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    They are Sooooooo cute. great artists, too.
  2. Wow...my beautiful Sungja has returned for a moment. How lovely.. Gosh...I hope she returns soon, too. Thanks for the uplifting pix, Mae
  3. Kara will be great with any of the groups/ppl mentioned above. More important is that they keep comming out with hits. That is what will keep them going.
  4. Good idea, Anne. You did a real nice job on the history. Good picks on the pix! HaHa
  5. OMG! This is too good to be true. TWO albums in one season, and good comments as well. What more could you ask for. Thanks, Tin
  6. ORIGINALLY posted by Kara_Hyori at KB: KARA, who debuted under DSPEntertainment with which Fin.K.L has also debuted in, is back. They were once hailed as the "2nd Fin.K.L" and will join never-ending competition of rising girl bands like SNSD and WonderGirls, after the phenomenon of the S.E.S and Fin.K.L generation in the late 1990s. KARA told Newsen in an interview recently, "When we are in our practice room, and WonderGirls or SNSD comes out on TV, we will be lying if we say that we don't feel sore inside. We were envious of them." Member Park GyuRi also said, "When we look at the members of two groups, we often talked about how they are like S.E.S and Fin.K.L. But we are the one who feel really sad inside since we debuted with the "second Fin.K.L" title but it was like it was like taken away again. It feels sad that we have sort of ruined the impression cast on us." Another member Han Seung Yeon said, "But with such thoughts, we were also motivated to work harder to do better and prove ourselves. " "We have also our specialties, and we are back to prove everyone so. WonderGirls - Sexy cuties. SNSD - Pure image. And us, we want everyone to see us as a cheerful and lively group." CR: sookyeung @ Multiply + tealfirestar07 @ Shenyuepop
  7. ORIGINALLY posted by Minjoo at KB: And by that, I mean... how'd you end up liking KARA? xD For me, I've already had If U Wanna and Break It on my I-pod.. for some reason... that I don't really know. lol Suddenly I just started watching their YTN interviews... and found them to be really funny! Then I started watching their self cams... and then I knew I was in love. lol So yeah... I blame the YTN interviews for this addiction. lol
  8. ORIGINALLY posted by Minjoo at KB: Who do you like to see them with? As we all know, the special stage with Hyo-ri and Min Hyo-rin was uber hot. So, if you were given a chance to choose a singer/group that could have a special stage with KARA... who would it be? For me. Big Bang -- Because... KABANG must come true!! hahaha... SS501 -- do I need to say more? Youn-ha -- SeungHa couple! Plus... i want to hear a mix of all the girls vocals including youn-ha's super awesome voice. xD I can't think of anyone else.. (O.o) maybe ill come back lateR? hahah
  9. We know our girls are hot, sexy, and cute but which lucky guys would you want to see paired up with them ? KARA's Ideal Men: <div align='left'>Gyuri: I like someone who's manly, tall and who only has eyes for me, and honest ex. Taeyang Seungyeon: Someone who has a very manly personality but looks soft outside. Someone who has self-confidence.. Someone who's a bit round, and even without double eyelids.. But I don't like someone who has a dark aura.. ex. Kang Dong Won or Son Ho Young. Hara: I think anyone who's not ultrasuperfat(?). And someone who's fun to be with. ex. Kim Kyujong ^^ Nicole: Someone who looks good when smiling, or like Hara, someone who looks pure. Someone who doesn't lie. And someone who knows what he wants and I like someone who's weird and dorky. ex. ? Jiyoung: Someone who's funny and has a nice eye smile. ex. Daesung </div> credits:coffeebeanie @ soompi EDITED by Mae aka swtdrms@kb ^^
  10. ORIGINALLY posted by Haejin at KB: Actually, i'm totally caught off guard with Gyuri's high notes. Like TOTALLY I forgot what I was doing. They were that good. And I also have this hunch that kara will make it BIG! =D QUOTE hj says: Cause they are now showing what was hidden before Seungyeon... the MAKNAE HUNTER! says: yep they are showing what was hidden before Seungyeon... the MAKNAE HUNTER! says: like Gyuri's legs. UNQUOTE Just a little LOL moment everyone.
  11. Let's share and spazz on their small dorky moments.
  12. ORIGINALLY posted by Haejin at KB I can't seem to get mad to those who hate, dislike, can't accept Gyuri's hair. People who knows me, knows how much I love Gyuri unni. I'm not lesbian. (stabs all those who thinks so). I'm a no.1 Gyuri unni fan, (self proclaimed), aside from us being the same (same Zodiac and traits), I could almost feel her emotions. And everything that is thrown at her. I've felt them too. A year ago, I had cut my hair the same length. And people didn't like my hair. And how I looked. And what's more, someone actually told me I look ugly. It affected me so much. And it hurts. So I just prayed that my hair would grow asap. And with the feed back of the people. I grew not to like my hair too. As how badly it affected me. So you guys think? That even if Gyuri unni can't read the messages you put up here. She's still hurt. Koreans are known as straight-forward people. And right now Gyuri unni doesn't need them. She needs people who would accept the 'new' her. Of course I'm NOT telling that haters of her hair should stop loving her and KARA. I'm just saying that, you guys have to learn to accept her hair. And view it on a brighter side. Let's say that Gyuri unni is indeed the funniest conceited person there is. But she's human, she gets hurt by simple words. I didn't hate Gyuri's hair. I only felt sad because growing a long hair that pretty is hard. The moment I saw their come back I accepted her hair. I don't know why people can't just view it on a brighter side. And somehow into thinking this, there are only a few people who thinks the same way I do. As Gyuri unni said Please don't tell me, to not keep it I don't think the words of hate towards her hair hurts her. IT DOES. IT HURTS HER. Don't make it as though your head is big, that you keep on telling this because you're speaking english and she won't see it anyway. But fans such as I gets hurt. Call me obsessed, Call me addicted. call me anything you want But my view on this won't change. To all those who read this. Thank you so much for reading!! I love you!! I don't want to post this on soompi. Since my posts aren't read there. But if someone's so kind to post this there in my place, thanks. Anyway, this isn't just my opinion anymore. This is my rant. =) Do you have a rant about it too?
  13. ORIGINALLY posted by Rondillo at KB I wasn't sure who the last member was so I held off on this last night but it's safe to say now Congratulations to JiYoung for making it into Kara!!! --------------------
  14. ORIGINALLY posted by Minjoo at KB To avoid the crappy sad atmosphere, let's give Sung-hee a message! She may not see it... but... hey... fate might do some stuff and she might end up seeing it. lol Tell everything. Express yourself. Freedom of expression + our love for Kim Sung-hee! === Sung-hee unni! (: I hate you, you know? lol... First, it was because you're prettier than me... Second, it's because you sing better than me... and lastly... it's because despite of those things... I still love you. (: Unni, in KARA, I've learned to put trust on someone again. I guess that's why I literally cried when I heard that you were leaving. But, I'm fine now... I understand you know... lol... tsk... just as long as you promise us that you'll study very hard and get into college okay? Gyu-ri, Seung-yeon, and Nicole would probably be waiting for you... come back soon. <3 We'll always wait for you. KARA isn't KARA without you. GyulHamCole doesn't make as much sense as GyulHamSungCole. And Ri is nothing without Sung. xD "Even if KARA will end up with 3 people, we'll always see 4 people on stage and only those 4 people forever." -- someone from KwP Unni, study well... and get back on stage! KARA and Kamilia will be waiting for you!
  15. Many have wondered why some DSP groups make it in Japan and China, but not the girls. What do you think, and can you follow up on it?