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  1. she looks good in bangs!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wcP1NY9YvQ It's kinda hard to get a good screencap cause of how fast she is on/leaves the screen but yeah. at around :49 haha, so I saw this performance (which is a remix of a classic 90s kpop song that I lovee, og artists Jinusean/UhmJungHwa) for the first time yesterday and was like.. WHATT now, I'm not really if that is her, but it certainly does look like her. a lot. If so, that's pretty cool that she got on TV/DVD/wherever the video is from before her debut, being a huge fan of Big Bang and all haha . And yeah for reference this was The Real Concert, Big Bang's first concert I think? In 07. Oh and I encourage you to listen to the song lol, it's good.
  3. haha was he trying to be funny? i don't really get it "drawing the line" o.o
  4. that dress is really nice and she really makes it pop lol
  5. hahahaha the whole episode was pretty funny daesung being the lucky man this episode with kara + all the other girl groups hahaha
  6. Straight or wavy with bangs / chestnut hair
  7. Nicole did at first, because I thought she looked like someone I knew except a lot hotter lol. And then Gyuri cause I was amazed at how hot she was... lol..yeahh..
  8. Gyuri sort of looks like Hyori when they both have somewhat heavy makeup on.
  9. as long as no more than 5 inches of hair are cut by any of the members I am okay with this. hahahaha jk but, I hope it's kind of a sexy, strong kind of image. Not a pure tomboyish, I'm a dude kind of image.. Anyways, very excited! haha. And. I want to hear them sing a ballad. I'm not sure (with the departure of vocal powerhouse Sunghee) how they'll do, but I really do like songs with soft piano/string backing tracks in general. But yes, mid-tempo ballad please, I have faith in the girls that they can pull it off. It'll take a little work and effort but that's never stopped them (:
  10. mm I think she could have actually done the same thing with eyelid tape haha, some girls I know do that. Anyways I'm not too huge on the whole surgery thing because everybody wants to feel pretty, and, imo, it's the very same thing conceptually as wearing makeup, dressing to flatter your body (hiding problem areas, etc), so whatever.
  11. biiiiiiiig BAANGGG! haha would be pretty cool I think. Unstoppable swagger/charisma combined with cuteness. Hott. Nicole + Seungyeon (esp as of late) would fit in especially well I think. Maknae is a fangirl ahaha cute and Gyuri can rock anything with her confidence and Hara is friends with Seungri haha
  12. Somebody should make a gif from a recent strong heart where she was watching Taeyang dance ahaha. She was like *grin*
  13. Now that I've thought about it.. plastic surgery is plastic surgery yes but I think in this situation, with the whole minor thing, I feel like it came less from a serious insecurity about her looks (which is what people tend to criticize about plastic surgery) and more from just wanting to marginally make her appearance better. Almost in the same vein as getting hair dyed, ears pierced, wearing makeup, and whatnot. Almost, but not quite, as plastic surgery is still plastic surgery yeah but in this case..its a bit less…idunno..offensive? And if you really think about it conceptually plastic surgery actually isn’t that different from just wearing heavy makeup wherever you go..but..thats a different conversation entirely.
  14. She looks like..the same though. o.O We should get some comparison pics in this thread besides the first one? Because I don't see that much of a difference hmm.. okay I guess if you're REALYL REALLY looking I guess it seems like the nose is ever so slightly pointier, though its hard to tell at that angle. And, her double eyelids are more noticeable? Then again lots of stars look really different sans make up... Haha its funny how she admitted this and yet its still so hard to see