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  1. Single

    Really like Speed Up. Somehow Nicole gives me a different feeling than the others. It's like, she is a girl from a wealthy uptown family who found true friends downtown. Like Girls power too. But more the song than the mv. It's a little too girly.
  2. Thank you. They looked good. I liked the parts where you can see the audience and Mana-chan. I could recognise TOKIO and Kis-my-ft2. I wonder who the girls in bright colored jackets are?
  3. Album

    Have just preordered Super Girl ver.C ^^ And because I felt a little nostalgic I also ordered First Blooming (because this is the only Korean KARA CD I haven't bought). So is very happy right now, but also a little sad that Japanese CDs are so expensive. For the same amount I could buy 3 Korean mini-albums. But KARA is also the only Korean girl group I would spend that kind of money on.
  4. Album

    I love the album because now I can get all the singles in one. Haven't got the money to get all the singles. I wonder if they named it Super Girl because Supergirl's name is Kara?
  5. Single

    Really like the PV. ^^ I like the coulours and the fairytail feeling. Somehow Nicole reminded me of The little match girl trying to keep warm. He made the girls wait for 3h45min. They most really love him. ^^
  6. Single

    Something else I like about Kara. You never know who is going to be in the center or front. Like this: 3 covers with 3 different members in the middle. In so many kpop and jpop covers you always know who is center and it takes away some of the fun when they reveal the poster and cover. I like the cover with the White dresses the best.
  7. Single

    I really like it. Have been listing to it all morning. The first thing I thought was that it sounded like something NEWS could sing. Well, that just showes that it is really like Jpop. I like that Kara has many kind of music styles. There is a song for every mood or time of day, week or year.
  8. Thank you. Nicole was really cute in Date. I like the end were she "shoots" her "date".
  9. Album

    Yeah, just got my album by post.^^ Love Follow me, ..ing and Date. (Because I like almost every song Sweetunes produces I also got Infinite's Over the top, and like all the song on that album too.)
  10. Well two of my favorite. ^^ Kara and Hongdae. Some years ago I lived in Hongdae for two months and it was so much fun. It is really the place were young people go to eat and party. I would have loved to meet Kara by chance in the streets of Hongdae.
  11. I love Infinite and their dances. ^^ Maybe they chose Infinite because the song "Be mine" is by Sweetune (read that somewhere). And if I remember correct Nicoles' song "Happy And" is from Woollim Intertainment. So they had some connections before. Looking forward to the show. ^^
  12. Just got my CD today.^^ Hope it helped a little bit on the Oricon. Love it. Can't wait to hear it all day long. And because of KARA I got to learn about J-pop so I also got NewS, KAT-TUN og Kanjani8. When KARAs Korean CD come in the fall I am thinking about buying Perfume, AAA, EXILE and miwa. The power of KARA. ^^ Be on a show with KARA and I might just buy your CD's.
  13. Single

    I noticed that JCL is back in the twenties at #23 on todays Oricon daily. ^^ Maybe because of Music Station?
  14. Well it has been some time now, but Masuda (News) kind of danced it too. In the mini interview before MS on the 10.15.10. If you look at him while Tegoshi talks in the beginning.
  15. Like I wrote in the URAKARA tread in the Releasebox: I think he use to be in Ya-Ya-Yah, a johnny Jr group. It looks like him. The one with brown hair.