[2011.11.23] Japanese 2nd Album - Super Girl


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wahhhh... Super Girl already hit platinum! :lol2:

KARA has set another record again in Oricon chart! :thumbup:


J-Kamilia sugoi! Kamilias daebak!!!

congrats KARA!!!!

*crying with joy*

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first column snsd.

second column super girl.

third column girls' talk.

*73,583 73,076 36,185

*48,428 55,486 19,214

*23,542 27,210 13,142

*20,672 30,024 11,836

*27,132 37,357 11,217

*21,841 36,449 4th place

215,198 259,602 ------

231,553 ______ 107,403

Anyone wanna make a last prediction off of 259,602????????????? ^^

I'm predicting.......

275k-280k for the whole week ^^

If they get 300k first week then I'll seriously cut my hair short O____O

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so amazing I can't even believe it, that would shut some people mouth about KARA not being popular. 250K in one week, first korean girl group to do that. I can see the article now, first korean girl group to hit platinum in one week, and get number one for an album. I hoping that this album can hit double platinum in one month. To greed, heck yeah I am. After seeing the result, I being greed. I hoping 100K second week, even that happen it may take a short time to hit double platinum. The girls doesn't need special thing, they just need themselves. Whatever companies KARA go to, I hope that they promoted them right.

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I"m so happy right now! :w00t::thumbup::cheerful::accomplished: I am always so happy for Kara...it's great when you get to experience being truly happy for someone that isn't yourself lol! I was trying to be both pessimistic and optimistic at the same time because I didn't want to build my hopes up, but then I realized that I shouldn't be soo competitive and just think about how much Kara has improved from their first album sales and be grateful that we are even at the point where we can predict they will sell and where they actually SURPASS the expectation of selling 250k in one week!!!

I'm gonna play it safe though and say that they will end the week somewhere around 264k-270k albums sold.

I don't think the bonus will be anything extremely large like 30k

I hope that Kara can keep up the same consistency that they have always had.

and I still want fancier packaging :sweatdrop:...

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To be honest, I would have never imagined that KARA could achieve this

And now that they manage to break 250K sales in the first week...I am speachless

It is so amazing and wonderful that there is no real words to describe my feeling

I am so happy and proud...want to thank everybody and especially Kamilia

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Lol, get off your high horse, to be in Top 10 album yearly chart you need atleast 400-450k sales, KARA has only 2 weeks left to sell 200k album. This 's pretty much impossible

if it's 400-450k, as long as kara remains within the daily 30k-ish range they could do it.

I was assuming that to be in the top 10 you'd need at least 750k.

(i guess I was wrong)

I know usually number 1 is more than a million.

If kara's album continues to sell at the rate we're currently going, we might have a chance....

but i think the numbers are going to fall.

last year number 10 was Kimura Kaela with 469k.

soo roughly around 194k more?

but, that was last year's numbers. I duno about this year's numbers.

But we do know for sure that they will be in the top 50 =)

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