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  1. yay!!! i missed Karaholic =P haha

  2. i really hope she didn't get injured during that fall...i was just watching not paying attention then all of sudden i hear a thud and i see her on the ground...i had to rewind to see what happened...poor seungyeon...i hope she's okay
  3. i love this version of gil...they do G.O.D justice...fighting!
  4. that's cool that all the dsp groups are going to have a concert together...i hope they do well and it's super successful...fighting!
  5. god i love the new dance sexy...haha...i hope they do well cause they are amazing...hehe
  6. i really can't wait for both of the new concepts...the comeback stage for lupin will be amazing and black soshi will be cool too...fighting!
  7. god this is so sexy...hahah...i was not expecting it to be that great but my expectations were blown out of the water there...i love it!
  8. ooh ooh that's cool...hehe...too bad the boras are never high quality, but it's okay cause we get a teaser of the dance...fighting!
  9. this may all be hypothetical, but it's really fun...hehe...i'm glad the girls made the list they are really great!
  10. wow her new hairstyle is really cute! hehe...i love it! fighting!
  11. wow this issue of CeCi is very intriguing to me...i'm going to look for the scans once the issue is out...thank you for sharing
  12. thank you for introducing the tracks to me even though i've heard them all...hehe...i really love lupin because it isn't something that you would expect from kara...the other tracks seem to sound like something i'd expect from the girls...fighting!
  13. i really can't wait for the comeback's going to be totally awesome to see them with a strong style...i hope it works better than the break it style, but i liked break it...haha
  14. i really love's is different from what i'm used to from kara, but it is really a good song...i wish them all the best in dominating the charts
  15. wow...i guess everyone has their own personal habits like sneaking ramyun and eating it secretly...hehe...that's a good one gyul