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  1. hi, i wast just browsing in nic's sgb thread, and got through ur comment which is about jay's appearance, do u know what episode is that?

  2. lol aww Nicole was waving to the stranger at Narita airport. Reminds me of that fancam in the airport with the security guard asking them who the girls were. The fans said Kara, and the security office was like, "Oh heyyy Kara!" hahaha And I'm glad that she is being loved by more fans now. She definitely deserves all the attention that she's getting. =)
  3. Thanks for the translation, aank1! I saw that Nicole was replying to Junsu and wanted to know what he said to her. I was also reading Nichkhun's twitter and he said that he ate In N Out every day. lol
  4. Yeah, I was going through all the youtube videos trying to find something with her speaking English. lol i was only able to find her adorable dancing and her "I''m feelin gooooooood~" Just gotta say, Nicole looked gorgeous in that dress! Wished I could've been there to cheer her on. I have also been reading some fan accounts and most people thought that she was very cute as an MC. wow, seriously? how old are these people??? have they never had any close guy friends before? I just hope that it doesn't get to Nicole...the last thing I'd want her to do is shut down her twitter! I think you just go on twitter's homepage and search for her username. They'll show all the tweets to Nicole. Hope that helps. =)
  5. ^ lol i was going to post that up, too! I loooove nicole and 2pm interactions! (that's why i've been going crazy going through all of nicole's fancams from the concert) but anyway, this is something small but in this video at around 3:57, nic high fives hara, bows to wooyoung and junho waves at her! so cute! =)
  6. it seems like its been a while since u been on, but i needed to say, nice signature. big bang and lil big bang. made me laugh and smile.

  7. omg i'm dying to know who this guy is! how can he do that to them? haha aww nic is the only one that is concerned about her dental hygiene...no wonder...she has really nice teeth! ^__^
  8. whoohoo! glad to hear that nicole is getting some love from other stars! =) keke and i thought it was cute how excited nic was during taewoo's recent win on inkigayo
  9. so apparently jaebum likes cute, sexy girls and i think that Cole totally falls in that category....
  10. haha why am i not surprised that there are pics of her eating on the show?! and hopefully with hara guest starring in the episode, nicole can be a little more involved
  11. DUring GD's win on music bank, we can see nicole in the background with some jewelry members. i think eun jung took the confetti off of her hair. =) how cute http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYzzaC32bqg at around 1:46, you can clearly see her standing next to Cole, so I assume it was eun jung who took it off her at around 1:51
  12. ^i agree, she doesn't normally cry that easily but i must point out that she still looks so beautiful whenever she cries! =)
  13. ^^lol mae you are AMAZING! that explains why that article about her statement concerning them made headlines. and according to that compilation photo of her friends in the previous pages, she is close to yunho as well...but no proof of that haha aww that clip of Cole running to CL was adorable, but i want MORE!!!
  14. haha awesome! i wonder who's a fan of whom
  15. just saw this episode and i think that it has a lot of potential. hopefully ratings will steadily increase in the coming weeks. i don't want it to be canceled! nicole was unusually quiet, but that's understandable since she must be really exhausted and she didn't get the opportunity to bond with the other members yet. lol i was eyeing for some jaebum moments the entire time, but was sadly disappointed. never knew that cole was such a good swimmer...what an awesome athlete <3 i loved that pole scene....it's a shame that she got there first and couldn't find the key...it was the right key, too! the mud scene was cute...her sliding down it (smart move). i liked how cole threw her first fish in jay's bin haha during other contestants' turns, cole was sitting in the back and the MC from SGB was kinda keeping her company...how sweet of him and hwangbo to look after her ahh but my fav part was cole ignoring her surroundings and watching the ahjummas cook the food. lol typically cole behavior