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^ yup really love her rapping on this album :wub: and singing too ^_^ i could picturing it was her on the Ey Oh intro...too bad its too short XD...but the Step rap part is great, and just like tine said her rapping is quite intense/fierce this time, and unlike Jumping album this time i can distinguish which one is who (usually got mixed up between SY-Nicole :sweatdrop: )...since imo this time the vocal came out quite clear

i really hope they would perform Ing acoustic live once...her part really good there too ^^

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Yeah Cole's vocal in Step and the album in general is great :lol: I love the part she screams :lol: And the rap part is awesome. Can't wait for the comeback.

What surprises me is that Cole sings in low voice. She usually sings high part so hearing her voice in low part is great. :thumbup:

And Cole have a dance solo :thumbup: Wow I love the MV :wub: Despite that she isn't in the center, she still stands out

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I didn't get to heard the whole album yet since I guess I was to late. But I saw the mv and the audio of Step, I have to say that cole has improve in her vocals, and she say so good. Love her rap in Step to. I love how she was have so much fun in Step. Plus my dream came true for cole to have a break dance in Step. But I don't think she going to be able to do the dance break, since they are going to have a mic with them

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^^ SO nice NOV.. love how Cole's the center and everything else is blurred lol.

LOVE LOVE Cole's dance break!! Makes up for the lack of shots hhaa.

can't wait too see this performance LIVE!!

some of my favorite parts from the mv:


^^ her hair all flipped and sexy haha




cr: tumblr

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http://i.imgur.com/xVG9Z.gif this is one my fave also XD...too bad its too short

http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lr25scbsBT1qcar25o1_500.gif haha pilates might help it too ^^

http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lr296fqNVq1qmqbapo1_400.gif hope there's gonna be some HQ one of this pose...so cool :wub:

thanks everyone for sharing the gifs :wub: love all of it


cr: romantica89 @ tumblr

^ i think this came from close up vers MV...haven't watch it since naver hate me





cr: uchiiha @ tumblr


cr: amaikara @ twitter

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watching the KARAch...Nicole so hyper during the jacket photoshoot session :lol: ...but cool at the same time :tongue:




instead of the levitation effect seen on the MV, Nicole shows the actual starting move for the performance ^^


its been a while since the last time they show the girls practice room clip :thumbup1:

Nicole on STEP photoalbum


cr: @Zephyrean

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Just finished watching the live stream, Cole is so cute during the photoshoot and so cute, wish she took more selcas though XD After watching the practice videos, I'm getting more excited to see the performance and her dance break, looks so cool :D And her playing with the doll is lol She keeps talking about being hungry and food hahahah forever shikshin XD

Thanks Nov for the gifs and pics :D I love her smile http://i.imgur.com/Z3fOV.gif and the jacket photos are so pretty and fierce :wub:

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