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  1. What do you think of KARA future activities? Would you like a full album from them ?
  2. I've started to listen KARA music via youtube later from CDs and now music youtube
  3. I love her hairstyle in French kiss era She looks so great
  4. Gyuri is so cute in this era. So sad many posted photos in this thread are dead T _ T
  5. I really loved all Han Seungyeon's solo songs she's recorded. Any chances for her to debut as soloist? What do you think?
  6. She's really nice and really looks similar to Han Chae Young the Korean actress
  7. How about latest boy groups? Who are the fanboys of our cute Youngji?
  8. Thanks for Yougji's profile I wonder why is she called mushroom youngji anyone knows?
  9. So cute. Youngji is really cute I really love Heo sisters' bond
  10. She was one of the cutest members of KARA. I hope she rest in peace as a beautiful angel RIP Goo Hara