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  1. Haha she's relly cute in that first pic, you can see the attitude already with the cap worn at the odd angle.
  2. That's awesome, it must be cool to see stuff like that if you've sent the stuff to the girls yourself.
  3. It's pretty cool that she's started doing this, she clearly isn't afraid of being hereself either. Here's hoping they get some time in the future.
  4. It's kind of weird that Honey won but whatever, I'm not complaining. I suppose it would have made more sense for Mister to have won but it's all gravy.
  5. I think it's a testament to how pretty she looks in these photos to say that I'd seen a fair few of these pictures before and it hadn't even occured to me that she might not be wearing any makeup.
  6. She looks a lot more mature without the makeup on, and considering I wlays think she looks ridiculously young this is a good thing. Some people are gright when they've said she looks a bit tired lol but she definitely still looks pretty.
  7. Ah I love all of thsoe gifs, jsut sums up the goddess perfectly. The first one is especailly amazing.
  8. Haha you know I was thinking exactly the same thing. As a Liverpool supporter I'm used to being on the side of the underdog in that group and I guess it's a similar kind of thing with KARA right now.
  9. Maybe it's posted here already and I'm just stupid for missing it but what date exactly does this start? For some strange reason I find myself really excited about watching this now!
  10. Haha maybe I'm weird for having noticed Gyuri's belly before seeing this thread? Well at least now I'm not the only one! It was actually the perfomances of "Mister" where the girls wore the short shirts that I noticed it stand out, I definitely have to give Gyul belly a thumbs up. I actually thought it was one of her best features, but then that's just me being slightly crazy.
  11. Hm, I don't exactly think there's a striking resemblence but then she doesn't exactly look nothing like Yuna either. I suppose if there was some sort of like action Final Fantasy X thing and Gyul was cast as Yuna apart from being completely epic I suppose I wouldn't think, "What? She looks nothing like Yuna!" I guess she could pull off the look but I had never really thought about it before until it was mentioned.
  12. Very 60's lol, I was actually reminded a fair bit of the kind of head dress that you see Greek goddesses wearing in pictures and films too, I guess it fits perfectly!
  13. Most of these are so stupid, lol but I love just how dismissive she is of people in them. She really does act like she doesn't have the time to deal with them.
  14. I'm glad to see that nobody is really taking thsi seriously, too many times you seen fans of groups taking these kind fo playful insults completely the wrong way and it's really infuriating to see fans acting the wrong way. Thankfully this hasn't been the case here; hey as long as the grils found it funny then it's all a-okay.
  15. I definitely prefer her hair when it is straight, long and down. She can still pretty much pull off the wavy look or when it's tied up but it looks far better that way imho.
  16. Sorry sonny but I'm going to have to agree wit hwhat pretty much everyone else here is saying: it's just the hair. Even forgetting things like face size I still don't really see much to go on to say that she looks much like Hara at all.
  17. Gyuri, where and what we'd do though is probably a little too inappropraite to type out here. j/k To be honest I'd probably jsut go for a meal or something, it may sound pretty dull but goign somewhere like a theme park or something would just make the day go way too quickly.
  18. I think you've pretty much got it spot on there, obviously I don't know the full story but it wouldn't surprise if wheover it was that said it is more jealous/scared of Hara and KARA's success in recent times rather than really believing what they're saying. Putting her down would be a a cheap way to dishearten her and it wouldn't surprise if it was their goal just to do this just so they could further their own career.
  19. Do I really need to say it? Everyone else in the thread has practically done it already, thought with good reason too I guess.
  20. I hunted down the youtube video fo the song first to see if it was worth getting and wow, it really is. Downloading right now so thanks a bunch for this, truly epic!
  21. Really amazing pic but then I'd be more surprised if I got any less from the goddess She looks flawless as always, I can't eblieve I've never seen such an old picture before now, shame on me.
  22. I like the way Hara still didn't say who actually said these things, shows a bit of class so well done to her for that one. She could have quite easily named and shamed them but no doubt they'll be feeling pretty bad about themselves without the need for exposing them. I don't understand why someone would say these kind of things though, I guess it just shows the kind of person that they are, really infuriating sometimes.
  23. I'm still so surprised by how old Hara is. There's no denying that she's pretty but I can't really look at her in any other way than cute because having any other dirtier thoughts than that just seem plain wrong. Hopefully these thoughts won't stay with me for long.
  24. I was surprised by how alike they look, I definitely think Hara is prettier though. That's not even due to bias either, of course I prefer Hara as an artist but I never really found Namie very attractive but I think Hara is genuinely very pretty.
  25. Hm, people don't seem very happy about there being eight episdoes do they? Wasn't there only the same amount for the Wonder Girls version last time around though? I would have expected six or eight episdoes for a seasons worth anyway so I'm pretty happy with it myself.