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Status Updates posted by red4summer

  1. Another timely reminder today, "We have achieved nothing yet." Let's get our heads down and get on with the job in hand, and make our dream comes true.

  2. :claps:
    1. red4summer


      thank you for the comment in your first post!

  3. if i can't fly to japan (kara), i want to swim to china (t-ara). i think i'm "sick".

    1. edr49890


      if i can as well

    2. red4summer


      i can feel it, i'm drifting away..

  4. dear, why would i be mad at you? lol (if there was any misundestanding, i beg your pardon. :))

  5. goodbye mamma mia, hello sugar free!

  6. Youngji, I like You.

    1. red4summer


      Do you need minimum post count to say "Hello" in Shoutbox? No, Baby.

  7. congrats for the appointment and thanks for lending your help to this forum.

    1. nightvisiongoggles


      Thanks! Glad to help out here :)

  8. halo our dedicated staff, how are you doing these days? seldom spazz with you, probably we are usually active at different timing.

    1. ELJunRa


      hello hi there :) Doing good, just a lil busy than usual ^^ lol maybe,seldom see you online too, hope you're doing fine. ~ ^^

  9. "orange", thanks for allocating time to help. :)

    1. Yongery


      Happy to help out in the place where I can find happiness :D

  10. i only realized few days back that you actually went to their japan fanmmet. so no fancam taken by our awesome media hubber? hahah. seriously speaking, i won't take fancam if i ever go to their fanmeet, concert etc. because why will i want to look at them through the monitor screen when i can look at them directly? lol

    1. red4summer


      btw i love all your fanmeet gifs but i hesitated these days to visit those threads because the load kills me. lolol (from the bottom of my heart, thank you once again!) :)

    2. ELJunRa


      haha~ sorry for no fancams, I dont usually take fancams during concerts/fanmeetings, plus japan is strict,and my whole body is shaking lololol! XD it's my pleasure ^^

  11. halo, you need at least 10 post-count to access shoutbox. :)

  12. i like this, "But now perhaps we're back as totally different person and experience wearing a "newer" body."

    1. red4summer


      we can't turn back or pretend to be the same as nothing had happened. life has many chapters and it's time to move to the next one. holding on or letting go? i'm still what i'm and it's never going to leave me. :)

    2. Palaverist


      "holding on or letting go". I am still holding actually, that's why I am not exactly back. I slowly letting go, I guess its the time for me to let go completely and see where the flow takes me. :)

    3. Palaverist


      It ain't that easy for me though. Hehe.

  13. hi lori, i hope i am not intrusive. i just want to say "thank you"!

  14. is it the second time you're meeting them? i bet you wanted osaka to come earlier. hope you enjoy much more than the first and have a safe trip home.

  15. hi hi, i'm glad that you remember me. thanks for everything. staff or not, thanks for doing the extra. i appreciate it very much.

  16. i just logon after almost a year and i love reading your long write-ups. hahah, i shall see you around in the usual places but only after i make a comeback which is still uncertain. stay cool and always.

    1. GooBurberrHara


      Same here! I missed the likes of your types around this place, so I guess that's why I was inactive for a while too. See ya around!

  17. firstly, thank you for welcoming every new member. secondly, thank you for remembering me. lastly and the most important, THANK YOU for fighting for sung. :)

  18. i have to disappoint you because i don't have srt for iy1/2 as i replied on kbsworld.

  19. nothing serious, not to worry..

  20. ahh.. i don't want to talk about it anymore. you to get into trouble? lol. as long as you understand all kara fans, be it who is his/her bias, we're all called kamilia.

  21. lol i have forgotten but should be easy to google. try here

  22. about the "all the kpop" chi links, goto/search in youku or tudou, you will find tons.

  23. if you don't like a certain kara member, isn't it best to keep your thought to yourself? this is the basic manner.