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  1. Youngji and her older sister Songyeon have started a youtube channel together! So far, they've posted quite regularly, some videos include kara's recent activities. Youngji and her sister are pretty entertaining and some of the videos are subbed! I just wanted to create a thread for it, since their updates have been frequent and regular.
  2. I wasn't even a kpop stan back then but I had such a crush on lupin era nicole she said recently that she'll Never do this hairstyle again because of how hard it was to grow out understandable but what a pity bc this look was such a slay
  3. Honestly she fit in so well with the running man cast. She appeared in like 3? episodes last year and 1 this year
  4. Well, it's been over a year and they did reunite. And what a hell of a reunion, too!
  5. kara's definitely a visual group, that's for sure. 15 years in and i think this is still an impossible question
  6. Gyuri is my dream girl fr like even before I became a kamilia I would've listed her as one of the top idols I liked
  7. She's always cute but she was extra cute in the FujiTV new years special today >.< She did a heart to the scary 'hunters' and did the butt dance but they ended up failing anyway LOL
  8. In case anybody feels like rewatching these, it's on youtube. Weekly idol eps 162 & 163. Just for a pick-me-up, very lighthearted and fun kara content. (It's a pity that JiNi never went on together, back when weekly idol was fun, but nonetheless I absolutely love these eps)
  9. Let's support Youngji's youtube channel with her sister! They started it 3 months ago and have been posting quite regularly recently The vlogs especially have been fun, and Youngji's dynamic with her sister is interesting: she acts less like a dongsaeng with her real older sister than with her KARA unnies
  10. I'm very excited for her solo comeback. She seems very excited for it this time around, and said she's been working on it. She teased during the radio interview recently that it'll be a dance song that she's more confident in
  11. I've been listening/watching old videos of her DJing and she was so good and her voice is so pretty, I wish she'd do more radio/podcasts in the future but the chances of that
  12. While her singing's great, is her acting good? I haven't seen anything she's been in and I wasn't sure what to watch lmao >.<
  13. It's insane how timeless they are. I became a fan watching their MAMA performance. For their reunion comeback, after 15 years. I mean, I'd listened to their songs before (growing up Asian, in Asia, during the Hallyu wave I couldn't have gone without lmao) and I knew Hara, Gyuri, and Nicole, since I watched some old varieties as a Uaena. But when I became a KPOP fan in like 2017, they were long disbanded so I didn't want to get into them. I watched the MAMA performance because I was curious. They just made me fall for them completely and now I'm obsessed
  14. I have to say my personal favourite is Oxygen. I just love their voices in it and the melody. But all four songs are genuinely really good.
  15. Thank god she's fine! I was a little worried when I saw Youngji and Gyuri go straight to her when the performance ended. She still absolutely killed it onstage
  16. in case anybody is unaware, gyuri's been insanely active on both instagram and twitter recently. she's done a few instagram lives (one an unhinged 2am, going to the mart and drinking live, with jiyoungji) that can be found on youtube and she even joined a twitter space at 3am and spoke to fans like yesterday. also, im obsessed w this pic. she's So Pretty.
  17. it really is sad lmao ive been on the hunt for old kara content with the new comeback but while at least old korean show raws can be found, i cant even find any raws for the japanese shows which sucks bc i love jpn variety personally