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  1. Hello all~ I'm yuda, the writer for the Hangul Corner for the newsletter. I need some help tho~ For the 3rd Issue, I'm planning to list down various common Korean words. So if you have any korean words/phrases that you've heard and wondering what the meaning is, OR you have english words/phrases that you want to learn how to say it in korean, do let me know. I'll help if I can. pls reply here, or send me a pm. you can also tweet me @yooniqda_ Also, if you have any idea for the next issue regarding the Hangul Corner, please let me know too thanks! ^^
  2. watched the latest roommate (the 2nd part of christmas party) and login here specifically to post here. watching her interaction with others on roommate as well as how she introduced herself as jackson's best friend, once again warmed my heart. i'm really thankful how she got lots of opportunities and by that gaining lots of new friends. it's easy to see from the list of people she is following in twitter, start from roommate cast members, and then king of ratings, and now from hitmaker. she got some same age friend (jackson, sohyun) and seniors as well as older sister (sunny, gna) even seniors from other fields who takes care of her (jongok, seho, etc) i mean, i clearly remember once Jiyoung talked that f(x)'s Sulli was her first friend since debut, which means she doesn't has any real 'friends' for more than a year within the industry. exactly like how hara said that once she was a new member too and she knows how hard it can be so she takes care of her a lot. so i'm really glad youngji able to get lots of new friends quickly and although maybe they are not that close enough yet but she got 3 dependable onnies within kara. i don't even care about achievements etc, looking at how she made friends and stays happy (and be true to herself) is more than enough for me sorry for the long wall of text xD
  3. they did said "인도 사람 (read: Indo saram)" which people tend to misunderstand it as Indonesia since it sounds similar. in fact, indonesian people often refer to themselves as "orang Indo", so it's easy to get confused as for what Sunny said.. it's kinda hard to express it in english since it's more like a korean saying which kinda hard to find the equivalent english expression. i don't fully understand it either, but anyway i'll try to explain it: btw, i really like the way they treated youngji when she cried, esp seho. i'm the type of person who prefer someone to comfort me like that when i'm stressed out rather than being over pitied at. that's me though
  4. finally watched the epi with hara.. (real life kinda hectic last couple of weeks) must say that at least hara looks like she is really taking care of youngji and and find her precious and vice versa. the more i watch it, the more i like roommate, in fact i found roommate is currently the number 1 show that i'm waiting for every week. it's the same with youngji, the more i watch her here, the more i love her one thing that i'm curious, hara looks kinda 'shocked' to see how youngji wraps her eel. does that means they still haven't got the opportunity to go out eat together yet? btw, if you watch the video with subs from dramafever, on this ep (ep 9) there are 2 mistakes. (spoiler)
  5. ^ i usually find it here http://subscene.com/subtitles/roommate it's usually up on tuesday KST ~~~~~~ just watched Ep 4 & 5 (i'm late i know) and i feel really proud and glad to see how youngji never fail to do the 100 degrees greetings. esp on ep 5, on the opening of bae jongok's acting class, she bowed the deepest and sat down the latest. yet at the same time she also became more relaxed with the others. just like how she was afraid to approach sunny on ep 1 but now she able to tease her even (yet still maintaining her respect). another evidence is how she is more comfortable with jackson too as a same age friend. it's not too obvious in english, but if you understand korean (sorry) you will notice the difference. one of the example is when youngji went to market with jackson and gukju and gukju acting jealous, the way she said to jackson "you don't have phone", it was really the way someone said to his/her friends. another thing that i noticed during the acting class. the second part where they closed their eyes and tried to act the description, i think youngji did the "worst", idk, it looks like she can't get the feel. however when she was doing the act with jackson, she acted it quite well imo
  6. why? you can simply call her by name. especially since 1.5 month younger that means you are a same-age friend or if you want it to be a little bit korean-like, you can call her youngji-ya (영지야) ^^
  7. actually that's weird.. it written as : "나인뮤지스 - 영지" which translated as "Nine Muses - Youngji"
  8. hmm not sure what happened, but just found out your 'hiatus' by accident today. hopefully everything going okey with you... 화이팅!

    1. ELJunRa


      Thanks Yuda, it really helps a lot! :DD

  9. i just saw this today. it says: MOVIE "Secret: Memory of 500 Days" Leading Actors/Actresses Casting (Confirmed) Yoo In Na - Drama "Who You Came From The Star", Movie "My Black Mini Dress" (Confirmed) Yeon Junghoon - Movie "Love In Magic", OCN Drama "Vampire Prosecutor Season 2" (In Discussion) Goo Hara - Drama "City Hunter", Singer KARA (Confirmed) Oh Jungse - Movie "High Heels", MBC Drama "Repentance / A New Leaf" (Confirmed) Yoon Chanho - Movie "Heat", OCN Drama "Vampire Prosecutor Season 2" (Confirmed) Son Jinyoung - Movie "7th Grade Civil Servant", MBC "Real Men" Scheduled for a February 2015 release.
  10. ^ only youngji's part: 1 2 3 4 5, 5 pieces in total Seho: you eat everything at once? Youngji: yes "The Dark Horse of the Eating Broadcast World: Youngji Mushroom" "The First Green Vegetables Lover Idol in Korea" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the character card: Heo Youngji (21 y.o, KARA) Debuted 1 month ago! The youngest in variety! The wild girl who catches live octopus with bare hands Have you heard? The idol with silent laugh Specialty: Training Oi (the dog), eating wraps
  11. ^ not sure, since it's only the preview. i guess we will only know after the ep 2 aired. based on the preview only when Youngji introduced herself, joonhyung the one who replied "ah.. that mushroom?" also, previously during sukira when doing the speed quiz on the phone, gyul asked "who is our new member? it's the name of a mushroom"
  12. ^ hopefully it won't affect sunny's appearance. i like her and she will make a good duet with youngji. from the preview: Maknae Heo Youngji Nickname: Youngji Mushroom (her name actually means Lingzhi mushroom) Strength: silent laugh Special: eating wraps (she eats 6 leaves at the same time) the last part of caption says: the maknae with charms that can't be hidden
  13. i just speed-watched king of ratings ep 1 (keep on skipping frames) i must say she is doing quite well though it's clear that she is still unable to talk comfortably and with good flow. glad that the other MCs especially Lee Hwijae really helped her a lot. they also made big issue of her laughter and her pronunciation, they keep on teasing her her pronunciation isn't that good, so they keep asking "where in Japan do you came from?" honestly, being one of the panel right after debuting isn't an easy thing to do. so hopefully youngji will be able to adapt well soon and this is a great opportunity to extend her connection. when she used the lie detector, she was asked "does the other members treat you well?" she said "yes" but the detector said it's false
  14. the fall looks really scary. but i heard they say she is doing okay... ~~ regarding her room.... tbh i'm not too sure. even the comments on the source didn't really confirm it either. the poster did say "Youngji's dorm room". the only informative thing that i found on the comment, someone said that DSP gave her a dorm to live in. the reason i'm not convinced are: 1. from all the interview that i watched, youngji never really showed that she is a kara fan before she joined kara. she didn't know lots of common facts that all kamilia should know, even the most basic things. 2. the paper with "KARA...ing" also suspicious. it was used by fans during KARASIA Seoul. of course, it's possible at that time she just went to the concert and joined the event. also, like red said, no baby kara? i understand if there is no sunghee, but baby kara? anyway, until more confirmation, i can't say i really believe it yet
  15. ^ joon is born in america so he is more carefree and he's always been like that since long time ago. you may recognize him if you watched speed racer or dragon ball the movie. also, coupled it with how senior he is and his age, he is a little bit too much for some people indeed. a matter of preference indeed so basically, all of the cast members moved to that house and live there for real, right? they don't come to the house only for filming? thanks yong for the confirmation