[2011.11.23] Japanese 2nd Album - Super Girl


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I can't even imagine how KARA's sales jumped up like that for Sunday sales! Hahaha!!! Seems like the perfect Christmas gift for a lot of people.

500k is just a day away!

Double Platinum by RIAJ's next round of certifications :thumbup:

What a super way to end 2011!!!

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Yeah I totally think that they would hit double platinum this week, or the first day of the new week. I hoping that the weekly bonus is going to be like 6-7K so they can hit DP. But if they don't, I still happy since they got number 1 again. Never thought that would happen again, but it did. It would be amazing if it was two consective times, but still amazing. I think sells for the first day of this week would be good to, since the girls are were on HEY3. Even they didn't reach 500K, they would now.

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4th Week

12/12(Day 21) : 6,247

13/12(Day 22) : 5,531

14/12(Day 23) : 4,931

15/12(Day 24) : 4,690

16/12(Day 25) : 4,813

17/12(Day 26) : 6,977

18/12(Day 27) : 10,151

Weekly (#1) : 44,260


5th Week

19/12(Day 28) : 4,518

Total : 499,373


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