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i think a kara collaboration with snsd would be too awesome. it would probably never happen since theyre from different labels and such, but theyre my two favorite girl groups and if they came together for a song it'd be ridiculous. how theyd fit lyrics for 14 girls i dont know, but i'm sure i'd love every second of it haha. can you imagine that mv!

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Hmm. I have to second the IU request. They're all so talented <3

For another girl group, definitely 2ne1. They're both among the most popular girl groups of this year (and there were a lot.), and it would be cool seeing Kara take on that "street" look. :]

For a guy group, I think it's obvious for ss501!

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SNSD definitely....

They're already close friends (especially Gyuri and Taeyeon as well as Jiyoung and Seohyun), then of course Hara with Sunny and Yuri as well as Nicole and Tiffany.

I think the chemisty they'll potray on stage will be absolutely fantastic, even if not on stage on variety shows they've shown that colaborating with 2 of these groups is anything BUT boring.


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