If KARA has a solo concert, which songs would you like them to perform?


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Since there seems to be solid rumors of potential concert(s) next year, I wonder if Kamilias were given a choice in selecting the list of songs that KARA perform, what songs could those be? I think at this point, KARA can have concerts in majority in Korean or in Japanese.

For a Korean concert, here is my tracklist (no particular order):

Rock you

Pretty girl





Same Heart



Kamilia song

Date (My boy)

Each of them with a special stage (5 additional performances)


If you wanna







Jet Coaster Love

Thank you

Go Go Summer

Girls be ambitious

Winter Magic

a medley of famous Korean hit (Pretty girl, Honey, Rock you, & Lupin)

Individual acts (5 performances)


and probably another single - I anticipate that they would be releasing another Japanese single after Winter Magic

What about you? What would be your favorite tracklist for a concert? (you may add tracks that weren't singles but that were included in a single or full album).

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Lols, I don't care what kind of song they will sing, as long as it is Kara performing, that would be just perfect.

But when can they actually have their own solo concert. Hmm, I hope next year they will have one. Kara Hwaiting!

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I want all of them...and i luv to see them sing english songs and spacial stages..i would like to see each of them cover english song that suit her style..i hope to se big concert and tour. ..i hope my wish come true...are you guys think the same??

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nice one, sarah!

kara-only concert is now a reality, not a dream.

my suggestion is to split into 2 nights.

the first for all kara songs. list down all you want, this is definite.

the second for not-in-above list (cf, ost etc), covers, individuals & special guests.


kara (in order of priority)

- breakit

- 2me we online ost

- baby boy lesmore cf

- now

- to my boyfriend

- "song" in d'maris cf


- star 200 pounds beauty ost

- look only at u city hunter ost


- tomorrow

- because of love warrior baek dong soo ost


- i'm ing

- dance special

hara (give the girl a chance!)

- because i'm a girl

- i love you, i want you, i need you city hunter ost


- merry love

- my love daemul ost (duet with gyul)

kara with hyori

- u go girl

kara with rainbow

- a


- with all my heart (dear kamilia) or ima okuritai arigatou


- i hope the official online fan club will have something similar (the survey) in the pipeline.

- in addition, a poll for the invited guests. (i'm sorry guys but i want to see the reunion. "once a kara, always a kara.")

- if we can decide the date, let it be 329, 724 or 611.

- matching outfits for each song in the first night.

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By the way, I wonder who are the guest performer would be other than Rainbow.

I really hope Shinee could come so they could do collaboration with Kara (but that could never be reality, it's quite impossible)

If only Hara make a collab with Junhyung from BEAST, I would fly to Korea right now. XD

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You've pretty much nailed down the song list.haha! Well, no matter which song they sing is fine with me. I just want them to have a solo concert and see them perform live. But I don't think my wallet can afford a good seating ticket if that happens right now.hahaha!

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I don't care whether Kara sings their Japanese songs or Korean songs at the concerts, especially since the Japanese fans seem to like the Korean songs...either way, here it is...I looked at what both red4summer and Sarah09 put up and kind of just came up with something I thought would have good transitions in terms of style and costume.

My Ideal Kara concert:


-Rainbow: "A" & "To Me"

Kara Intro:

-Kara 4 U

-2Me the We Online OST (I don't know why, but I think this song would be a great intro)

Set 1:

-Rock U

-Pretty Girl



Solo stage: Gyuri

-City Hunter OST (must be done with a beautiful set)

Group Stage: Kara

-To My Boyfriend by FinKL

Set 2:





Solo Stage:


-Solo song she chooses to sing...I would prefer if this was not a ballad though


-English Song?-definitely one with high energy and intense choreography

Set 2:



-Jet Coaster Love

Trio Stage: Seungyeon/Hara/Nicole

-My Name by BoA

Solo Stage:Hara

-10 Minutes by Hyori

Solo Stage:Seungyeon

-U-Go-Girl by Hyori

Set 3:

-Go Go Summer



Group Stage: Kara

-Now by FinKL


Dear Kamilia


-Mister (que confetti, Mister SHORTS (preferably, sparkly and/or glow in the dark)

My concert might be way too long, but then again most artist don't normally perform every song completely....This is my ideal Kara concert but of course if they do something completely different (which they probably will, I'll be fine with that too.

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I pretty much agree with your song list, but I'd add Rider and Follow Me (따라와).

I agree that a collaboration stage with Rainbow would be awesome! I would give anything to see KARA perform A! And U Go Girl with Hyori too. They've done it before, but I think they can perform a more commanding version of this song now that they've matured more. And of course, their songs from when Kim Sunghee was still with KARA (I wasn't a fan yet, so I'm not too familiar). But it would be nice to have all 6 of them sing those songs.

And I don't know if the fans would appreciate it, but I personally would jump for joy if Junhyung were involved in one of Hara's special stages somehow...♥

...but honestly, they can sing whatever the hell they want. I just want them to finally have their solo concert!!

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the setlist for me would be anything really, just as long Lupin OR Mr. is on the encore, and one of it is on the first or second track. but this Winter Magic is quite good too. would be so nice and lovely to see the girls singing this song in front of me :)

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I want a KARA4 segment, meaning a special appearance of Sunghee. Even if they only sing Break It and Secret World together then all 6 can sing If U Wanna (KARA5 did it in Metafriends) and Shy Boy. Even just for this first concert series, it'll be a Kamilia's dream come true to see them all on stage together. (daydreams while being teary eyed)

Of course a solo performance for each of them. 2 songs or medley or a special talent, as long as they own the stage for that moment.

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hmm, this may sound a little..i dont know..selfish? lol but i want them to perform ALL of their songs! :)

lol, maybe not ALL of them but MOST. even some from their kara4 days cause i miss those songs and thats like..where and how kara started. kara's roots :)

and i really wanna hear 2me live just cause hara has lines. and i want to hear hara's solo song and gyuri's and seungyeon's. and maybe nicole can perform a song from like hyori, son dambi, or seo in young :) and jiyoung can do like g.na or iu :) cause they have cuter songs

and a special appearance from rainbow? yes please! :)

i wonder why dsp hasn't had a concert for them yet /=

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I would like them to perform all of their title tracks and I would also want to see the 5 of them performing break it, if u wanna and secret world....

and of course each of them should have a special stage of their own and couple stages too~~~


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