[2011.09.06] Korean 3rd Album - Step


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Someone mention that Dear Kamilia is going to be a korean version of IOA.. This is just a speculation right?? Cause when i first saw it I thought its going to be a new ballad.... but the song is 5:49 seconds long so I guess it is IOA?? I really really hope it is a new song >.<

Teaser is amazinggggggg! I dont know why people dont like Nicole with long hair, but imo she looks gorgeous! maybe i can get drifted to being a Nicole bias now

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if that was the teaser, then what were those tweets about the set? now im confused lol.

and since their album is released next week, does that mean they'll start music show promotions the same week?

my guess is the comeback stage will be on 15/9 mcountdown, after 14/9 comeback showcase.

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I just watched the teaser tonight and I simply adore it !

It is the KARA I love...but in a mature way

But I wonder where all the setting teaser went

Because I didn't see something similar to the photos

Maybe should we just wait a little more to see lol.

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The teaser made me amazed! I'm excited!! The mic dance part looked amazing!! Loved the girls as well, they looked great! Can't wait for the full MV. The beat was great and I loved the whole club vibe feel, very energetic! Sadly DSP hasn't uploaded yet...

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The 1st teaser was UTTERLY beautiful, and the 2nd one is just BAM, amazing XD. I love the song already haha. The choreo seems quite strong as well, the dance at the end reminds me of Ring ding dong a bit lol

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can i spazz about the second teaser here? lol

seriously though! the first time i saw the second one, i seriously had butterflies in my stomach

and that has NEVER happened to me before when watching teasers. :D

gahh! i can't wait to see how they'll dance with the mics!

i'm not really liking hara's puffy hair though /= i hope its tamed when they perform

gawshh! i'm so in love with this teaser!

i'm super duper excited for step!! :D

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does anyone have a good view on the clubs?

i saw mr, lupin, step, pretty girl (not sure about this) & jumpin clubs (from left to right).

looks like they included all past albums except break it.

hmm.. come on, i need a surprise..

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