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  1. it's already this time of year again? so fast.. happy bday jon!

  2. WOW happy birthday jon.. hope you have a great day and great year coming for you ^_^

  3. A HUGE ENORMOUS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KARAHOLIC! It's really cool and touching at the same time to see how much karaholic has grown. Still quite shocked that almost 3 years has passed since i've joined Karaholic. Time flies so fast! Can still quite vividly remember all my chatbox spazzing days in the past and all my still-a-new-fan shenanigans. All the good (and bad) memories~ And all my embarrassing moments here~ It's all these little sources of joy in life that we had to look closely to be able to find it. And I'm really fortunate and thankful that karaholic has become a part of my life. Not that im some super no.1 karaholic fan or are we the most amazing fanbase (to me we are) but I'm sure many people are thankful for the site and its our hotblooded-ness for Kara and Karaholic that keeps all of us going! Still kinda regretting for not doing much to help the site when i was a moderator. Just was a bad time and commitments in life soon started popping up. Still i was really happy and proud to once be a part of the staff. Once again, a happy 4th Birthday for Karaholic and cheers for (at least) another 4 awesome years ahead!
  4. LOL ERIC I THINK THIS IS THE REASON WHY THEY PICKED HER! you totally reminded me back during the days when this pic was a total hit LOL. hilarious ttm lol. And Wanna do is like the only reason that gives me the urge to learn guitar so that i can play and sing it in future events like fansign LOL
  5. hi, do u have all karayas pics, im a new fan of kara, and u know im collecting pics of them.. and i tried to open kry website but i think its already down, then the links iin photo section are all error and deleted, i hope u could help me, thnx in advance


  7. That hairflip... Potential to surpass Hara's flip haha. I can die if i get a hairflip from jing irl haha
  8. They played during the showcase 'History of Kara' Can really see how much Jing has changed over the years. From the Cutesy little girl that i initially feel super attracted to, to the mature looking yet still adorable girl that still captures my heart completely. Maknae will continue to grow and so will be our love for her
  9. yea but thats not what i meant lol. i was gold b4 blue too lol

  10. bear in mind, i was a gold before blue. heehee.

  11. yeah haha. how did u get to gold anws? here to accompany the lonely me ?D:

  12. yo jon, we now belong to the gold club! lol

  13. haha wont really care about the time spent there, but more of the freedom i get when im not inside. :D more time for kh~

  14. haha great..

    hope you will have a great time there :)

  15. supposedly pretty tough but a necessary phase in life to become a man haha. and yeah going for showcase and fansign. no reason to not go. haha