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  1. vote for the best male idol for the Goddess Gyuri... there are lot of male idol that maybe suit her...nowdays Gyuri is close with eunhyuk Super junior.... so...vote for the best male idol for gyuri..and give us your opinion about the choosen one... 1.Eunhyuk [super Junior] 2.Park Jungmin [sS501] 3.Kim Hyunjoong [sS501] 4.Kim Jaejoong [DBSK] 5.Kim Junsu [2pm] 6.Kim Jonghyun [shinee]
  2. woot... Yuda,I got some problem here..mind helping..?? lol

  3. LOL..that would make the sbox awkward and surely dead on the spot..HAHA~ remind me of the good old days~

  4. you have a good eyes..!!Lol I try my best to be as stealthy as possible... KH police are the best on the web..!! :D so how you're doin..??

  5. oh,hey ven...i almost can't recognize you since it's been awhile...haha~ you change your name huh? yay~ someone missed me.. sorry for that...i just can't find time to join the sbox nor the awesome thread...sorry for that once again.. when i have time,i'll try to join...but you also must join the sbox with me.. :) btw,have you seen Yuda..??

    i missed him...^^

  6. I recently rewatch Gyuri perform a duet with Park Jungmin SS501 at SS501 Persona Concert...and it was awesome..!! and harmony... and I thought it will be great if Gyuri sing duet with some idol star,,,I included Park Jungmin here also bcuz I want to know if some of you still love him singing duet with Gyuri or not.. and I choose this people bcuz they are the main vocal for their group,... vote for the one who suit Gyuri and Please tell us why you choose him to duet with Gyuri.... SS501 1.Park Jungmin 2.Heo Young Saeng DBSK 3.Kim Jaejoong 4.Xiah Junsu Super Junior 5.Kyuhyun 6.Yesung 7.Sungmin 8.Ryeowook SHINEE 9.Jonghyun 2AM 10.Jo Kwon 11.Changmin Beast 12.AJ 13.Yoseob
  7. freaking love the dance version...!! all the part that we didn't get to see were just great...and the MV close up HD sooo awesome... can't wait for the live performance of JCL~ thnx for sharing
  8. there's no one better than Eunhyuk..!! Gyuri's going to be jumpin',jumpin',jumpin' up...!! for me it surely Eunhyuk... they look really2 close to each other...their reaction toward each other on variety show is just AWESOME..!! even when Eunhyuk came to SSTP,both of them shake hands, and had a long chatting together~ HYUKRI Jjang..!! hoping for Gyuri and Eunhyuk for WGM..!!
  9. Hi~ Jelenee...same goes to you~ happy new year..!! me too...I missed it badly..and our official thread was dead since may 2010...lol

  10. wow... both TVXQ and TRAX - Gyuri FMV went well with the music... xxCharybdiSxx is a great video editor... he/she know which part of Gyuri shot suit the music...nice one..!! my favourite one was TVXQ why did i fall in love with you...suit gyuri well..
  11. woot...KARA gonna be a game character...cool~ looks like a advanture game...they surely gonna look awesome since Japanese game always the best... KARA already win a contract with Japanese online game.. hope they can endorse phone,TV or food next...
  12. Gyuri and Eunjung friendship is awesome..!! they are really2 close... I can see KARA and T-ARA member were really2 close...when KARA win Mbank last week,all T-ara member congratulate and hug them..especially Gyuri with Eunjung,HARA and Hyomin and other also... woot..KARA & T-ara fighting..!!
  13. woot...HARA and Seohyun on top.!! HARA ant waist is the most slim,yet healthy one...if she a bit tall than she is now,she would be the most perfect woman in Korea..with a beatiful face,body and manner,she will beat everyone...
  14. woot...my sbox friend yesterday..!!hello~ should I start intro..??lol

  15. I'm not quite active these days on the forum and spazz thread...I spend more time on Kamilia Around The Globe forum... I guess I should active back on the forum.... and also the sbox...lol

  16. Yo Amy..!!! happy Birthday to you~ hope we can spend time for a chat like the old days again...lol

  17. Spazz

    btw,did Park Gyuri and Tony An made a love scandal on Strong heart...?? hope the strong heart sub can explain it...lol Goddess Ice cream CF..!! she can be really2 cute when she's serious doing it...
  18. Lol...Liverpool is climbing the table right now..and nevertheless,ManU keep and keep winning...hope City can beat them... btw,do you play Premierleague fantasy..??

  19. yo Eric, your team wins again chelsea yesterday..!! my team lost...T_T really2 disappointed...

  20. ^ nice one..!! HD quality GIF... I love how Gyuri move in the GIf...perfect..!! thnx for sharing... @Eric woot...all Gyuri Jumping PV shot caps... she got quiet a lot of shot in the pv...love it..!! I like the 1st one...Charismatic Goddess~ thnx for sharing.. @Viktoriya cool~ the 1st time I watch the sexy swoon my jaw just open really2 wide.. it would be great if someone made a dance cover of Jumping...
  21. ^ baby Jing is sooooo Cute there...!! the 2nd one just make me faint... woot...new hairstyle... her hair bang looks like a bread a bit...lol thnx for sharing... Baby Jing Jumping on Mezamashi TV
  22. ^ she's indeed a goddess...she surely looks good in either black or blonde... I'm gonna wait that day..the news headlines about Gyuri and Hyuk dati**... Gyuri Jumping on Mezamashi TV woot...our lovely goddess back with her best hairstyle...the long straight hair...!! eventhough this time its blonde,its still looks awesome..!! ----- waiting for more Gyuri GIf and caps...
  23. woot...Congrats Hyung for reaching more than 3K post... I really2 respect you...hope can follow your footsteps...lol

  24. ^^ the supreme team member were really2 enjoy seeing Jing in a Hyper Active mode.... maybe all the people there feel young back after seeing Baby Jing's there... I feel young back too~ woo~
  25. Gyul and Jing is the best couple singing Trot from KARA...!! great reaction and those two are really2 funny...especially Baby Jing...she is super active on singing the trot song... pyong-pyong~ *jumping here and there*lol... they did good job on delivering BoA song...