Welcome to the Jet Coaster Amusement Park!


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it's so fun that i didnt do anything and everyone was saying thanks Yoo
yah Pimmie, it's all your fault -.- i just recommended some photos for Pim, that's all

Pim & Wilson = THE BESTTTTTTTT <3333333

this layout is full of cuteness xDDDDD adorable overloadddddddd xDDDDD

and i love the colors so much <33

EPIC layout yeppeeeeeee >v<

and there's my HaNi moment

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AWWWW this layout is ADORABLE!! At first I didn't notice the layout change until I changed the layout manually from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page haha. I love how playful and warm this layout is! It's perfect for welcoming summer <3

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though i'm not particular with layout, i'm really pleased at what it has brought into the forum.

i believe it may spread around & invite more fans to visit kh. thanks everyone.

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This theme is amazing! :) Amazingly cute! :wub: A big surpise for me.

I felt like a kid again visiting the theme park. Now where is my cotton candy?

I love this childlike theme. :eyelove: The five Kara chibis of Gyul, Ham, Jing, Hara and cole hanging around the notice board... Could not explain how much i like that. It would be nicer if they could move and be played with. :wub:

Who is the genius behind that drawing?

Thanks Pimmie, Wilson,Christine, Yoocho and everybody that help out.

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