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      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
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  1. The one that got me into becoming a fan of KARA is no other than Han Seungyeon and I became a fan because their hard working attitude, especially hammy as how she was trying her best to make people to be aware of KARA existence even by going through cable programs. and yes she is my bias >.< if i ever had the chance to marry someone from KARA, it would be her......... lolwut?! forget what i have just written, it must be the moon and the night, i am writing this more than half asleep Zzzzz
  2. her self confidence is her charm please keep it up, goddess!
  3. aigoo... she is already extremely thin :S if she hadn't stated that it was her gene that made her thin, i would have declared her as anorexic :S
  4. seungyeon's answer surely showed how mature this group has become well, that's kinda true, if you see how close they actually are with the other girl groups' members it is safe to say that their only fighting ground is charts rofl that's my 2 cent
  5. i am a sone-kamilia , so i am not a pure one kekeke but only those two groups that i really follow
  6. shoot! okay... the next candidate for sadako is hara! her hair really helps !>.<
  7. anne i have enabled the PM, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks :)

  8. i googled for "kara international forum" and here i am
  9. ARGHHH.... why did nicole win in most of the votes that i have seen so far? haha a lot of nicole-biased fans here, eh? oh well, as for me is hammie and hara they have exceptional stage charisma, feels like being drawn into them each time i see them perform haha >.<
  10. WonSoKA Line yes, i think they can made a collaboration project just like what SeeYa,Davichi, and T-ara did even a male musician (he said it in star golden bell, i forgot his name) thought that they should just merge into one big group hahaha if cross-company collaboration is hard to achieve, then how'bout with rainbow? they can help their hoobae to rise! (remember that 2ne1 debut through big bang's "lollipop" )
  11. uhm NO haha .... honestly i was firstly a sone (SNSD was the first one to drag me into the hallyu wave ) before also becoming a kamilia when i was watching the video of "chuseok special sweet girl" i got to know KARA along with other group such as t-ara,after school, brown eyed girls and 4minute. the first group that i immediately searched also was not kara, but after school (oh my >.<) because of their "diva" cut in the show attracted me the most . the next one was... brown eyed girls, once again abracadabra made me into an instant fan >.< once i completed all the MVs of B.E.G, i searched for kara's "honey" and butt dance from "mister", but honestly (please don't bash me >.<) they weren't enough to attract me. as my curiosity had not been fulfilled yet, i searched around the wiki about KARA and found out the title track of the album was "wanna" so i looked for the MV which totally blew me out >.< instant conversion!
  12. oh my ... this will force me to show favoritism haha well if it is possible all six of them hahaha but if i have to choose .. oh well... hammy then >.< i'm not a good talker and it seems she wouldn't mind haha >.<
  13. i knew the group from chuseok special sweet girl, but the one that converted me into a kamilia is "Wanna" MV hehe and what happened afterward was my collecting all the MVs and subbed videos from youtube hahaha
  14. hmm no doubt it will be sunghee i guess maybe because she is not tied with contracts and killer schedule anymore thus giving more chance to find her soul mate i bet boys are falling for her but if you thought about readiness to get married, yea you can conside nicole remember how she prepared foods for hara when she left for IY for the first time?
  15. well fate the first time i knew KARA was from chuseok sweet girl seungyeon immediately stole my eyes haha but when i looked for their older vids, i was like "who in the world is this angelic beauty?", yep that was sunghee her beauty is very unique, exactly my style hahahaha >.< sadly she had to leave the group ( but she remains in our heart forever, rite?