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  1. It's almost a week since the news broke out and started this crisis. Since many rumors, news and articles have come out and made the whole situation become chaotic and confusing, Yoo and I decided to summarize all the events/news into this timeline. Hopefully this will help us Kamilias to follow the issue with less confusions. Note: 1. We only include information which comes from official statement from both parties or the girls themselves, or from trusted source. 2. Irrelevant or not directly related information will not be included. 3. Full translation of articles (if available) will still be posted in separated thread in News Box. This thread will just contains the summaries. 4. This first post will be used as an index. Summary & Timeline of KARA's crisis 2011.01.19 2011.01.20 (will be updated later) 2011.01.21 2011.01.22 and 2011.01.23 (will be updated later) 2011.01.24 2011.01.25 Update 1 || 2011.01.25 Update 2 || 2011.01.25 Update 3 2011.01.26 2011.01.27 Update 1 || 2011.01.27 Update 2 Details of the requests/demands of the 3 members Summary & Timeline since the lawsuit 2011.02.14 2011.02.15 2011.02.16 2011.02.17 2011.02.18 2011.02.19 to 2011.02.25 2011.04.15 2011.04.28-29 Happy Ending by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic take.out.with.full.credit
  2. Watching KARA's old videos and listening to their old songs makes me miss Sunghee dearly

  3. Yuda, thank you for making this thread and the translations. It's another difficult time for KARA and us Kamilias. Just hang out and wait, I believe that we all can get through this in the end. Stay strong, Kamilias <3
  4. thanks for stopping by ;) will try to join you guys on sbox whenever I can catch up w it :D

  5. It gave me headache and frustration sometime, but I surely will miss the time when down/uploading was my daily activities.

  6. On hiatus... no new upload, but I will still try to re-up broken links if requested. Sorry for being a little slow

  7. You can gain more post by participating in the forum activities and discussion. When you view a thread, you can go down to the bottom of the page to "reply" (to write comment and then submit) whenever you do that, it counts as 1 post. so I suggest you to be active and join us in many of our on-going threads to get to know about the members and our forum better. Have fun :)

  8. Hi there :)

    welcome to Karaholic. It seems like you are a bit confused about the post requirement in order to access Media Box. If you look at the status under your name, it would show how many posts you have (right now you have 2) you need 15 to access Media Box and 40 to go into Sweet Melodix Mediabox

  9. SOPA and PIPA, are you really trying to make us, Media Hubbers, become jobless?

  10. Caly Caly <3 I was really busy last couple weeks but it's got better now. we just had some holiday last week yay!! I'm looking forward to the thanksgiving holiday in Nov now :P When is Caly's next holiday?

  11. Title: Nicole's mother's passionate interview “In the name of Nicole, I swear!” Nicole’s mother, Kim Shirley, spoke up for the first time about KARA’s issue. Mrs. Kim has been thought to be the key person of this issue. On Jan 20, she even wrote on her twitter “There is no parents who would gamble with their child’s life because of money” In the afternoon of January 21, we called Mrs. Kim and have gathered more information. At first, she stated, “I have nothing to say. What we need to say has already been spoken through our lawyer.” She then attempted to hang up the phone but stopped when we asked about “the person who is standing behind with billions won” and immediately said “I will explain this. It’s completely not true.” Since January 20, there has been a rumors circulating the showbiz about a person, owner of a company with a net worth of billions won, is standing behind the 3 members of KARA; and that person is Mr. J. There is also a rumor that he is a close friend of Nicole’s mom and that he has invited KARA to join his company with a billion won contract. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kim seemed to be really tired about this issue, she only gave short answers with distant tone at first. But she immediately raised her voice after the question about the behind support. “Some of my friends are running a business; some are working at the hospital. Which one should I go to when I am sick? The one who work at the hospital, right? I have known that person in the entertainment industry for 19 years, of course I would go to him for suggestions when this kind of issues happens, right?” She said that the rumors are completely invalid and was really angry. “The billion won support is really unreasonable. I want to move, but I have not been able to do so because of the lack of money. It just doesn’t make any sense” (leave out repeated parts) Then she added, “Before the press conference, I have requested not to make any surprising statement. Especially things related to DSP, we have to avoid it all and only focus on giving out the terms/conditions that we have discussed before.” Finally, she ended with a statement “I will reveal more when I can talk more comfortably,” then hung up the phone. Source: Sports Chosun Translated by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic Note: Mrs. Kim did not mention anything about swearing in the name of Nicole during the interview, the reporter just used that title to attract more viewers
  12. "KARA issue" has entered reconciliation. It has been revealed that the gap between the positions of KARA's management company, DSP Media, and of the three members' side has reduced and they also went to the extent of agreement with each other. One manager revealed that "Even though the points of view of the two sides are somewhat different, but because they must maintain the group, they have combine opinions from the two parties. KARA has overcome the worst possible crisis, disbandment." Since last January, due to problems with profit distribution and transparency of paperwork, conflicts between KARA and the management company have arisen. Mr. Tae Jinah, the President of KSA, has stood out on behalf of the showbiz to be a bridge of reconciliation between the two sides and work out the optimal plan for resolving the problems. He has listened and gathered opinions from two parties to avoid KARA's disbandment. And he said the mediation process was almost complete. A different manager said "The two sides compromise so we are conducting a solution. We absolutely can continue to see KARA with all 5 members." In recent years, KARA has become very popular in Japan after the release of Mister, Jumping. Among the rookies, they have broken the records and achieved best-selling title and has officially joined the top Hallyu star. And with the latest single "Jet Coaster Love", KARA has become the first foreign girl group to achieve #1 position on the Oricon Weekly Chart in the first week of release. If KARA can stay together as a group, they surely will receive many more achievements in the future. : Sports Hankooki translated by: Yoo & hasomy @ karaholic take.out.with.full.credit
  13. my Caly <3 I miss you too. and don't worry, you will never disturb me, cuz my Caly is exceptional :P you are quite busy these days too, right?

  14. Jiyoung's shirt was auctioned for over $ 10,000 The overwhelming popularity of KARA in Japan was clearly shown when a shirt which was worn by member Kang Jiyoung was auctioned on an online site has already reached 900,000 JYP ($ 10,700). On April 8th, when an online shopping website of Yahoo! Japan started the auction of a Samsung's uniform shirt that was worn by Jiyoung, it immediately received lots of attention. Initial price was 1 JPY and kept increasing up many times. At 11:12pm on April 12th, a netizen with the nickname mik***** won the shirt with a bid of 900,000 JPY. During the auction, the fans were having headache because the price of the shirt kept shoot up day by day. They have posted many proposals in Question section such as "Is it alright for me to pay the remaining amount after a portion was paid in advance?"; "I cannot pay the full amount at one time, can I pay monthly installment?" The seller of this shirt emphasizes "This is a shirt that was used by Jiyoung, and it was also signed by all 5 members." This is the shirt that Jiyoung has worn during the repertoire before the match between K–League and Suwon . He also stressed that "Since then, we've never washed this shirt, not even once." Obviously this is not a normal shirt because Jiyoung had touched it. source: Kukinews translate: Yoo & hasomy @ karaholic take.out.with.full.credit
  15. The young soldiers seemed to be tense when Goo Hara paid them a visit. Here are some rare photos of KARA's Goo Hara during her last military visit. During Online community on April 2nd, pictures of Goo Hara when she visited her brother during his time in the army have been published. And one of the things that strike the eyes when we look at those photos is the banner saying "Welcome the warm-hearted Goo Hara to our army", and the blurry/shaking of the photos. Except the photo taken of Goo Hara’s back, it is hard to see her face clearly in the rest. All that shows is that she was wearing a blue coats and had long brown hair. There were many comments about these pictures: "They must be really nervous to see Goo Hara, right? "Just look at the photos and you could know how nervous/excited they were.” In the upcoming May, Goo Hara will officially debut as an actress through the drama “City Hunter” of SBS, showing weekly on Wednesday and Thursday. : Donga news [t]: Yoo + hasomy @ karaholic Take.out.with.full.credit
  16. Current situation of KARA have shown the popularity of the group in Japan. On March 20, KARA will perform in one event in Japan. On January 29, as soon as the official online ticketing site opened, all tickets have been ordered out within 10 seconds. This concert, named "Universal Dream Live 2011", will be held in Universal Studio of Osaka, Japan. Universal's artists will perform in 3 days alternatively from March 19-21. KARA will be performing on March 20 and KARA's event is especially gathered lots of interests. Japanese media has followed and updated KARA's situation every day. And the upcoming event is the first official stage of KARA in Japan, so both fans and media especially pay attention to them. KARA's popularity in Japan is in fact beyond imagination. And according to explanations of managers in Japanese showbiz, fame and topics related to KARA are so hot that we absolutely can call them the "Phenomenon" (Daese) of Japanese showbiz. [c]: Nate Translated by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic take.out.with.full.credit and here is the poster of the concert. Universal have 2-3 artists for the concert on March 19 and 21. But they only have KARA for the 20th, and tickets sold out in 10 seconds. Thank Yoo for the pic and for pointing this out I have never thought that it would be possible for ticket to be sold out that fast, but KARA just proved that nothing is impossible SO PROUD OF OUR GIRLS!!!!!!!!! UPDATE: Universal Japan has already updated their web. Here is the current line-up: 19 March : Beast - G.NA - SDN48 - Kikkawa Yuu 20 March : KARA - Naoto Inti Raymi 21 March : Beni - D☆DATE - Supernova Thank donnyhuang for the updated info Even though KARA is not the only artist to perform on March 20 anymore. But this achievement is still amazing, right?
  17. Hi Karo,

    thanks for posting up the GoomTV version of Step MV. I have merged your thread and mine into one and gave you credit for posting the link up. Just wanna let you know :) thanks again

  18. talking about spazzing... TOMORROW!! I bet tons of kamilia will be online to spazz about Step, so hopefully I can catch ya somewhere :P

  19. some ppl told me that being in grad school is like being slave for the professor LOL but well, think about the future, hope it will be bright hehe. How long is your program? Grad school is expensive, I'm living on my fellowship paycheck rite now. KARA will take a big junk out of my check tho LOL. 1 more day still STEP!

  20. how is grad school treating you? you genius-90er :P

  21. I'm in my 2nd week of grad school, and it started sucking time and the heck out of me =_= can't wait for Step tho, it would be my energy pill :P I miss talking to you and our honey sisters T_T

  22. thank you for the bday wish :) and you are not late at all, it was still on Aug 27 at my time zone :P

  23. thanks for the bday wish, Red. miss our long posts in Sunghee thread :P love your profile pic, pretty Gyul is blowing kisses <3

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