Special Stage or Collaboration With KARA

Eddie Z

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For male: I want SS501 .. though they're not DSP anymore i really want them to collab kekeke !

For female: I want 2NE1 .. Oh yes ! Fierce and Fierce = Awesome !!! They would totally rock the stage ~!! and i saw the interaction between them .. Hara and Minzy, Nicole and CL ..

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It'd be pretty cool if KARA would ever do a collaboration with Jayesslee =)

Then again, that's provided KARA would be ok with doing an English song

or vice-versa

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I always dreamed to see KARA and SNSD on the same stage together. I hope SNSD would sing some of SNSD's songs and same goes for KARA. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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