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  1. Gorgeous, the dress show off her body which is amazing, look at the waist... can't wait 4 her drama n movie
  2. Love her hair! Can't wait for her new drama!!!
  3. Kya~~~~ with jae wook? Seriously gyuri get to work with another bias of mine but I don't feel bad coz I love gyuri
  4. Gyuri is one of my biases in k-industry and she pair up with all the actor i like/follow First is kim woo bin, then ji chang wook, song jae rim and now kim jae wook..... but I'm totally happy
  5. Where can I watch /dwnload japanese version of this story... can't found it nowhere
  6. nice tune actually, can't wait for other teasers and full song
  7. Nice pretty pics, all of them looks lovely. Can't wait 4 the comeback
  8. So, it's more feminine concept? I wish KARA the best, miss them so much
  9. Jiyoung in vs arashi? Finally!
  10. KARA’s Gyuri, Kim Jae Wook, Chae Jung Ahn to Star in Film “Backwards, Close, and Together”I was so exited when I read Gyuri and movie, Double excited to see KJW name too!!!!!!!!!!! really hope to see the movie