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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
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      Kang Jiyoung: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/161-kang-jiyoung-solo-activities-sweetpower/ For Youngji, we've opted to leave the forum as is as she is still with DSP Media.  Thanks for your attention, hope you continue to drop by and visit.. new members and old! 

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  1. So Nicole's on that segment on Star Golden Bell now. I'm afraid I don't know what it's called in English though. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it's for the long run. So... let's discuss, ne? I personally found Nicole extremely entertaining, Even though I barely understood what she was saying. Her words, expressions, actions and random sounds were <3 And everyone on SGB had a good laugh too. I'm so happy for Cole. We've all been waiting for something. But I guess we didn't expect something so big!
  2. Okay, so I have this supercool ability to remember dreams in detail most of the time. I usually have many dreams each night that tend to be long and sometimes connected. Usually when I lack sleep, I don't remember dreaming at all, which totally sucks. I luuurve sleeping and dreaming. Because my dreams are totally out of this world. Which brings me to the question of this topic XD Have you ever dreamt of any of the girls of Kara? And if you have, please share them. It would be fun! I have several but they're kinda fuzzy now. They're in chronological order. Here goes! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I see Seungyeon crossing the road. (Lol. That's it. But it's part of a long dream.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm with Seungyeon and Nicole in a living room. We're all sitting on a sofa around a coffee table. I make small talk with Seungyeon, in Korean!!! Later I get to speak with Nicole, in English ^O^ Somehow we clicked so well, we became BFFs. And cause she wanted for us to keep in contact, She gave me a namecard with their dorm address! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gyuri goes out of the classroom to buy some snacks for the rest of us. When she returns, she offers me a handful of broken (chocolate) Pocky sticks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My white rabbit turns into a mini Sunghee! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was JiNi, me, and my family O.O -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoots. I dreamt of Hara and maybe Jiyoung but I don't remember T_T And now I've dreamt of all the members of Kara O.O So many this week. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wahhh. Kara came to my house. The original members ^O^ I asked Gyuri to sing. She complied. Then I asked Sungja. But she anyhow sang Then It's Done haha =_________= Then I went to dig up all my Kara CDs for them to sign. And GyuCole did :3 They were sitting round my table. And I told Cole to write a "To Nicole" and she goes "You're Nicole Chow?" I'm like "No, Nicole Soh." And I go to Gyul and she's signing messily. And I'm like "Sign nicely!!!" I sorta hug her And get this, she kisses me on the cheek! (Wow, talk about unexpected! Haha O_O) Then I went to look for Seungyeon but There was no time for her to sign my CDs. Then I suddenly realised I still haven't got My Special Edition CD >_________< But it's coming this week hehehehe ^^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lol. When I wake up in the morning after having these kind of dreams. I seriously spazz XD Lol. Very dorky I know. But I can't help it ^^
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  6. I've wanted to start this topic for a long time now XD It's amazing how a person can look so cute eating <3 Share your maknae pics and spread the Baby Jing love. Credits: Naver & DC Kara
  7. [DOWNLOAD] ZIP PACK OF ALL 34 MESSAGE ALERTSCredits: www.show.co.kr and ☆nicole☆ for converting and compiling [KARA] 새해복 많이받는문자 올해도 복 많이받는문자 [GYURI] 규리가 보냈다고 하던데~ 궁금하시죠? 귤귤귤 귤귤귤귤귤~ 카밀아 문자왔어요 빵을 드립니다 문자 확인하면 드립니다 아름다운 규리가 알립니다~ 문자 왔어요! 기분 좋은 소식이 왔습니다.어서 문자 .. 행복한 소식이었으면 좋겠습니다 [sEUNGYEON] 누구를 위한 문자인가.. 너무 심오했나? 승연이한테 문자와도 이렇게 확인할꺼에요 승연이가 알려드립니다 누구일까요 승연이는 불안해
  8. Picture thread for all Honey related images. Making of / MV / Performances and so on. Credits: Naver; as tagged
  9. (It's really important that you read through this whole post, at least make sure you see all the points. Plus there are really important announcements and stuff. I've highlighted each item in red, so make sure you know everything that's going on kay? Thanks. In case people wanna stop reading, know these keywords, NEW FORUM LAYOUT, NEW GALLERY LAYOUT, NEW TWITTER LAYOUT AND USERPIC, TWIBBON, LOTS OF IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS SO DON'T STOP READING!) This layout works with IE8, IE9*, Firefox 3, Safari 3+, Chrome and Opera (: Working the CoverFlow requires Flash 10. IT'S OFFICIALLY EPIC! It's here! It's here! It's finally here!!! The epic-est thing you didn't know you were waiting for, or maybe you did have your suspicions if for a bit. WE BRING YOU NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT TWO AND A HALF AMAZING LAYOUTS!!! After eating, sleeping and dreaming layout for weeks, we are uber uber uber proud to present to you the most EPIC thing ebah! Epic comes in three delicious flavours, the sleepy Good Morning, the cute and bubbly Daytime, and last but in no way less superior, the dark and smooth Lupin: Thief of the Night. Good Morning: Start your morning off with a salute from Karaholic for waking up early. Yawn along with Kara as you battle the sleepy-ness of your morning. Coming to you from 7am-10am, watch out for the six rotating TV gifs of each girl yawning, minus Hara lol. <-- Tired and frustrated her though lol. Daytime: Brighten your day with some Kara loving. We're sure you'll enjoy the plenty of kisses Kara will shower you with. Come down to Karaholic from 10am-7pm, and you'll be treated with lots of fun, complete with 11 rotating CD covers and 13 rotating TV gifs. We guarantee we'll make your day a happy one~ Lupin: Thief of the Night: When night falls, a band of stealthy thieves find their way into Karaholic, turning the place into a land of darkness and intrigue. What have they come to steal? If you think you have the courage it takes to venture here into the dark, make your way here from 7pm-7am but be warned, they will steal your hearts. Comes with 5 rotating TV gifs. Also, look out for the following awesome stuff! 1. The super amazing shelf of Kara's albums aka CoverFlow! Browse through Kara's discography, click on the CDs to get yourself to the YesAsia link. Support Kara, buy their albums. 2. Yellow stickies / post its that contain important announcements. Click on them to go wherever. The I♥KH one links back to the main page. 3. Really cool forum bar that looks amazing when closed. Click the minus sign beside the forum bar. And watch the forum collapse into a super cool bar hahaha. It's fun to play with it really! Plus there's two different ones for morning/day and night! Awesome! 4. Two sets of forum markers and two sets of forum macros. For forum markers, the day ones are happy and colourful, the night ones are black and white and pink??? Lol. We have two different sets of topic markers and macro buttons too (The night set of forum macros will hopefully be fixed in soon.) (Boo, second set might not work out after all.) 5. The three different footers!!! With each layout, there is a different footer. So check that out (: Happy refreshing your page (: Also, if you want to see the other layouts, change your computer's time (: This has to be the most amazing layout Karaholic has ever had. <-- But hopefully we'll have even more amazing layouts after ^^ We really went out all the way, to make everything as epic as we can. I should have more to say, but lack of sleep is making me blank out. We all spent many countless nights staying up late so we could bring you this awesomeness. (But we actually usually stay up late lol.) We really hope you love this layout as much as we loved making it. <-- Well we loved making it most of the time, but sometimes it was >_< just a lot of hard work. So now on to the amazing people behind this amazing layout. Pim aka
  10. I had noticed the bible verse that Nicole had written At the bottom of her Thanks to in the first album. And now that there are more albums (that's fab), We can start to see a pattern! (Haha!) My conclusion is that Nicole's a pretty staunch Christian. I'm not very sure what the point of this post is though. Just wanted to share what I discovered. Kthxb. (I personally like that bible verse too...) *** Nicole's Interview (Jesus is Good Magazine)
  11. Results of Naver-hopping. Nicole love http://blog.naver.com/blue6305/59966089
  12. I was surfing the soompi cellphone forum since I just got one this week And I found that even Hara and Jiyoung have voicemails ^^ But no Gyuri ): Original files were uploaded by yoojeong @ soompi. All I did was upload them onto my MF account ^^ Nicole's Voicemail (uploaded by Kami) Hara's Voicemail And here's a batch without the sound effects. Cause I have a thing against them haha Seungyeon's Voicemail Nicole's Voicemail Hara's Voicemail Jiyoung's Voicemail I forgot to distinguish the file names for Those with and without sound effects. So sorry about that >___< Enjoy!
  13. I got this off Naver a long while back but just came across it again and thought I'd post it up. Enjoy the many (bare) faces of Cole lol. She looks really pretty without makeup too! Credits: as tagged
  14. Congrats! You guys did an amazing job (: It's really pretty and cool
  15. [DOWNLOAD] ZIP PACK OF ALL RINGTONES + MORNING CALLS Credits: www.sendvoice.co.kr and ☆nicole☆ for converting and compiling [GYURI] 카밀리아의 기상을 명받았습니당 - Morning Call 또또 규리목소리가 그렇게 좋아요 카밀리아를 위한 따뜻한 찐빵 [sEUNGYEON] 사랑스런 카밀리아님 전화왔어요 사랑해요 카밀리아 뽀뽀뽀뽀 쪽 [NICOLE] 언능 일어나서 밥먹어요 - Morning Call 약속대로 전화받아주세염 [HARA] 하라가 떴습니다 일어나!! - Morning Call 잠에 늪에서 구하러 하라가 와쓰요 - Morning Call 전화를 받지않으면 용서하지 않겠따아 [JIYOUNG] 부끄럽지도 않아요? - Morning Call 안일어날거야 - Morning Call
  16. Login with the gmail details (:

  17. Awww but gogogo! Give it all you've got! Do your best okay? (:

  18. ): What happened???

  19. And how are you btw?

  20. Hahaha. Yeah though I intend to make full use of my time to do lots of things. And nooo, not yet. I got the toothbrushes must wait for a day when my friend is free so we can make together. Will show you when I have it done :D

  21. :D Had a great time! How are youuu?
  22. And duh! I remember lol.

  23. AHAHAHA I STILL HAVEN'T TRIED MAKING =___= The other time I bought the ice cream. But kenna eaten up. Anyways I was. Just came home yesterday.

  24. YESSS :D Well I'm just giving myself one month's off to settle stuff then idk what happens next...