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  1. Just some context, if you go out drinking in Korea, it's pretty common to move from spot to spot throughout the night. One night could consist of maybe going to at least 3 different pubs and bars. For example, start off with dinner with drinks at a restaurant, go to a pub and have a round, then go to another bar and have a round then finish up at a noraebang and drink there as well. A good example actually is Psy's Hangover video.


    So when Nicole says that she stays in one spot all night, it's not uncommon but not typical either.

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  2. “Unnie, we’re almost there.” Jiyoung said to Gyuri who was sitting next to her in the front passenger seat. Gyuri, focused on her Anipang game gave a slight noise of acknowledgement to her driver dongsaeng. Playing in the car was their latest Japanese full album release, Girls Forever.

    The two KARA members were on the drive home from a grueling schedule. Their makeup was starting to feel sticky and stale and Gyuri was itching to get home to shop for pet turtles on the internet.

    “UNNIE! LOOK! UNNIE UNNIE LOOK UP!” Squealed Jiyoung.

    The confused blonde looked up to see flecks of white peppering the windshield. The first snow of Seoul had arrived during the cold evening. This was unexpected as it was gloomily raining earlier that day.

    Suddenly a childish spark of spontaneity flickered in Gyuri and out came a surprise to everyone. “STOP THE CAR!”

    Moments later, Jiyoung parked the car in an open spot so convenient and unrealistic that it seem almost miraculous. The next thing Jiyoung realized was the sudden rush of cold air in the car and a flash of gold waddling to the front of her hood. Gyuri had stumbled out the car so fast that she forgot to close the door behind her leaving Jiyoung in the cold.

    Gyuri, a grown up woman with an immaculate taste for the finer things in life was literally frolicking in the sparse snowfall. Jiyoung could only drop her jaw in utter surprise at her suddenly immature unnie. Then out came the camera phone. Gyuri had taken the opportunity to flex her goddess powers by taking a selca of herself against the grainy background despite the terrible lighting. Amazingly and unsurprisingly, she took a really good photo of herself.

    Jiyoung, entirely memorized by the goddess’s ability to be so flawless, decided to sneak a stalker shot of Gyuri’s shameless selca-ing.

    “KIMCHIIII!” chimed Jiyoung’s phone as she took her not so stealthy photo. Well there went her ninja credentials.

    The default camera sound found in all Korean phones had woken Gyuri out of her self stupor. She saw Jiyoung in the corner of her eye trying not so subtly to hide the offending camera phone. Realizing from all her flawfree camera roll takes, she thought of the perfect way to punish the shy maknae.

    “Yah!” shouted Gyuri at the cheeky member. “You need to pay for that.”

    “Pay for what?” Jiyoung playing the dumb and innocent role a little too well.

    “I saw that. And for that, you must pay a steep price. Find unnie a taxi. NOW!” Demanded the leader.

    “WHAT?!” Yelped Jiyoung.

    “I don’t want a driver who will take possibly unflattering paparazzi photos of me without my consent. I need trust and privacy! The very fundamentals of a healthy relationship that we clearly do not have.” The last part Gyuri quickly muttered under her breath.

    “WHAT?!” Yelped Jiyoung once more.

    Gyuri just stared at her. Hard. Jiyoung gulped. Hard.

    Setting off on wobbling legs on a slippery snow fallen ground, Jiyoung turned around to look for signs of life. The wind was blowing hard now and the snow was getting into her eyes.

    “But unnie, there’s no one here!” Jiyoung complained oh so cutely.


    Frightened by the lack of response, she turned back around to find herself alone in the middle of the street. Where did Gyuri go?


    Nothing. Jiyoung listened hard for any footsteps crunching in the snow but all she heard was Nicole’s voice saying ‘oops’ over and over again faintly in the background. She began to worry.

    “Unnie?” Jiyoung took out her phone and began to press Gyuri’s digits when a motorbike’s headlight quickly approached and blinded her. She instinctively moved to the side to let the motorist pass but much to her surprise, it slowed down before her. Looking towards the driver to see if maybe he was lost and needed directions, she saw a familiar flash of gold. Gyuri had hitched a ride from who knows where. This girl really

    needs to get her license sooner or later.

    The roar of the engine died down and Gyuri hopped off the backseat with 90 percent elegance, 10 percent awkwardness. Jiyoung didn’t know where to begin.

    “Jiyoung-ya, unnie found herself a driver and now your services are no longer needed.” The Gyulsus said with much authority.

    This was too much for the little one. First she had to stop the car, was rushed outside into the cold, got abandoned in the flurry of snowflakes, and now she was being harshly discarded for a random stranger? What might have been considered tears began to form in her eye but since it was so cold, they were actually excess eye moisture.

    Gyuri stared at her. Hard. Jiyoung gulped. Hard.

    “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Boom it.” Was quietly blasted by the car stereo in the background. Mister was currently playing, almost ironically.

    After what seemed like an eternity, or maybe even just seven seconds, Gyuri burst into laughter.

    “Jiyoungie! I’m just playing a joke on you. This kind random ahjosshi has easily agreed to take our photo. I wanted to capture this magic winter moment together!” Thoroughly explained Gyuri.

    “Ohhhhh…” Sighed Jiyoung as everything suddenly made sense.

    Gyuri quickly shuffled next to Jiyoung and posed. They smiled two great big smiles as Jiyoung’s heart was filled with relief and Gyuri’s mischievous side got to come out and play. Also because they’re insane since only crazy people can look so happy while wearing shorts in this freaking cold weather.

    The end.

    “Though it’s difficult getting used to you leaving me, in order to become stronger, I’ll thus wait for you, but only for a while, I love you..” She whispered to herself.

    “What was that?”


    Original found here.

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    First it was like, Eunhyuk and Gyuri pairing? but then Gyuri comes home to her one true love, SUNGHEE even in Kara 5 era! How does Sunghee fit in? She's Gyuri's girlfriend of course and then it just felt right!

    I like the romantic scenes very much. All that history just doesn't go away!