[2011.10.21] KARA


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Over 4mil. download for 4 song only, that 's it. Korean Digital Queen in Japan :)

I have only 1 question: why JCL did so "poor" in digital sales (compare to another songs of KARA) while it was the best selling single of KARA so far (in terms of physical)? General public don't like it?

Actually, a lot of people like it. I had seen many Japanese artists parody that song, but maybe because at that time, KARA is in the middle of lawsuit crisis and the Japanese people are showing their disapproval/protest about the matter by refusing to buy the single.

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their fame in japan is not even questionable now, its OBVIOUS

they've won japan's heart! which is definitely a good thing :D

such an achievement im proud of them :wub: a proud kamilia is

a happy kamilia!! ahahaha (now where did that come from lol)

thanks for sharing the news!!!!!!! :lol:

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and now add Winter Magic to the list.. it's climbing on the chart again now that winter is approaching.. Step also did well, it even topped the weekly download chart.. plus Step and Winter Magic were in the top 10 at the same time in ringtone downloads.. so yes, that's 4.35 million and counting.. :) let's just thanks the Japanese fans for all their support for our girls.. :)

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