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  1. yay! i am so proud of kara. they worked so hard all year!
  2. D: it is so sad but it is understandable. anybody in the world would be lonely in that situation.
  3. itsok! to me teeth doesnt even count. i mean a majority of kids have surgury because of braces. and if my eyes werent aligned then i would get it fixed as well!
  4. i prefer seeing them in the cute sexy image. but if they decide to change then ill gladly comply.
  5. Nicole would be an excellent model for Andre Kim! She has the body and the confidence to do it!
  6. i think KARA with a playful and fun image is better. but seeing a serious MV would be nice
  7. The butt dance hands down. how could not love the spectacular dance!
  8. Nicole caught my attention at first but just seeing the cuteness of SeungYeon made me a bigger fan of KARA in general
  9. i saw SeungYeon in my dream walking towards me! but it was really short and i dont really remember it. but ill never forget her!
  10. my friend was over just the other day and began showing me around on this site! its so cool!
  11. SeungYeon's voice is just too beautiful. it is impossible not to notice it!