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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
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  1. LOL! Looking at Jiyoung being a fan girl is so adorable. Shyly walking away. I wonder how i'll react if i met her.muahahahahaha!
  2. Tag team of Kara and 4 minute... the japanese will get an overdose of kpop girl groups.. I hope that they will be very successful in Japan.. come on girls!! i can;t wait for their Japanese album.. 4minute's Muzik (jap) is good!
  3. Hammie = Professional and selfless.. i admire her spirit and will.. heal well hammie!!!
  4. I was about to ask who are sharing rooms and then i saw the footnote at the bottom.. LOL! i'd guess Hara and Jiyoung will have to share a room.. congrats on them moving to an even bigger dorm! may u have even more fun!
  5. he is a very handsome and famous Korean actor.. go google him~~ lots of female idols love him... I love this chart! gyuri is as usual---gyuri..lol!! I'm starting to like her more.. BUT~~~~ i'll always love my hammie!! my future wife..
  6. I'm so loving the new layout! Well done karaholic team! It's definitely more current and flashy. It'll take time to adjust but i love it! And the new ranking is lol! so interesting and humorous! This will make me more active~ aigoo~ lol! Well done again!
  7. WOW!! Cute gyuri! The boy really lose a lot of weight. If i were Gyuri, I'd be really surprised. I hope he gets into acting and maybe they can act together again..
  8. Love her short hair! totally different image.. More sexy@_@.. lol! I like short hair 100%
  9. true true.. i'm really liking Lupin song and MV.. The MV is beyond my expectations! Wonderfully done!
  10. Bond girl dance for me! The white outfits contrast with the black background and made the dance stands out more.. LOVE IT!
  11. Yeah!! Well done Kara! I really like the song. Stuck in my head! Can't wait to see them perform!
  12. Thank you for the gifs! When i first watched the teaser, I couldn't find Seungyeon~ Didn't know she cut her hair (Omo! She cut her hair!!!) I'm really looking forward to seeing her with short hair cause i believe that this is the first time we'll ever see her sporting a short hair. Oh my! I'm excited like a little school boy! Go HammiE!
  13. Album

    I just listened to Lupin and the beat is stuck in my head! It is very catchy! Especially the harmonization in the chorus.. i feel like dancing to it! Now i really can't wait to see the MV and their comeback! Now, I honestly feels that Oh! will have a contender for no. 1.. Time to listen to the other songs!
  14. My heart stopped! Please don't tease us anymore!! Their dance is even more accentuated (i like~~). Gives off a sexy and strong image.. can't wait for the comeback!
  15. yes yes yes! We have been waiting a long time! Please do comeback as soon as possible!
  16. Yeah! Congratulations! We hope you will go to college for real! Himnae!
  17. Hammie! Will you marry me!! I promise to come home everyday.. Lol! How i wish this will be the truth... Hammie's husband will be the luckiest guy.. which guy wouldn't want to come home if his wife is Seungyeon?
  18. It is easier to distinguish Nicole's and Gyuri's voices.. Gyuri's is at another level while Nicole's is at the other end.. For Seungyeon, Hara and Jiyoung.. they sounded kind of similar to me and it'll take me a while to distinguish them.. Let's hope i can distinguish their voices easily next time!
  19. Gyul omma jjang! The most motherly leader ever! I really think that she acts like a mom in the household.. she does have the look of a loving mother.. I wanna be her kid! lol!
  20. Kyujoong seemed more compatible with Ham.. They are both so alike and shy.. It feels like they could be another Alex and Sinae couple.. lol!
  21. Anything goes for me! Kara is Kara! I will like them no matter what.. GO Kara!
  22. Well, it's common for artiste in Korea to go under the knife.. but I'm still kinda surprised... She looks sweet when she were young. Now she's pretty, I'm not saying that it's great that she went for surgery.. But I'm not against it either.. We still love her!
  23. New Album?? WoW!!!! Sold out tickets? WoW!!!! I'm happy for them! Can't wait for the new album and i look forward for their showcase in Japan! Kara is going to great in Japan! Go girls! @karanice: I wish for their comeback to be great too!
  24. Lol! She literally threw herself at him at the last part.. Aigoo! How could Eunhyuk not be shy..
  25. This cracked me up!.. i was thinking of a pacifier or love.. haha! The last picture is LOL! Looked at how big the milk carton is.. and she's drinking it on the streets,, She's like a baby dinosaur.. Lots of milk needed and gulping it all in one go.. So adorable!