[Fanmade] Kara- Jumping (English Version)


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Seriously I'm blown away! This is such a well-done cover, thumbs up to MoA! :D The lyrics are nice, and after awhile thanks to this I find Jumping sound so fresh again hehe The sound effect work was nicely done too. Somehow her voice during Seungyeon & Nicole's lines almost perfectly match the original voices XD LOVE IT. I have this cover on repeat since almost 20 hrs ago lol

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This is a well made cover. I am very impressed. I do not know how to say this it is beyond nice. It is a refreshing cover by giving it a big twist to it. This jumping version almost sound like a choir or a prayer chant during the start. Well done. I like it. :D I would be saving this in my playlist now. The lyrics match really well. It would be great if the girls remake jumping into an English version.

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The user was trolled by YT closed her account. :L

Fortunately, the audio/DL link is still available :D

For those who want the video, a LQ alternative is here. (it's identical to the MV, but without subs so you might as well watch the official PV while listening to the audio)

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