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  1. :D hi, you prefer me to call you dookie or monstar? XD
  2. i miss the blonde too. maybe one day she'll bring it back. but now im used to gyuri as a brunette ^ doesnt this pic make gyuri look like she has fangs? (fantasy dream) imagine gyuri making a cameo on true blood? hahaha
  3. yep. that guy is like one of the top young korean soccer players. he went to dream concert too and it seems they met up. some korean kamilia jokingly (i think) are asking if theyre dating but i doubt it since the guy plays for scotland. ill post the screenshot on the first post here where we post all of them. im happy gyuri is tweeting again but i can hardly keep up with all her tweets. ill get up to date as soon as i can and post them all would you guys like it if i made a big stalker list of all the people gyuri's following and who they are?
  4. i don't think we have :) hi snow just call me lorraine :) hope you're doin' fine :)

  5. disapprovingbunnar

  6. i still see you. lurking~

    what will it take to get u to post? haha

  7. @red cats don't roar this week's schedule: mod - Jungmo (Trax), Lee Hyun (8eight), Joohee (8eight) tues - Eunji, Hayoung, Namjoo (A Pink) wed - Ilac / Jisoo (Dalmatian) thurs - Block B / Rania >>>>>>> BORA (VISUAL RADIO) find out how to watch here. fri - Seoin, Lady Jane, Kim Namhoon sat - Jinon (f.cuz), Hanbyul (Monday Kiz), Kelly (Gavy NJ) sun - One More Chance, Sim HyunBo this week's bora looks good
  8. hey hey have we formally met? what do you like to be called?

    you can call me snow or dookie :)

  9. @red you... are too good to gyuri fans. thanks for the caps. @gel thanks for those. haaaawt. gyuri........ looks......... SO SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY is this girl really korean? i love her looks, theyre so exotic.
  10. cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute i love shimshimtapa. oh and guys on 110527 supposedly shindong asked gyuri when she wanted to get married. gyuri said in about 10 years. i only read this not heard it so i dunno if true or not.
  11. @gel♥pgy its not your fault i shouldve been more clear. guys look at gyuri in fangirl mode: hahahahahaha its really, really too cute to me.
  12. @ gel♥pgy im not just basing this on the strong heart preview. its a combination of everything. lately, to my eyes, she's looked a little distant or troubled. i shouldve wrote it more clearly but i never said this is only cause of her relationships with the members. it could be a lot of different reasons like shes tired, worried, or feeling pressured. regardless, i think we should be open to all discussions. heres video of them leaving thailand: <object width="640" height="390"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param'>"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="640" height="390" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
  13. @gel♥pgy its not the seating arrangements, its body language. i dont see how caring about gyuri's and the member's feelings is useless, one could say caring about kara or kpop at all is useless. in my opinion its better to talk things out than ignore it like a pink elephant in the room. @red the only way to send gyuri your thoughts is twitter or mail so pick one @jiji yes its me lol. im so happy to see a reply from you! i hope college is treating you well. i was waiting for new airport pics but none have shown up heres some older pics: and a troll pic: <img src="" width="500">
  14. this week's schedule: mod - Jungmo (Trax), Lee Hyun (8eight), Joohee (8eight) tues - Lee Gookju, Dongwoo (Infinite), Woohyun (Infinite) wed - Ilak, Index (Dalmatian) thurs - Kim Junghee, Handsome People >> BORA (visual radio) how to watch here fri - Seoin, Lady Jane, Kim Nam Hoon sat - Jinon (f.cuz), Kelly (Gavy N.J.) sun - Heo Youngsaeng (SS501), Brian
  15. @GooBuberrHara @grainy if you guys want to have a disagreement that's fine as long as thing are kept civil and everyone remains respectful. actually, now that its been brought up, ive always wondered where gyuri's living now. both hara's and gyuri's parents don't live in seoul so when everyone moved out where did they go? i know hara got an apartment but what about gyuri? about strong heart: we will never know how exactly the whole situation went down. to think the girls will ever tell the FULL story to the public is laughable, it's not going to happen. i have no doubts that it has affected their relationships in major ways but hopefully they will work out any issues and become closer. i was never one of those fans who thinks all kpop groups are automatically best friends and have always thought certain members were closer to different members, its only natural. but even so, theyve made a commitment to continue as KARA and that requires them to work together. theres something admirable in that isnt there? that theyre still together after all the difficulties, it wouldve been very easy for them to break up completely. i do think there are some rough edges.. but theyre still trying as 5. gyuri does look troubled/distant in some pics and videos... she's not one to share her problems with others so i really hope the members do their best to make her feel included and wanted. how about some happy news around here..... GYURI'S 23RD BIRTHDAY (24th in korean age) IS ON MAY 21TH!!! please remember to send her love on her twitter @gyuri88