[MV] 110226 Jet Coaster Love (Full Version) + MV Making


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Wasn't sure before, but after hearing the full song I totally love it.

The sparkly intro is awesome and the trumpets and instrumentals are really cool.

The melody and their singing really sounds jpop.

Sounds like a hit to me.

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i feel like jiyoung's lines are so short~~

when i listen to it, seems like jiyoung's lines were the chorus, one line in verse 1 and 2 then the "motto, motto"...

i was expecting jiyoung to get the amount of lines like what she had in jumping... i guess not :(

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Thanks for these videos.


Jet Coaster Love is actually what got me interested in Kara, and to know them in the first place. I was looking for a song that would have theme or line related to roller coasters, and this is what I found.



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