[Official] JiYoung in Invincible Youth!


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Invincible Youth (Season 2) is a variety show that continues the adventures of different girl group members collectively known as G8, where they experience and learn how to survive in the rural parts of Korea. This year, Invincible Youth takes place in a fishing village in Daebu Island, Ansan, Gyeonggi province. The members of G8 consists of: Amber(f(x)), Suzy(Miss A), Bora(Sistar), Yewon(Jewelry), Woori(Rainbow), JiYoung(KARA), Sunny(SNSD), and Hyoyeon(SNSD). Together, the members of G8 bring laughter and entertainment while learning about rural life with residents within the province.


KBS 2TV, Saturdays at 11:05PM KST - 12:15PM KST


You can stream and/or download IY2 videos from the following places (note: some sites require you to register before you can view/download)

KH mediabox raw, no subs

kshownow.net w/ eng subs

pikeyenny.wordpress.com w/ eng subs


Week 1: 11/12/11 - 7.0%

Week 2: 11/19/11 - 6.2%

Week 3: 11/26/11 - 6.2%

Week 4: 12/04/11 - 5.8%

Week 5: 12/09/11 - 5.9%

Week 6: 12/17/11 - 5.4%

Week 7: 01/07/12 - 5.1%

Week 8: 01/14/12 - 5.1%

Week 9: 01/28/12 - 5.1%

Week 10: 02/04/12 - 4.0%

Week 11: 02/11/12 - 3.9%

Week 12: 02/25/12 - 4.4%

Week 13: 03/03/12 - 5.6%

Week 14: 03/10/12 - 4.5%

Week 15: 03/17/12 - 4.8%

Week 16: 03/24/12 - 3.8%

Week 17: 03/31/12 - 5.4%

Week 18: 04/07/12 - 3.9%

Week 19: 04/14/12 - 4.0%

Week 20: 04/21/12 - 6.3%

Week 21: 04/28/12 - 4.3%

Week 22: 05/05/12 - 3.3%

Week 23: 05/12/12 - 3.9%

Week 24: 05/19/12 - 4.7%

Week 25: 05/26/12 - 4.0%

Week 26: 06/02/12 - 4.2%

Week 27: 06/09/12 - 4.8%

Week 28: 06/16/12 - 3.6%

Week 29: 06/23/12 - 3.7%

Week 30: 06/30/12 - 4.3%

Week 31: 07/07/12 - 4.7%


Additional comments:

As you know by now, our maknae jing is now a cast of KBS Invincible Youth! This'll be her first major variety show so please give lots of support for our big baby ^_^

This year, the cast will be filming in a small fishing village instead of the town of Yoochiri.

For now, the producers have finished recording of the first episode :) here are some pictures of the filming:


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First ep would be on Nov 11, I hope there are subbers taking on this project, most likely soshisubs would be subbing it cause Sunny + Hyoyeon.....

And hopefully if I cant find subs, KBS world will air it :D, but they tend to not be up to date and will air it maybe 2-3 weeks late XD

Edit: Just realize in the pics they look like they are waiting for a vehicle to pass by so that they can hitchhike XD

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I like that Boom is part of the show. He could cheer up and make a show more fun. Remember when he's hosting for KARA's season of Idol Army? :thumbup:

Also, love Jiyoung's hair back to darker colour. Just like other international Kamilia, hope Sweet Melodix or somebody else would subs this show. I know, it will takes a lot of endurance. :sweatdrop:

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Be hold...Kang Ji Young.

Recently on 'Happy Together'.

Energetic 17 year old.

Divine charm.

Hope it'll help her in 'IY2'

Swe3t ~

So cute :wub::wub::wub::wub:



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first when i heard this news im really happy!! i think now dsp entertainment give a chance for her to join reality show without her eonnies. firstly running man and now invincible youth. i really glad. i think comments of a lot people about how "underatted" is jiyoung would be change. fighting jiyoung!!! ^^ :eyelove::thumbup: :thumbup:

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I can't wait for Seeing the first episode to be aired. Jing will be able to show more of her Variety skills. She'll receive more attention as well, I think with Invicible youth. I loved Hara on IY, and definitely Hara will give tips to Jing, and the all of Kara will give support. I hope that IY2 will be a success. Can't wait to see Care-free Jing on IY2~ Spazzing o(^▽^)o

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