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cole would always be hungey but that why we love her. I think we all can't wait to see her performance her dance break, the day I always dream of has finally come true. I just wondering would maybe cole change it up, in each music show. Now, I wish the girls would have a dance battle show. Like when they did nobody, this time that are more mature and would be able to bring it down. I can't wait to see her peformance it live on music show, I do want to see her change it up in each music show. But I really don't care now, since she finally got a solo dance break. And this time the dance break, look like the type that cole would want to do. I do wish that she get a solo dance battle. And time when she get a solo dance battle, I want to see some hard core stuff like this.

Cole dance break would reminder me, of kikwang dance break in bad girl. The only thing I wish, was that cole dance break would be as long as kikwang. Man both of them are the dancer of each group. Plus I want to see them dance together that would be hot.

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thanks for the gifs Nov.

Cole just reminded everyone why she's so 4-D lol. While Hayeon are playing around together and Gyuri talking about her musical.. this girl is in her room with a toy doll talking about being hungry.. that's Nicole lol.

Okay like when the other members talk about her love of food, I thought well maybe she just likes to eat.. but her world really revolves around FOOD lol. I mean I didn't know it was that severe :P..

Oh Cole looks soo thin btw :(

the comment Cole read:



I'm glad the comment she read was a Cole fan, she seemed so Happy afterwards.

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I love the dress hot, I think her dress is the most unique dress. And she look so pretty in it, I don't really like dress like that, since I can't look good in them like cole can. That was so cute when cole was doing the fanservice for the fans. Love that fanart picture of cole. Is it just me, but when cole and the girls were doing the wave dance(I don't want to call him), it look like cole bend down farther than the rest of the girls, well to me it look like that. I can't wait to see cole rock out to it on stage, and do her dance break.

her dance break is going to be as fierce as kikwang in bad girl

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Nov, in that video of Cole and the doll.. she was naming all the foods she wanted and waiting for Jing to get out of the shower so they could go eat lol XD

Gifs from close up version of STEP:





credit: as tagged @ tumblr

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i really like how nicole's rap part in the mv..she looked so good and really stood out at that moment XD..and i think a lot of ppl are noticing her too for that part..yayy !!

i kinda like her hair tied up like during the rap part over the hairstyle with the yellow outfit..makes her look fierce and sexy..haha..

looking forward to comeback stage ^_______^

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yay thanks for the picatures ! lolol mae so she roomed with jiyoungie no wonder that doll was jing i bet jing will become like kori eating here and tehre lately those are hanging out alot lol! YAY JINI!!!!!! who did gyul room wif '-' this page is megadose of kori :3

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I can see it now, cole would be demostratic how to do the butt sway again. She would be the queen of this dance again. I think it true, cole is probably get recognize for her rap in Step, plus her dance break. Since her rap got so much better, and this would probably be my favorite rap from her. Plus her dance break is going to be fierce. I love see the close up version of her dance break, that was so freakishly awesome. Can't wait to see it on stage. I really love how her hair was in the mv, when she was done dancing break and when she went into the rap more, and when she was wear the red/pink jumpsuit. I thought her hair was awesome like that. Wondering is cole going to wear the extension or not, since part of the mv she has short hair and the other part she has long hair

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jjy Love that pic of her back, smexy hahhahahahha and the vid when she was teaching the dance, she's just full of charisma :wub:

Nov Thanks for sharing more pics, can't get enough of Cole's pics, gorgeous :D

After watching the performance from TVDaily, love Cole's dancing and can't take my eyes off her XD

credit: uploader

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