[Official] JiYoung in Invincible Youth!


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to see jing being choosen for iy2, it's already "dream comes true".

if jing doesn't get enough airtime in the beginning, i hope everyone to be more paitent.

we don't want to put unnecessary pressure on her because she is still very new to entertainment show.

i hope she can just enjoy herself first and be her normal self.

she doesn't need to compare with anyone but herself, before and after.

her effort will pay off as she grows and learns the hard way.

she will come good, definitely!


neither could i recognize jing in that photo too. i failed miserably.

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I think its better if she leaves it straight instead of curling it haha, look at this pic , her hair is curled, hehe Jing looks like a mini ahjumma hahaha, and she's linking arms with Suzy <3 , almost couldn't recognise where Jing was at first lol


Double Ji maknae or Double Giant maknae....i want more screen time for Jiyoung and Suzy in preview... :angry: hope Jiyoung get enough screen time in IY2 unlike in preview <_<:scared: Sunny with her new haircut...totally love it :thumbup:

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You're right, she looks like taeyeon abit lol...

I think getting the bangs was a good move, makes her look younger and fresh...


Edit: There's an IY2 article focusing on her but its in Korean :P

Here's the link : http://media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?cateid=1032&newsid=20111107100643887&p=tvreport

and another article: http://office.kbs.co.kr/cyberpr/791573

From the gist of it, they were praising her performance and contribution??? and that she's loved by the staff?? Anyone who can read Hanggul, please help us translate :D

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thanks for sharing!

LMAO, she says she's doing a babo concept, as in the looks or throughout the show? Hopefully its just for the styling of the clothes, I don't really want Jing to be seen as somewhat not so bright :sweatdrop:

I mean when I saw Sunhwa in IY, I really ended up believing she's a blank paper lol, although I know its probably not true and just a concept XD

just 3 days more!!!!! :scared:

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KARA’s Jiyoung appeared on Unbeaten My Youth season2.


KARA’S Jiyoung had a difficulty in shooting KBS2′s Unbeaten My Youth season 2.

Unbeaten My Youth season 2 will be aired starting on the 12. In the show, the members moved to a fishing village in DaeBu Island and showed a variety of stories. Season2 will be more various and more spectacle than the previous one.

Jiyoung was assigned to Boom’s team with Hyoyeon, Amber, and Yewon to find the Seven Treasures during the first shooting. The production team provided them with two cultivators for their comfort.

Unfortunately, Boom was poor at operating the cultivators and things were getting worse. The members stated jeering at him. Jiyoung said, “This is all because of Boom.”

Boom could not let himself go during the shooting and was compared with Lee Su Geun who was good at rural life.

KBS2′s Unbeaten My Youth season 2 will be aired starting on 12th.

Source : TV Report


i love the photo (jing standing beside boom) and the "blaming", which could mean she was taking initiative or be proactive!

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I saw from another news that Jing and Boom would have a "Tom and Jerry" concept LOL

Does that mean lots of bickering??

HAHAHA, can;t wait XD

Another news article

KARA’s Kang Jiyoung drew lots of attention with her excellent artistic talents.

Kang appeared on KBS 2TV’s Unbeatened My Youth2,which will start being aired on the 12th, and performed as a naive girl living in a fishing village.

On the fist shooting, Kang performed her missions, showing the people there her vivacious charms. She was loved by the others. The people at the set were fascinated by her artistic talents and praised her.

Unbeatened My Youth2′s Kim Ho Sang CP drew lots of attention by releasing the profiles of the members of the show on his tweeter account.

Source : TV Report

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ME! me, me, me, me~~~!!

CAN'T WAIT FOR JING ON IY!!!! ^^ I hope she gets lots of airtime~~~!!! I'm glad that she's loved by the staff ^^

Kyaaa~~!!!! Jing, jing, jing!!! I'm pretty sure iy will be subbed.

Hopefully Boom doesn't only focus on his bias Sunny ^^ Shinyoung did a great job taking care of the girls... well kinda ^^...she picked on everyone LOOOL.

IY2 fighting~~~~~~ :gemcheer:

READY TO SCREENCAP<3 btw anyone know where to stream >//<

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i watched the first episode, and i must say i'm looking forward for Jing's growing on variety show, she's been active on this episode and her "tom & jerry" relationship with Boom is fun to watch, go Baby Jing!!

an article on her first appearance

‘Invincible Youth 2′ starts with a dance mission

The 1st mission ever on KBS ‘Invincible Youth 2′ were given to the G8 (Sunny, Hyoyeon, Kang Jiyoung, Suzy, Amber, Bora, Go Woori, and Yewon).

The first episode was broadcasted on the 12th and the 1st mission for the G8 was to be called a good dancer by a fellow G8 member.

The members were not sure of each others’ identity and they were instructed to meet at a certain location. The mission card was given to Suzy, who was the first to arrive. Suzy danced when Amber arrived but Amber could not guess the riddle.


One by one each failed the mission, but Kang Jiyoung was quick to catch on and said, “It’s a mission” and started to take guesses.

Kang Jiyoung said, “You know how to party”, “Dance off in the morning”, and she finally spoke the key phrase “You dance well”, and the girls successfully passed the first mission.

After the mission, the girls caught a bus ride to their new home in a little town by the western sea.

Image: KBS ‘Invincible Youth 2′

Source: TV Report via Nate

credit : kpopfever.com

lol i think Jing use her Running Man experience since that first mission similar with what she went through on Running Man morning mission :lol:

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thanks for the article

woo, first ep over, will watch again when subs are out to fully appreciate the show...

Afterthoughts : I think Jing did great!!! She , imo, technically had the most camera focus when they were split into the red and blue team...., even when she was just laughing in the background the cameraman would film her lol...

She showed her carefree personality with the Step + gag performance at the end...

+ although she didnt manage the multiplication game HAHAHA, she showed her wits as posted in the above article plus at one point of the show, she told her team to stop walking cause they were heading in the wrong direction....

Looking forward to more of her participation in next week ep!!

+ I think I already love all the G8 members, they're that charming :thumbup:

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