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  1. Kara's english woah ! I want to hear it! Thank you for this
  2. Index

    Thank you for posting this! I've been looking for sunghee unnie's song And the other songs that i cant find
  3. Thank you very much for this compilation
  4. Thank you very much for this one. It makes easier for me to find their songs
  5. She became my bias when i watched their PRETTY GIRL LIVE COMEBACK IN MUSICBANK I got hooked by her cute charm and then i started searching more about KARA then BAM! I became a KAMILIA. <3 <3
  6. Jiyoung unnie looks so cool and sexy. Waaahhh!!! I cant wait for Kara to have their comeback! KARA JJANG! =D
  7. AMAJING!!!! It's nice and i love its meaning. next is rice cake. i like that nickname of hers.
  8. Her AEGYO is ksljhfdjhgdkfghfj;fg;sdkgdkg effin CUTE!! *u* waaaahhhh I really LOVE her! and her aegyo is DAEBAK for me! ^__^
  9. I HOPE after this she will have another drama. Hopefully a new drama in KOREA. <3
  10. wow.. her side of the room has a lot of school stuffs. and cute gifts from fans.. I LOVE IT. and her unnies are so kind to give that side to her.
  11. I've watched the PREVIEW of this drama and I think it's interesting! ^___^ I want to see her acting. Jiyoung unni deserves this.
  12. Her voice is AMAZING! <3 <3 I LOVE HER SO MUCH!... JIYOUNG you are great!
  13. KARA~~~ JING UNNIE! <3

  14. I really love these girls.. and it is really nice that they have overcome the disbandment crisi.. Cause im sure if that happened many kamilias would be sad.. good thing that diddn't happened. Kara! Daebak.
  15. Wow this is Daebak. Can't blame japanese if they love to sing MISTER.. It's really catchy and fun to sing. ^___^ Also this proves their popularity in japan. is really amazing.
  16. It's KARA! They can advertise anything. I Love all of their CFs. ) I Will wait for their comeback in KOREA.
  17. LOL at Nicole's laugh! hehe! Gyuri as a father?? hehe. Ji Young is very shy. She wants to be confident and independent but her Unnies doesn't let her?? hehe.
  18. She looks the same. very cute and pretty. Always Cute. She's a natural Beauty!
  19. Hara looks so stunning with that dress!! Beautiful hara! I can't wait for the drama to come out!
  20. so ecxited for her drama. but why is it only a minor role??? i think it's okay cuz she's just starting and i think that its a good start for her. i think her role being the maknae of the president really suits her cause she's an elegant woman.Good Luck Hara unni!! Hope City Hunter will have a good rating. I like the actors in city hunters esp. Park Min Young and Goo Hara! Cool! I hope the whole group will release an OST and i think it's good that Rainbow issupporting their sunbae.I really love the close family bond of DSP Artist.
  21. Gyuri is going to sing an OST for her drama debut?? Cool! i really like the bonding between Kara members they always support each other in a way! I think this drama is going to be a hit and i'm also looking forward on her acting skills! Hara unni!! Fighting!
  22. 1. Ji Young is Great Because she is Friendly. 2. Ji young is great because she has a lot of aegyo. 3. Ji young is Great because Everyone loves her and she loves them too..