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  1. [SHOW] 100718 - Haha Mong - KARA (Part 2) - TV Shows & Interviews - Karaholic Forums - International KARA (카라) District for Kamilia Dead link or nothing shows at all.
  2. I don't think this is working anymore unfortunately.
  3. [TV Show] [2010.11.29] TBS Tokyo Friend Park 2 - Kara Cut - 2010 Videos - Karaholic Forums - International KARA (카라) District for Kamilia All of the links here are dead.
  4. She really is amazing to look at. Face sculpted by an amazing artist.
  5. Everyone's reaction to her "Goddess of Beauty" was always funny.
  6. Those photos of her from that show make her eyes look HUGE. Still cute though.
  7. Wow her makeup style really makes her look a little different. Like, not able to recognise at first different.
  8. Aww I miss this show One of the better ones.
  9. Nicole's personality always shown more when she was by herself imo.
  10. I think this was the first ever Korean show I watched. Was never a big reality Tv fan but this had a fun edge to it. Funny to think that a reality TV show about farmign would be so enjoyable lol.
  11. Aww this is bringing back memories... sad ones mainly, but memories nonetheless.
  12. Never actually watch any of this tbh. Maybe one day just to relive the memories of Hara.
  13. After reading this, I honestly didn't know she and Jessica were close. A little surprised tbh.
  14. I've been watching videos of her recently. Still a shock as to what happened...
  15. Thanks for sharing the link. I don't think I knew about this.