[Official] JiYoung in Invincible Youth!


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Just saw ep. 28! the cows and the llamas were so cute but not cuter that Jing in the cow suit LOL :eyelove:

Now that I think about it Jing always has something to do with cow suits! Remember Tokyo friends? LOL And also her mad love for milk was once again shown!

Anyways, Im so ready to see ep.29 JING + HARA = EPIC EPISODE!!!

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??? where did y post go??? weird.... anyway... as i said jiyoung looks really wonderfull in ep 29. it sad though that it seems that she's not going to appear on episode 30 :crying:

Jing is on the ep 30 teaser so she should be in it~~

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Sorry for MIA ^_^

Episode 29 was entertaining...hillarious.

So sweet watching Ji Young burst out in laughter.

I lol'ed when Suzy fooled Shin Young.

My cheek hurts of laughing too much.

Non stop watching that clip.

Ji Young and Suzy looked so stunning.

And I lol'ed a lot; funny episode.

Will post gifs later.

Anyway these are from episode 28.

Ji Young cute and hyper as usual.

Love hyper girls.

She saw the Ostrich...cute reaction.

She's running...so cute.

As a cow...so cute^_^




:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:


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Episode 29.

I can watch this back to back.

Ji Young looked amazingly pretty and cute.

Classic gaze...




So cute :wub::wub::wub::wub:


Want more?


More than 50 gifs.

Some were mixed with Suzy.

I love watching them so close together; like best friends.


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Watched this episode invincible youth!!! I think the new MC makes this show pretty fun~

No subs yet but here's the raw if anyone is looking for it~

Invincible Youth 2 Episode 33


I remember some things from the episode~

  • YoungYoung couple(Jiyoung and Wooyoung) were so cute~ you guys have to see their part<3 They were talking and out of nowhere he goes(in english) "Stop! Stop!" -takes something out of jiyoung's hair- Cutee~
    [c] as tagged
  • I didn't know they would still have guests ;o
  • During the episode, Wooyoung said the next male guest, might have an interest in Jiyoung.
  • There was one part when WooYoung was talking about how Jiyoung was popular and when she said that she was not so innocent, Young Ja(female MC) ordered her to tell her how a kiss is done and she answered how can they not know how to kiss. Hyoyeon was all o.O And jiyoung runs away all embarrassed saying how she'll just go wash the rice. looool
  • There was a lot more memorable parts, but this episode will be subbed so, I won't explain too much loool
  • Looking forward to the next invincible youth episode!

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I wanna see the ep where WooYoung goes to IY2 house! I don't really support WooYoung/Jing pairing but I think he's a sweet guy!

Thanks for the spoilers though, now I wanna see it more!! Our maknae isn't as innocent as people thinks...LOL she is still cute!! :eyelove:

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