara remix but right now I really can't, there is something I'm supposed to have it done months ago, unfortunately I'm stuck in fear, and time is running out. I wish me good luck. I actually started Alohara mix before Baby Mix, I don't know when it will be done, I just don't know. I'm not sure if that can be done at all. Just don't look forward to that. I'm actually looking forward to more people to do more mix for Kara. Like, subscribe and share: Life is bitter, life is also full of surprise. Thank you Baby for the beautiful songs. Baby Mix focus on their activity/direction after Baby Project. "oh my goodness" should be debuted as a group, somehow I like this name/phase, I only started to use it after coming here, maybe the members of Kara give me that impression. Baby Kara is oh my goodness too. It should be Kara Project. Sound-G can be found on Spotify, I always make mistakes, I wanted to correct it for a long time. The original version of How Come is there too I think, I just thought I should better use a CD track anyway. You can skip the above paragraphs if you think is too long. Kaby Mix 2020 is a special tribute to Baby Kara. Hara brings me back to Kara, Kara brings me to Youngji, and Youngji brings me to Baby, maybe this is the real magic.
  8. That hair
  9. Beautiful Hara
  10. Congratulations 13th anniversary, I like the 2nd image Go Go Summer, although I never heard the song, apparently it's a song name
  11. Beautiful photos, Seung Yeon and Young Ji didn't have the glasses, they become my bias in this topic
  12. I would try search engine, and translation website, that's what I do.
  13. Image

    I like Dollish Princess
  14. I guess so, 10 years before and after Kara aww. ... Oh my goodness just checking MAMA 2012 Kara, Jiyoung is taller than Hara? I thought Hara is the tallest. Back then, I have Sunday for a break, ..., other groups like Seeya or The Seeya or Davichi get my attention more. Seeya is likely making a comeback 2020, I wish them the best of luck. I wish Kara will make a comeback too. The lost of Hara is a big impact but, I actually like the four-member Kara with Youngji more than the five, don't let Nicole or Jiyoung hear this, but Hara has more lines in the songs later, ... It's not like I didn't listen anything in between 10 years, I think I should came by "Mister" but I have no idea about the legendary butt dance, of course I know it now. It was my fault, I am autistic sometimes maybe. It's not only Kara, I missed important songs of other big names such as SNSD, 4Minute, Big Bang etc. And it's not only Seoul, I missed my city too, there's one favorite local Chinese group I missed their one and only one 10th anniversary surprise reunite concert 2 years ago, I was very very close to see it, like as close as 2 or 3 days, but time just wouldn't come back 1 second, I don't think there will be a second chance, they rarely hold any concert even at their heydays. I actually walked by a ticket selling point the day before and this is life. I think I'm more like a Kpop fans, I collect CD albums of different singers from FinKL Babyvox SES, to Kara Wondergirls Hello Venus etc. solo artistes such as Rain, Baek Ji Young, Jang Nara, Se7en, Suh Young Eun, I forget Skarf sorry, Lee Soo Young, Wax etc. ..., there are too many hidden treasures in the Korean music industry, yet to be discovered. Korea fighting, Kara fighting, Baby fighting! Among those, Kara has the average higher number of CDs purchased, they win over Girls' Generation or Apink etc. according to the album sale in my case. ... I wish KARA members will pay a visit to my dreams someday ..., love ya~
  15. Hara. We went to the seaside, enjoying the view and breeze, busy using smartphones for translation, as she don't speak Chinese and I don't speak Korean, we end up laughing. I try to use the only two words I know "Saranghaeyo" and "Annyeong" to make up the whole dating. Forgot to vote aww, but I just did it now.
  16. I became a fan in 2008 "Pretty Girl", I did not know any of their names back then including Hara, I just think wow she's pretty. And then "Honey", I still don't know their names including Seung Yeon, and I just think wow she's cute. I am so embarrassing to say, I missed many of Kara's great songs, ... "Mamma Mia" which I only listened/discovered it in November 2019. ... It's not like I didn't like them, I like them, I like Kara, just that I'm more into ballads or sad songs, ... . As to the question of how, I get to know most of the Korean songs through Arirang TV Pops In Seoul, ... . Back then there is no ... , so yeah Arirang TV is the best. It can be said that, I have been with them since the very very beginning, and I also am a very very late fan.
  17. Only discovered this poll today aww, well I voted... Hara
  18. Spazz

    KARA's Perfume KARA 5 JEWEL 'K5J' [youtube video]https://youtu.be/l_jUVoJJIdI[/youtube video] I like this video a lot, one can seldom or rarely or impossibe to see what they would wear to a date, but this video may give some hint umm, gorgeous is the word, Hara's hair bow is like oh my goodness Koo Hara - Love, Secret Love (2012 KARASIA Solo)카라하라 [video]https://youtu.be/-tr0MN1u5mw[/video] I like the music arrangement, and Hara's performance 20181102 K-CONTENT EXPO 2018 BRAZIL - KARA Heo Youngji - Mamma Mia + STEP + Jumping + Pandora + Talk [youtube]https://youtu.be/MzKuohdtrkU[/youtube] Happiness level is at maximum, it may be a relatively small stage but I feel like I'm watching a large stadium show, big fever Original topic from http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20773-new-20181102-k-content-expo-2018-brazil/
  19. KARA Magic Mix https://app.box.com/s/cy6qiwnzu6snsmuhpockamrk9666o5rc Hey happy smile! Magic Mix focus on the songs of Japan, the beautiful island country. Magic Mix is originally named as Island Mix. Life is short, life is all about mistakes, misses, wrong timing, wrong place but, as long as people ever existed in the same time phase of life, maybe this is the magic, wealth or poor should makes no boundary, the same goes to young or old, illness or healthy, black or white, beauty or not. Shh... don't share, don't tell no one, unofficial remixes may have copyrights confliction, while I suppose share with fans silently is okay, low profile, but still I would suggest anyone not to keep any file. Do buy the original albums of KARA, try the best alright. Gyuri may know where to find a CD shop, remember her Insta has a related photo not long ago. Cherish Tokyo 2020 by the way, love Japan. When there is kindness, there is goodness, when there's goodness, there's magic. Sometimes, forgiveness give happiness. I see some people do not understand Hara, those don't understand kindness. Where there is Hara, there is happy smile, when there's happy smile, there's magic mix. The world needs to think again what is technology, what is intelligence, what is their purpose of existence, and just because it's what's done doesn't mean it's what should be done. I'm only a lizard, not a footman, enjoy it while it lasts, quotes from Cinderella. I think it over that, perhaps a credit will make it feel better other than listening something without a source or name, if then Kay, or Kamilia Kay perhaps, but it's all about Hara, not for me, my name is not important, I wish all credits go to Hara, I wish she can listen to them. Thank you Kara for the beautiful songs Hey Happy Smile is from Hara Aishi-teru
  20. Someone should grab Gyuri to record a solo album, really should.
  21. Spazz

    ... oh my goodness (the kitty is so cute), ... Please take caution and protect yourself (what if the kitty is a bomb), Your Highness, princess Youngji of the KARA nation. ... Youngji is likely as crazy as I do <3
  22. Chacha and Pico aww, they're so cute Didn't know that Hara writes Chinese wow, and showing the fans in Weibo Sorry for this late appreciation I love you and thank you I mean WOW, I think it's my first time to see a Korean star write Chinese, and Hara's writing is better than many Chinese
  23. Hara is too good, while the world is not
  24. Spazz

    Hara's hair is so amazing, congratulations 2000days to Youngji, loving Mamma Mia