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  1. I'm glad everything was worked out. After seeing what can happen to groups (TVXQ and SS501 come to mind), I was hoping that things wouldn't go badly. As long as we can see the girls again, I am sure they will be warmly welcomed by everyone.
  2. The nose, eyes, lips, and cheeks all look very similar to me. All those features which make Jiyoung cute are quite apparent with her sister too. I wonder if this is what Jiyoung will look like in a few years?
  3. I wasn't too sure what was going on when I first saw this but I think I understand it now. First the .gif does not play all the frames, so I can only hope that the frames where Jiyoung was folding her fingers were cut...otherwise oh man I would be totally freaked the heck out. Let's just say it is a missed grab.
  4. Wow Rain and Jaesuk were super surprised! I guess Hara didn't think of how others would react if she started to change into quite short shorts. Too bad her performance of U Go Girl wasn't that long, or too bad she didn't perform Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  5. I'm glad that Nicole showed her face without make up because a lot of female celebrities absolutely do NOT. Sure when Nicole has all that make up on she looks really hot but this shows everyone a more natural side to her, a side which we all like. She looks so tired too, must have been very hard to do this show and other various activities.
  6. As a news article this doesn't seem like much but to a fan this news is awesome. I can only hope and dream that she takes the girls out on road trips when they are bombarded with a busy schedule. I hope she gets a rockin' car too.
  7. Although it shouldn't matter who gets their votes out the earliest, it is nice to see the eagerness involved by the girls. Idol groups should be setting good examples for everyone else because we all look up to them. It is a privilege and duty for citizens to vote, great job Kara!
  8. As a baseball fan (and especially watching pitchers carefully) I can't wait to see more idols pitching. I just have a good feeling that Gyuri has some talent and will pitch really well. Can't wait for all the fancams to come out. Thanks for the news.
  9. As long as Hara does not leave Invincible Youth I will be happy (I don't know if I can survive losing Yuri, Sunny, and Hara!). I can't wait until she gets her license. I like how the show changed from just doing farm work to the girls really dedicating themselves.
  10. Although there are those rumours of Sunny and Yuri leaving I still think Hara might go because of the Japan activities. Either way I am glad that the show lasted so long and introduced me to great people like Hara. I'll be sad if she goes but hope the show still does well.
  11. Kara is really taking off in the Asian music scene now! Japan is such a good market for singers and I hope Kara can represent the girl groups. Mister is a great song to start and I hope they make it on those music shows to show off the dance (or maybe that is a guilty pleasure). Thanks for the translations!
  12. I assumed Nicole finished her high school exams as she did her college show but I guess we all know now. Because Nicole was so young when she started she didn't even get time to finish school until now. At least she can finish now though. I'm not sure how old Key is but I wonder if and how they study together. Good luck to Nicole on her exams!
  13. Even though I am a bit into Japanese music I didn't really realize that they need bigger named female groups. If TVXQ and Big Bang can make it why can't Kara. I think Kara has the style that Japanese people like in music too so I think they can do pretty well.
  14. Seungyeon wanting to be Kang Dongwon so she could date Hara is the most hilarious response. I also haven't heard Hara talk too much about which guys she is interested in so that little tidbit was pretty interesting. I guess I'm not surprised by Gyuri's chart at all, it would have probably been a lot funnier in real life though. And lastly I guess these girls are doing pretty well cuz Jiyoung wants to buy a car!
  15. Looks like the girls have done a great job making a living and now they can upgrade their pad. I remember seeing their old dorm and I thought it was relatively small. I wonder how they decided that Hara and Jiyoung would be in the same room (the young ones get no choice?). Congrats to the girls and thanks for the translation