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Emperor Ryu

Invincible Youth

IY Poll Questionaire.   117 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Season do you like the most?

    • Season 1 (G7).
    • Season 2 (G8).
    • All of them.
    • I haven't been able to decide yet.
    • Neither, because my bias KARA member hasn't become a cast member yet.
  2. 2. Which KARA member do you like most in the show?

    • Hara (G7).
    • Jiyoung (G8).
    • All of them.
    • I don't know.
    • Neither, because I'm bias with another/other KARA member(s).
  3. 3. Which KARA member(s) do you think will do great as a guest on the show?

    • Nicole.
    • Seungyeon.
    • Gyuri.
    • Nicole and Seungyeon.
    • Seungyeon and Gyuri.
    • Gyuri and Nicole.
    • All of them.
    • I'm uncertain at this time.
    • None of them, because I'm bias with Hara and/or Jiyoung.
  4. 4. Which KARA member(s) would you like to see as a cast member for "Invincible Youth Season 3" (That is, if there's going to be a Season 3.)?

    • Nicole.
    • Seungyeon.
    • Gyuri.
    • Nicole and Seungyeon.
    • Seungyeon and Gyuri.
    • Gyuri and Nicole.
    • All of them.
    • I'm not sure, I need to get to know them more.
    • None, because I want Hara and/or Jiyoung to come back.
  5. 5. After Season 2 is over, would you want a Season 3 later on?

    • Absolutely YES!
    • Maybe a Special Show.
    • I don't know, I need time to think about it.
    • Definitely NO!

Please sign in or register to vote in this poll.

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Welcome to the KARA Invincible Youth Thread.

This thread will cover the show, and its members, especially our beloved Jiyoung, and Season 1 member Hara.

A bonus question here, I shall add this, . . .

Would you like a Reunion of Invincible Youth? If so, which Season, or do you want both of them?

My answer will be, "Yes, both of them.", and then suggest, "A competition between the two casts of the seasons."

Here is a full High Definition Preview of

. Enjoy.

Now, how about you???


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My answer will be "Yes, both of them" as well.

Will be very interesting to see the old members of G7 and maybe the old MCs to return for a special episode and have both seasons compete. Lovely :D

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Interesting topic. I like IY season 1 and not yet watch IY season 2

so i can't choose properly before watching, btw I love watching IY 1 cause funny thing :)

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Invincible Youth Season 2 has been announced and scheduled to air its very first episode on November 12, 2011, which is next week.

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I kinda had a hard time answering the poll since IY2 hasn't aired yet. So I still have no point of comparison which I like better between IY1 and IY2 or between Hara and Jiyoung. :rolleyes:

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I totally love Invincible Youth. I watched it originally because of SNSD being there, but Hara was like absolutely dominating the first 10 or so episodes till she settled down, but her antics were so funny, and thats the reason why I started liking Kara. So yesh I love IY :D

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Gyuri should be in these kinds of variety and be a goddess more~

then she'll receive a Variety Goddess Award by the end of the year ^__^ HAHAHA!

i didnt really watch IY1, no matter how much i love Hara the rest on the show is... not working for me TT^TT

but Jing and most of the G8 members are cool with me so im looking forward to IY2 ^__^

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I recently found this new preview for the show here. I hope you like it. Enjoy. :thumbup:

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season 1 was so amazing but it look like season 1 they just made it for snsd. i don't understand why they put 2 members of snsd? they should put 2 member from kara too. it seem the bias snsd than kara more on season 1. i'm glad that after snsd left HARa get more attention eventhough NICOLE is my bias i still want to praise HARA for her variety attitude. she so natural.

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it's a bit early for comparison but got to admit iy1 had made me a huge huge fan of hara.

i dreamed for a kara member in iy2, and since jing got it, i want cole next.

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I saw the first episode and it is awesome! ^_^ I can't wait for the subbed version to come out. :D I wonder if this site is going to video archive this series here? :confused1:

Sunny is good as to be expected, but I was a bit worried for her. Because in several shots, where it almost gave that feeling like she being ignored by the camera crew. I just took it as a sign that she is a veteran and allowing the others to get more screen time, so that it can better establish them in the show. Which is quite a motherly trait in a sense. :wub:

Hyoyeon is so comfortable like her fellow member, Sunny. She is like a part of the village already. She just fits right in here. For some reason, I got this strange feeling she was a bit like Narsha in a couple of scenes. ;)

Amber is good too. This is the first time I'm seeing her in this type of environment, and she represents very well and is effective in establishing good ties with the villagers. :)

Jiyoung nearly reminded me of Victoria, Hyuna, and Yuri a bit in the first episode. I don't know why, but she is very charismatic here. Truly wonderful. Her smile just beams joy everywhere she goes in the village. Though, I do wonder when she will start showing some signs of her fellow member, Hara. Maybe the next installment, she will show a little bit of this side. Lupin-style! :ph34r::jyc3:

As for Suzy, I'm not certain yet. I have to see more of her in the next episode. If I were to compare her to a Season 1 member right now, I'll probably go with Juyeon. :sweatdrop:

Bora is quite good. She puts herself right into the mix and blends in with what's going on. She could be a potential acolyte to Sunny, in this show. But I'll wait to see how things turn out later on. :thumbup:

Woori shocked me the most here. She gave that feeling that she is Hyomin's long lost twin sister of the show, or something like that. I swear, I got that strange feeling on this episode, when I was watching her on a variety show like this. She is so funny. :=)):

Yewon felt like a mixture of Sunhwa and Sori in a sense. She is good too. I look forward to seeing what else she is going to show us. She looks like she is enjoying herself. :)

As for the MCs here, they all fit really well with here. Boom is funny as expected. Ji Hyun Woo is a very good balance between the MCs, and the G8 girls. Lee Soo Geun has that fatherly personality that fits this setting nicely. :thumbup1:

I look forward to seeing the next episode. Yeah! G8! :jogging:

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I recently watched the second episode of this awesome show, and I must say, I like where it is going right now. Here is a detailed review on the first episode. For this, I will be using the spoiler tags for this part of my posting. Afterward, I'll give my first impression on the second episode. Enjoy. :D

At very beginning, the laughter during the bonding phase of the G8 members, felt very comfortable. However, the mission was kind of short, and there was no reward for it. Only Jiyoung, Hyoyeon, and Sunny were the only ones who got the mission correct. But, it was still awkward when there was no prize for them. Yeah, I'm going to call the first scene, "The Awkward Moment". I did enjoy how the interactions amongst the girls, nonetheless. It was very nice of Woori and Yewon to hand out snacks and drinks to the other members. Making friends fast here with those can be a good thing, though, it can have its opposite affects. It was amusing to see those shocked faces on our girls, when Lee Soo Geun surprised them. The whole flip-the-script between him and both Sunny and Hyoyeon was funny. Jiyoung is keeping the jokes alive for the second season. That's good. She is showing a very charming side of herself here. :)

While on the bus ride, everybody paying their respects to Sunny was such a welcomed sight to see. It was sort comical, when Lee Soo Geun asked Sunny's help in making a great series. Woori's sleep attempt reminded me of G7's first night sleep over segment in season one. And with her having the easiest time with the other members speaking was funny too. Amber's Korean name is Yoo Il Woon, a nice name, and Suzy's nickname for her is Wooni was mischievous though. I didn't know Amber had another name, Eunyoung, which sort of surprised me. It's very nice to know she has close friends back home. I'm looking forward to the future nicknames for each of our girls. Which member will have the most nicknames, I wonder? It was quite amusing to only see Amber looking outside, while the Maknaes of the group talked to each other, while everyone else was napping. Woori activated the sleep spell, and only those three were unaffected. But, I think they were all pretending, because I think I saw Yewon opened her eyes for a moment, before closing them again. :whistling:

Hyoyeon, Jiyoung, Yewon, and Amber are on the red team, while Sunny, Woori, Suzy, and Bora are on the blue team. Is it just me, or does the blue team have a bit more advantage than the red team here? I wonder if members are allowed to switch later on? Having Boom as the red leader, and Ji Hyun Woo as the blue leader is a nice balance, though I do wonder if these two will be switching between the two teams from time to time, or possibly making a team of their own with Lee Soo Geun? I think they will lose though. :lol:

For now, we're going to have to keep an eye on the Boom/Suzy thing, for the time being. Hmmm, that does ask the coupling question on Ji Hyun Woo here, . . . which girl is going to try pairing up with him? Woori? Nah, he didn't know who she is at first. Poor Woori. Yewon? He knows Jewelry. Maybe? If After School members make a surprise guest appearance on the show, will he drop whoever he is with, and try to pair up with the AS girl(s)? Hmmm? When he stops playing his guitar, just as Hyoyeon was going to dance in the front, was funny. Poor Hyoyeon. Maybe it's him and Hyoyeon? :wub: I guess we'll find out later on.

Now, when Yewon proposed her seasonal theme, and did the "Shoryuken", I was so happy. At that point I was really split between the two teams, because before I was leaning more on the blue team, but after that, I am so undecided when she did that. The scene when they looked at the painting on their building was so funny. Awww, poor Hyoyeon, again. I wonder what it looks like on the inside. The blue team's theme to do "Gee" is really cute. And the red team to do the "Hadouken/Kamehameha" is so adorable. Argh! I can't decide which team to be on. I know, . . . both always works for me anyways. ke ke ke ke. :thumbup:

I hope to see more of Suzy in the next episode, but her cut out is funny though. Poor Suzy has another scheduled event to attend to now. Awww. Boom is not putting enough back into starting it up, or did Hyoyeon switched off the gas feed? I noticed on Hyoyeon's shirt read, "Math Sucks", which was very amusing, and Jiyoung's complaining was hysterical, nonetheless. :=)):

The blue team's Woori suggesting to go out with them on a seaweed gathering sounds like a good idea. Maybe we will see this in a later episode. Awww, can't use the cultivator anymore for now. When they visited the next house, I was wondering about the other Sistar members back on Hello Baby. Bora with another baby? She is a certified mom already by getting the child to move his arms up and down. Ji Hyun Woo won't make it on Hello Baby with that attempt. Only his mother can make him laugh. So cute. It's too bad that Sunny didn't get to participate in this, when considering she and her fellow SNSD members started the Hello Baby show. Woori is now the official G8 chicken catcher for this series. Putting him in the bag, and taking the model posture was priceless.

When the red team met the grandfather and did that seed self-spitting on face game, I wanted to see how Hyoyeon looked when she did that. But, it was quite hilarious when they realized they were going in the wrong direction.

On the blue team's side, when Sunny got into those clothes again, the good memories from season one came right back to me. Ahhh, Sunny, it's so good to see this side of you again. :thumbup:

Meanwhile, back on the red team, I could swear both Hyoyeon and the husband were able to see the answers right before they sat down on the chair, for each one. Boom finally realized how they were able to get the answers correctly. Ahhh, come on Boom.

The octopus leg eating was mesmerizing. I tried to do some research to determine the "type of octopus" that they were eating in this episode, but I kept getting recipes and other interesting facts on how people in Korea eat them alive, . . . literally. I'll link this video that was uploaded last year on the national geographic website here. Side note on this video, Kendo is a Japanese Martial Art, not Korean. The Japanese occupation during World War II introduced Kendo to Korea. The only time that I'll consider eating them alive, is when I'm really starved.

I wonder if the G8 are going to visit a nearby school in this season, when the blue team coincidentally met the group of students during their treasure hunting. The karaoke segment was very nice, and leaving the Suzy cut out at his place was a hoot. I enjoyed the phone call conversation between the two teams. The phone call of deception attempt never gets old, like ever.

Alright, Amber is the first to do some fresh harvesting. Oh gosh, my mind is thinking back to that episode of "The Walking Dead", where Glenn says, . . . "Hello Farmer's Daughter.", but in this case, I guess we can all say, "Hello Farmer's Daughters.", plural. Both Boom and Amber look great working with kids in that scene. Though, when the blue team becomes the first to arrive at the G8 rendezvous point, Sunny is the best. Ho Yeon and Sunny couple is quite amusing, during the multiplication game. But Yewon was good, she got pass three problems. She must've been starving, and truly thinking about food during the game as a reward, if she beat him. Food tray? :=)): Ji Hyun Woo was alright too, as he got pass two problems, before getting stumped. I guess Ji Hyun Woo and Woori couple here, no? It's too bad that we didn't get to see Lee Soo Geun, Amber, Bora, and Hyoyeon play this game. I know, I know, Hyoyeon's shirt. Anyways, . . . they managed to earn one chicken, a pack of seaweed, a jar full of sesame seeds, a bunch of live octopuses, a mic, a blue team photograph, a box of grapes, and a jar of salt, as their reward. Good job G8!

The last scene where they have their town hall meeting was very memorable. It was filled with heartfelt-good-ol-wholesome-family-fun. The episode montage in the end will always be a wonderful trademark for this show.

This concludes episode one of Invincible Youth 2 for me, until I feel the need to watch it again later on in my life.

Now, . . . for the next installment of this great series, . . .

I'm really enjoying Invincible Youth Season 2 after this one. The second episode was so funny and hilarious. I get the feeling that each episode from here on, is going to get better and better.

It's interesting at how well they all get along here. Lee Soo Geun was acting very surprising at the very beginning of this episode. Ji Hyun Woo was very, very good in the beginning too.

Sunny, Hyoyeon, Amber, and Yewon looked good in the morning. But Suzy, Jiyoung, Woori, and Bora were so cute. And finally yes, we get to see more Suzy in this episode. Thank goodness. And we get to see Rainbow's Jaekyung and Seunga as well.

Hyoyeon got to be in her hip-hop, farmer's daughter, styling element, which is always great to see. Sunny was just channeling that villager feel here. Jiyoung looked so innocent and credulously. But Yewon surprised me when she mixed the urban mentality to rural fashion. It was quite amusing, and a sight to see. Bora got right into the role of being a farmer's daughter instantly, which is awesome. Amber exploding into the scene was simply incredible. I would love to see Amber and Hyoyeon do a dance routine together. They both have the energy and fire. Woori looked like a 90s rapper, and it actually did looked good on her. But the one that made me laugh the most is Suzy.

They all looked good in their fishing gear uniforms. The entire octopus hunting was simply fantastic! Daebak!!!

Later on, I'll give a more detailed impression that I got from this episode, when it has finally been completely subbed. I will remind everybody also that the uploaded second episode is labeled "cut", meaning there were some scenes that were edited out in this upload. When you compare to the sixty-seven minute and fifty-one second video to that one, it is quite short. It totaled forty-four minutes and fifty seconds only. Big difference, plus I even noticed that the streamed episode was much longer than that, and some memorable scenes was missing in this uploaded cut version.

In any case, I hope someone uploads the full episode soon, and a subbing team who will "completely" translate this episode too. I'm still currently waiting for episode 1 to be fully translated as well.

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i think it's too early to compare IY1 and IY2.. i watched IY1 only because of hara.. the only episodes i skipped are those without her on the show.. i tried watching it, but i just can't finish the whole episode.. it's so boring for me without her.. as for season 2, so far so good for jing.. she did well in the first episode.. and she dominated the 2nd episode.. i hope she continue like that.. :) nicole went to yuchi-ri during IY1 and so did jing when they are harvesting.. it will be great if anyone of her unnies can visit jing this time.. if they can all visit, then it will be great.. but i'm afraid, if five of them will be together, knowing their variety show skills, they will turn IY2 into their own show.. lol as for season 3, again, it's too early.. let's enjoy watching jing first on season 2 :)

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Here is my detailed look back on episode 2, . . . and yes, it's going to be in spoiler tags again. For those of you who have watched it, please click on the button. For those who have not, . . . please watch the second episode first. Enjoy, . . .

I was rather puzzled when I saw a guy throwing a hissy-fit right at the start of the episode. I did wonder, "Who was he arguing with?", . . . "To himself?" When Boom, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Jiyoung, and Yewon arrived, their expressions looked a bit funny. The only member who didn't have a mouth open, was Sunny. When he charged at them, several things ran through my mind. First, . . . there's three of those four-wheeled motorbikes. I wonder if there is more, so all of our G8 girls can ride around in. That would be cool. Second, . . . what happened to the other members? And lastly, . . . who is that guy? Fine, I guess we're going backwards on answering questions in this episode. Although, I don't think my first inquiry is going to get answered. If you're late, Lee Soo Geun is going to go mental on set. I suppose the members and team leaders are going to be arriving late from now on. Kidding.

When Ji Hyun Woo visited Suzy and started playing his guitar, I was like, right on. That's awesome. I do have to say, his singing in English is not that bad. I agree that Suzy is cute in the morning. Now Boom's turn to visit Jiyoung was funny. First, it was Hara's foot, not it's Jiyoung's. Kara is starting to turn themselves into Hobbits these days. Boom putting on the mask and waking her up was silly. But in a way, that mask actually sort of fits his outfit. If Boom ever gets Jiyoung upset, that foot of her's is going to places. That was very bold of him to ask for food.

Now, Ji Hyun Woo visiting the Rainbow household was a surprise. Because we got to see Jaekyung noshing on a banana. Then we get to see Seunga wake up, before Woori. Three Rainbow members in a single visit. Good job Ji Hyun Woo. :thumbup: Seunga waking up was funny. Woori looks cute in the morning. The last member is Bora. I like this particular morning scene, because he switched the lyrics to Sistar19's "Ma Boy" to "Ma Girl". Very good improvisation here. Bora looks so cute in the morning too. Overall, Ji Hyun Woo is the best wake up caller.

The next scene with the village fashion show is awesome. Hyoyeon came on with some hype, in that get up. It looked cool on her. When Sunny came on, it appears that she is the daughter-in-law of this village now. Jiyoung looked like she is an adopted child of the village. Yewon's fashion innovation to mix urban mentality to rural clothing was interesting. I think the population of the village increased by one more, because Bora gave that comfortable feeling that she was definitely part of that community. But when Amber showed up, things got interesting. I like the vibe between Hyoyeon and Amber here, and made we want to see a Hyoyeon/Amber dance off. Woori came on looking like the closest 90s fashion feel. Simply incredible. Suzy is one of the best, when she came on. She looked like the "alive" version of Sadako from the Japanese horror movie. :=)):

My choices here were Hyoyeon, Sunny, Bora, Amber, and Woori, based on presentation, and effectiveness to match the basic farming duties. The reasons why I didn't pick Jiyoung was the ear muffs blocking one of the most important senses of the human body, the ears. I didn't agree with Yewon decision to raise a leg, because you need adequate protection when farming, and we don't want Yewon to damage that cute leg of hers. As for Suzy, that outfit reminded me of a one piece sleep-wear used by women backed in the 19th century. Cute and very impressionable presentation, but it didn't fit with farming that well, because that is way too loose, and it could get caught into something, and be ripped apart. Well, at least we agree on Sunny.

Ahhh, yes, the great octopus hunt. Jiyoung is following in Hara's foot steps. Awesome! All she has to do to surpass her, is to pass that operators exam. Now, first lesson in torching, well, in this case navigating in mud, . . . learning how to walk on it. Balance is a key, but more importantly, having a good footing where you are walking to and from. I guess they are just going to have to learn it the hard way, but at least it looks fun. I think Suzy jinxed G8 about being "dirty", in this episode.

The race scene was good. The Nintendo select tone is a sweet touch here. Yes, now Amber has bragging rights to justify the sticking out her tongue to everybody. I was so surprised to see Amber take the lead. Even with Jiyoung with a slight head start, Amber still owned it. I was like, . . . "Bora? What happened to you?" I give lots of props to the entire staff and crew to film on a mud flat. That is not easy to do.

I was so wide eyed when I saw Sunny backing away from a shrimp. "What happened to the Sunny who wasn't afraid of insects?" As expected of Hyoyeon, Sunny's bodyguard, who just picks it up like a toy. I do have to disagree with the village chief here. That doesn't look like a crawfish/crayfish at all. It looks like a Mantis Shrimp. It doesn't look like a Blue Mud Shrimp.

I guess they do switch members between the teams. Blue team has Woori, Bora, Amber, and Suzy, while the red team has Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yewon, and Jiyoung. I think this a pretty good balance between the girls.

Suzy is the first to catch one. Now, let's see who is the official octopus catcher here. Yes, mud will be flying around in this episode. Jiyoung's whining was too cute when that happened. Plus, her screaming of excitement is so funny too. Woori trying to steal from Jiyoung was funny too. Come on, it's not easy trying to steal from a thief. Hyoyeon only got a snack, oops, I mean a leg. Oh, another snack, I mean, a leg again. Wow, that is a big one. Okay, I didn't know it was a part of their custom to marry. Interesting. So far, only Suzy, Bora, Jiyoung, and Hyoyeon are eligible for marriage in this village. Who else is able to marry amongst the G8 members?

Okay, I'm giving Jiyoung the nickname "Jiy-Feet" now. Because her feet is not covered by her bed sheets when she sleeps, and she continues to fall down the most often, in the mud. Finally, Suzy gets to taste octopus. As expected of Hyoyeon and Amber to eat them as well. All three of them got to digest a piece of the mud flat. So brave of them. I hope they don't get stomachaches. Stay well G8! I was laughing so much when Amber and Suzy started to mud each other's faces. Now Jiyoung gets snack, ah, I mean a leg and a bit of mud art on the face too. Yes, Suzy, there are worms in mud flats. Since I couldn't see it properly, I won't be able to find out which specific type it was. Jiyoung with a half mud-mustache. Sorry, but I giggled a bit.

Suzy falling back onto the mud from seeing the fish right in front of her face was priceless. It took me awhile to figure out the type of fish they were using as bait. I managed to narrow it down to the Yellowfin Goby. As for octopus counting, we only saw ten caught between the two teams (four for blue team, six for the red team), thus far into the episode. Blue team got ten, and thirteen for the red team, already. Okay, I'm going to stop counting octopuses now. And we won't know who is the official octopus hunter either.

The Goby Race was marvelous. And I agree with Bora, Amber and Ji Hyun Woo look alike. They both have plaid shirts. Perhaps these two might make a good coupling? There's that fish again.

Sunny versus Amber, . . . falling down is a requirement here, and restraining and tackling is the game, not so much about the fish. Sunny does not disappoint at all here. Oh my goodness, Amber got some mud in her mouth. Poor Amber. At least she can justify again, her tongue taunting, in this match.

Jiyoung versus Suzy, . . . Woori's words of encouragement is funny. Jiyoung is smart to grab onto Suzy. Then, Suzy does the same to Jiyoung. Things are looking very good at this point. Ah, I wanted to see a mud wrestling match here. Jiyoung won. Suzy the spoil-sport is funny. Now Woori is going to punish Suzy later. That should be interesting.

Hyoyeon versus Bora, . . . that is a tough decision. After watching both the Idol Athletic Competition, and Dream Team, I was very interested who would win. Well, that settles it, Bora won. Poor Hyoyeon got Bora mud on her face. Whining Hyoyeon is cute. :crybaby:

There's that fish, yet again.

Yewon versus Woori, . . . the taunting between them is so funny. Oh, Seo In Young would go after Woori. There's her "Shoryuken". I'm happy. Wow, Woori just goes for Yewon from the start. Nice. Yewon won. There's her "Shoryuken" again. I'm so happy again.

Yup, it's a tie. Team leaders must duel for the fish.

Boom versus Ji Hyun Woo, . . . that's it, nickname for Woori is now, "Taunting-Woori" Because she likes to push that "start-something-button". Hyoyeon is touching Ji Hyun Woo's face. Awww. Ji Hyun Woo, make up your mind already. That was a pretty good race. Ji Hyun Woo is good with the defensive knockdown and fish grab for the win. Oh, Boom is going to get scoldings by his G8 sister, Jiyoung. That should be interesting too.

Blue Team wins. Now, onwards to more octopus, . . . see, I knew that race wasn't about the fish. Red team now has live bait to use too.

Jiyoung and her joke with a crab. I think the crab is saying in there, "Silly Jiyoung, tricks are for kids." Sunny is cute when she is supporting the octopus. Amber checking her mud face and saying it's "sexy", is just too perfect. That was so priceless when Bora asked Suzy, "Is that your hand?", and Suzy replies, "That's my hand." I was laughing hard. :lol2: I wonder how many shrimp encounters did they get during this excursion? It's about time some competitive rivalry happens now.

Sunny versus Woori, . . . Amber comes in for the assist, but Sunny stays in there. Hyoyeon goes after Woori with a fish head attack to the face. But Amber manages to pull Sunny away from the prize, and Woori gets it. Oh, . . . Hyoyeon with the steal, but Woori holds onto it with her life. Sunny gets loose from Amber and tries to pry away the prize from Woori. Amber gets right back in there and tries to help Woori. Eight pairs of hands and a single octopus, . . . whoa, . . . what a coincidence. Sunny is blocked, and goes for the revenge on Amber. Wow, what a pile of Idol bodies. Amber is stuck between her teammate and Sunny, with Hyoyeon trying to get the cephalopod mollusk, a.k.a. lunch. Now the pile shifts onto Hyoyeon. The Idol pile lifts up, and Woori gets the win. Sunny hops away with a snack, I mean a consolation prize. I'm impressed the octopus survived all of that. Well, not for long in this region of the world.

I think we're all winners here, when Sunny becomes "Whiny Sunny". :crybaby::=)): She must be channeling Hyuna here from season one. I had to repeat that scene another couple of times, because it was so cute. Oh, a new nickname for Amber, . . . "T-Eunyoung". Now Woori and Amber go to the rising tide to play for a bit, and celebrate their teamwork. I guess not. Woori in a headlock. Back to work. Poor Suzy, it has been too long since you caught your last octopus. Amber and Yewon find another shrimp.

Oh, rematch between Sunny and Woori. Woori trying to steal another octopus from them, but Sunny is protecting Jiyoung. Sunny tries to remove her boot, and Woori counters with muddy hand attack. Sunny now tackles Woori on the ground. Then goes for the kill, and applies a mud beard. Woori calls for Amber, but she is engrossed in mud trying to catch an octopus. Jiyoung, who is unable to locate the next octopus, joins in on the fray, and drops a mud bomb on a now decimated Woori, as Hyoyeon watches in amazement.

Meanwhile, Suzy is not the only one who hasn't caught an octopus recently. Poor Bora. I take that back, poor Lee Soo Geun. The day is done. Looking back a bit, Suzy, Jiyoung, and Woori fell down four times each, while Boom manages to get three falls, followed by Sunny and Amber with two apiece, rounding it off with Hyoyeon with one. Bora is the only one without a fall, or the cameras weren't rolling on her if she did. Another round of memorable pictures for this episode. I enjoyed another incredible episode of Invincible Youth 2. Good job G8!

I look forward to the next episode. :jogging:

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It's not fair giving us the option of all of them because I will choose that all the time :blushing: I love ALLLLL of them

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It's not fair giving us the option of all of them because I will choose that all the time :blushing: I love ALLLLL of them

Will be pretty nice to see all of them appear as guests in an episode or two, like what some groups did in Season 1. I hope it happens haha.

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I just watched ep3 with eng sub. I love it when Jiyoung became the MC. She just speaks so naturally and makes the show looks more organized than ever (for IY2 of course)

I know I am Kara biased(what to do I am indeed a Kamilia, hehe) Jiyoung is the best on the show and I absolutely love the interactions between her and boom. They totally look like brother and sister. Go JigooBoom!

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I hope it's as good as the first season, that being said I'm enjoying it so far. :)

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And yet, another fun filled episode of tangible laughs, innuendo, hard work, public relations, and of course our beloved G8 cast members creating more memorable moments in their very long roads of friendships. Here is a detailed review on my part in spoiler tags, . . . if you have already watched episode 3, please feel free to click on the button, . . . if not, please watch it, before clicking on the button. Enjoy, . . . ^_^

Okay, we finally find out that the blue team won the Great Octopus Hunt. The red team must sell the combined catch. I figured someone on the team was going to set the price tag so high. Four thousand won sounds reasonable. These sells transactions is going to be entertaining to watch. Sunny wastes no time being accidentally cute with that megaphone test. Even without it, she can be project her voice. Okay, now she pressed the on button. Sunny's charm is in affect mode now, but Yewon steps in to point out Sunny's professor speech, before announcing the market offer on their catches. Jiyoung adds the gentle touch for customer service.

Wow! Ten in one. Sweet. Forty thousand won, tax free I might add. Boom is really getting into it. Good job, red leader. Whoa, okay, I didn't expect to hear that "$9.99" sells pitch over there. What's next, . . . ninety-nine cent deals? Okay, I spoke too soon on that. Five in one sell. Twenty thousand won, tax free. What great deals our red team is offering to the community. Family discounts! Awesome! Three in one for ten thousand won, tax free. Two in one for eight thousand won, tax free. The customers don't hesitate to ask for autographs. Customer service rating is an "A+", too bad the supply is super short in such high demand. Ahhh, the Seller's dream in economics, before the bubble burst in stocks and trading.

Ah, Hyoyeon is the main cashier. Sweet. Within five minutes, . . . impressive. Having both the red team and the crowd do the "Shoryuken-Invincible Youth 2 Shout Out", . . . priceless. Thirty for ninety-one thousand won out of a possible net worth of one hundred twenty thousand won. Twenty-nine thousand won was discounted. There might of been some smaller octopuses in their stock that went for much less than four thousand won. Ah, to do good business feels great. Oh wait a minute, Jiyoung is in this group, could have there been a cash swipe? Hmmm, . . . it does make one wonder, doesn't it? Okay, once again, I spoke too soon. The whole team is in on it. But there is that chance though. Mmm, . . . thirty octopuses for three thousand won comes out to ninety thousand won, the difference between the two sums is one thousand won. Take that one thousand to the twenty-nine discounted, comes to an even thirty thousand won to spend on snacks. Wow, if that bag equals to fifteen thousand won, that's not bad of a deal. I keep wondering what the tax rates are like over there, at this point.


When they arrive at the open kitchen, it instantly reminded me of the garden shack in Season One. Ah, the memories. I guess he put away his childhood aside a long time ago, or did he? Yup, there's the child side of him as he begins to assign kitchen duties to the red team. Awww, poor Jiyoung. At least she is going to learn just how easy cooking rice can be. Awww, poor Yewon. At least she is going to learn how important it is to eat good delicious food from clean plates and eating utensils, unless they go for the good old wooden chopsticks, then it's just the plates. Sunny pulling Yewon back is funny.

Sunny's task was predestined to be done in a form of a market grinded garlic purchased container product. The hallelujah cue is a classic touch to match Sunny's expression. Nice. The way Sunny chooses the radish is simply cute. Jiyoung looked cute carrying that bag of rice. Boom and Lee Jaebok look like father and son. Oh yeah, he totally has a kid side to him when he addresses Sunny and Hyoyeon kindly, and apathetically towards the other red team members. Boom is trying to get out of this predicament with Jaebok. Poor Jiyoung too. Both of them are getting equally scolded. But I think that rice pot can at least cook sixteen to twenty cups of rice from the looks of it. Ten cups should at least take a good twenty-five to thirty minutes of washing and rinsing.

Meanwhile, the blue team wants to make something special for Jiyoung. Suzy and Jiyoung are good friends. Mochi rice cakes. Sweet idea. Not my favorite to eat, but okay to my taste buds. Suzy is the Cinderella in this group, while Jiyoung and Yewon are the same in the other. Awww, poor Suzy. Ah, Ji Hyun Woo helps out Suzy now. Oh, coupling off camera, while Amber gives us a little taste of her lyrical style. Yeah, food is preoccupying her thoughts right now. Oh, I didn't expect her to give a one liner. That's cool. My goodness, I'm starting to think both Suzy and Bora look like sisters in this scene. I wonder if Suzy was comparing the portions of mochi rice to the red beans, hence her overuse of the beans in her cakes. Lee Soo Geun is funny.


First Jaebok pays attention to Jiyoung, then starts paying attention to Boom instead. Awww, poor Jiyoung. His wrath has no bounds, oh wait a minute, that sly little sneak. He just wanted to be in between Sunny and Hyoyeon. Jiyoung is starting to play favorites with Jaebok. But challenges Kara to versus So Nyeo Shi Dae. Come to think of it, recently there was an announcement about both Kara and Girls' Generation participating in the Kohaku Uta Gassen, in Japan, and both are going to be on the Red Team this coming New Years Eve. Sunny's happy expression is just pricelessly cute. Boom is funny trying to attempt to become the superior in this group. Okay, I don't know which type of "Rice Water" Yewon is referring to, the one that is pre-boiled in the pot, or the drink. If you ask me, don't use the pre-boiled, because there might be a chance that dead weevils are floating in it. Hence, I wash my rice till there is nothing but crystal clear water and the rice, before cooking it. Sunny is so funny. Good one Yewon. Awww, poor Boom, scolded again. Oh my goodness gracious, I can't decide whether Sunny is the spoiled one in the group, or the child born with the silver spoon in the mouth. Jiyoung's "humph" is classic. :thumbup:

The blue team arrives at the open kitchen, but immediate crashes onto the deck, to sleep. Oh my, poor Jiyoung. I think she wins the best Cinderella Contest in this episode. Even though she complains a whole lot more than the actual character. Both Hyoyeon and Sunny are automatically protected. There goes Sunny's cuteness again. Lee Soo Geun comes into the fray. Nice. Boom is Jaebok's whipping boy. Oh boy, now they are all caught red handed with the money scandal. Hyoyeon looked cute with her worried expression. I laughed too much when most of the red team did the "Invincible Youth Shoryuken", plus Hyoyeon's lollipop offering to forget about the money. And it worked, because this is the first time he is eat candy. Wow. I'm speechless on that part. There goes Sunny and her aegyo, while Hyoyeon's aegyo is aggressively direct. Yes, the red team's "Invincible Youth Shoryuken". Jiyoung's nickname is going to be "Jiyoungerella", now.

Ah, the food is ready to eat. Jiyoung's first batch of cooked rice. Awww, that is special yummy rice. *mouth-waters* Oh my, Sunny's and Boom's food tasting reaction brought back memories when I tasted something similar to more water than what it's suppose to be before. I can feel that through the video. More salt for the stew, please. Suzy's blankness look is cute. I can just picture a quote bubble coming from Hyoyeon stating, "Please remember my name next time.", while feeding him some cooked octopus. Lee Kyuha joins in on the fun. Jiyoung's rice passes Jaebok's taste test. Bora feeds Kyuha. Ah, Kyuha agrees with Sunny and Boom, and more salt. Learning more Hangul with Eunyoung. Amber feed Woori.

Now for the "Giant Maknaes' Daeboodo Talk Show", your hostesses, Suzy and Jiyoung. Bora and Woori mentioning of the exceedingly exaggerations of talking too quickly by the MCs, when they are no different, is quite funny. Especially when the subtitles starting rolling in from right to left like a wave. One of the G8 members is envious of Suzy. Lee Soo Geun is hilarious when he failed. Why did he pick Eunyoung? Ji Hyun Woo too? It's Sunny. She is first. Boom is becoming jealous of Jiyoung's MC skills. I wonder what Yoo Jaeseok has to say about Jiyoung's MCing. It took me awhile to finally noticed on Lee Soo Geun's pants, there's the Playboy insignia U.S. flag-style on it. Laugh when the MCs' laugh is classic. (Please bare with me here, I'm jumping around as they unfold this scene, so I recommend carefully watching this segment while reading this part, in order to avoid getting lost.)

Sunny - Sunny notices Suzy's charms off stage. Suzy keeps a shy appeal. Jiyoung just thinks she is cool. Ji Hyun Woo feels Suzy doesn't need make up at all, especially in the morning. Boom becomes instantly jealous. Are these two competing for Suzy's coupling hand? Lee Soo Geun is witty in his strategy. Ji Hyun Woo thinks Suzy has a mature face. But Woori immediately points out that she is young anyways. Sunny can continue to do aegyos to the point of insanity? Wow. Yewon loses it. Sunny is so cute.

Amber - "Ppoing ppoing" is so stylish. I wonder if Krystal is going to try that version. Learning the Hangul dialects with Eunyoung. It is safe to say that everyone who're unfamiliar with Hangul, and watching this show, is learning the language right along with Amber. Whenever she doesn't know, the hip-hop "Ppoing Ppoing" will come out. Lee Sunkyun as a guest. I have no idea who that is. Eunyoung's "ppoing ppoing" for "forehead" in Hangul. In Chinese now? Small face and large body?

Bora - Her running is aegyo indeed. I look forward to the next Idol Championship Games. Oh, a new nickname has arrived, "Bosain Bolt". How could Lee Soo Geun mistakingly think Ji Hyun Woo is seeing Song Joong Ki??? That don't make sense, after the last episode. And for us Hello Baby fans knows this to be, oh so true. Bora is going to use Ji Hyun Woo to get to Song Joong Ki. Boom thinks Lee Soo Geun sort of looks like him. That came right out of left field. Another nickname, but this one goes to Lee Soo Geun as "Soo Jeunggi" (Vapor). A chance meeting with her ideal type through Ji Hyun Woo and Sunny. She is so happy. Ji Hyun Woo has a dance for the ladies. Short height while sitting down?

Woori - Marriage. But Rainbow did pretty good in Japan. How could that be considered as unsuccessful??? Jiyoung has a point, but isn't that common too over there already? Woori and Hyoyeon want to get married already and still perform. That is so totally possible. Inside jokes between the guys. Woori likes the baby hair around the forehead. She has none right now.

Hyoyeon - George Clooney? :blink: But he got a girlfriend already. WWE Diva Stacy Keibler. Cat fight in the WWE ring??? Yewon suggests a no secret dating rule within the G8 members, and Hyoyeon quickly shoots it down, but leaves her vulnerable, thought briefly. Boom changes the subject immediately. Hyoyeon is quite bashful in this scene. I think Hyoyeon has cute aegyos. Ticklish heart? I've been looking around for things related to this medical phrase, and came across a couple of leads that could give off this feeling around the heart. Someone mentioned "atrial flutters", but Hyoyeon describes this only when she attempts to do an aegyo during her performances. Another mentioned something more plausible, the sensations Hyoyeon is having can be attributed to the awakening of nerve endings that has been rarely used in that particular area. Since she has been quite comfortable in the masculine side in acting more Tomboyish than the feminine Girly-Girl, it would be a coincidence that this could be the case. For example, a boy and girl meet and fall in love with each other, and both say to one another, "You complete me.", because now they are using other nerve endings in their bodies that they haven't ever used before. So, either way, or both, Hyoyeon is the sole benefactor, by default.

Suzy - Kang Dongwon as a guest. No, I don't know who that is. Ah, everybody notices her forehead. Hyoyeon suggests lower her eyebrows to make it larger. Oh my, she looks way older now. I didn't know she had the same thing like Yewon. That surprised me. Nevertheless, she has great looking teeth too.

Jiyoung - Brad Pitt??? :blink: He's married to Angelina Jolie, and has six children with her. Jiyoung versus Angelina Jolie??? Her teeth are too small? Wow, Jiyoung had that many worries. Yeah, I agree Hara set the bar really high for her. But I agree with everybody that she is doing quite an amazing job thus far in this season. Sunny gives a note-worthy praise to Jiyoung, and I'm sure Hara understands this very much.

Yewon - Laminate? Ji Hyun Woo doesn't want kissing scenes no more. Yewon, Bora, and Woori strongly object. Wow, Ji Hyun Woo gets around. Yewon wants a piece of the action. Boom with a lower nose looks funny. Yewon has very good looking teeth. I agree with Suzy, she should show it. And by acknowledging that she got it laminate, makes it more understandable in her line of work.

Ah, the talk show ends. But Hyoyeon is witty to make that remark to keep things interesting for future episodes. Good job there. Woori and Bora walk off-set to get some changes to their mics, or did they get something else? Yup, Jiyoung's college exam gifts. So they made those mochi rice cakes for two hours long. Awww, there's no translations for Jiyoung's gift rolling paper. If there's a Korean language class that is using Invincible Youth 2 as a learning curve, I think the professor will give extra credit to those who can successfully translate that one piece of gift rolling paper. Ah, the memorable ending montage.

I really enjoyed this third episode of Invincible Youth Season Two. I am very much looking forward to the next installment later on, at the end of this week. :jogging:

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for ur information..

KBS World will be airing IY2 this fri (2 Dec) at 11.10pm (KST) if i'm not mistaken..

Edited by red4summer
2nd telecast on sun 1350hrs kst

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I really like how things are developing for our G8 members. Episode four has our girls taking a nice boat trip to become more familiar, if not hungry, for some seafood, and other aquatic life forms. Here is a brief look into this fun filled episode, before the subbed version becomes available.


It appears Suzy is not present for this episode. At first, I thought Bora wasn't in the episode, because I was thinking about the time frame that they were filming this show, which was running parallel with Hello Baby Season Four. So, somewhat like episode one, Suzy is busy with another project. Although it does ask the question, . . . "Shouldn't they have another spare cardboard cut out of her for this episode too?" In my opinion, decorating a boat with a picture of Suzy does present a charming idea and look. :ph34r: I hope Suzy is doing well, and will be back for the next episode. ^_^

The Red Team has Miami music on their boat, but the Blue Team doesn't. In general, both teams are using nets to fish out seafood, and discover other interesting local oceanic creatures. Yewon and Woori look adorable in the scenic shots. It is funny how the G8 members react to their catches. All them take part in pulling in the already laid nets, and some interesting close encounters happen for some of the girls too. Even Bora starts to mimic Jiyoung a bit here. When the two teams come together, a game is played to determine who gets the freshly made fish on the dish. The members go through some facts about their catches. Boom continues to be funny. It is quite amusing to see how the members do well in this game, especially when one of the teams ends up losing the match. Ji Hyun Woo shares more of his talents here. Blue Team makes some food on-board, while learning how to clean and cut their catches, and Red Team continues to reel in more nets. Amber looks very involved and fits well into the atmosphere on the boat. Later on, Blue Team continues to bring in more catches as well. Our G8 members get to experience boating life, play another game, and takes the time to clean and take the combined catches to the market for inspection and selling.

The next segment covers the G8 conference, planning, and development committee meeting, back at their residency. Sunny shares her experiences, while Hyoyeon displays some of her witty charms and talents, like in Hello Baby Season One. This entire scene is a must watch. Especially when we get to see the girls go wild over who they want to invite as guests to the show. Both Jaebok and Lee Soo Geun show more of their brotherly sides here as well. They are so funny these guys. Another fun game is played here too, and the members become even more animated and expressive. In the preview for the next episode, the G8 members take a trip to where this show all started, back in 2009, in a pleasant village town we all came to know. :jogging:

I had lots of fun watching this episode, and I look forward to the subbed version to be uploaded soon. Later on, I shall be posting up a more detailed review of mine, on this joyous adventure of a episode for Invincible Youth Season Two. :thumbup:

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many people in the other forum maybe hate IY2 because Jiyoung's airtime <_<

but i'm enjoying so far, especially ep 2 :thumbup:

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I enjoy reading your afterthoughts :D

Keep them coming :thumbup:

Thank you. I am very glad that you like them. Here is more, . . .

I like the adventure, the hard work, and bonding our G8 members get to do in this episode. It looks so fun, leaving more memorable moments to cherish in this season. Here is a detailed look into my impressions for this episode, . . . yes, in spoiler tags, . . . again. Please watch the episode before clicking on the button, or you could watch the episode while following my reviews, step by step. If you haven't watched any episode of this incredibly fun series, please, watch them all. Enjoy, . . . ^_^

It is unfortunate that Suzy is not present for this adventurous episode. I hope Suzy is not the sea sick type, . . . I think there's a pill for that. Does Suzy knows how to swim? I hope so too. Yeah, I was thinking about the B.O.B., "Bikini on Beach" scenario for our G8 girls, but anyways, it's all about fishing in this seasonal chapter.

And Eunyoung wastes no time in learning a new Hangul lesson with a very straight forward "Ppung Ppung/Bbung Bbung" three times. The romanization for this colloquialism is confusing sometimes. For myself, I'm going to settle this by distinguishing the two on a gender basis, . . . "Pp" for males, and "Bb" for females. I'm starting to get the urge to watch that High Kick 3 scene again. I still think Krystal looks way more cute doing that, than the other cast members, because there's more emphasis in the sarcasm, when she does it. We get to learn more Hangul vocabulary, thanks to our Amber. We are introduced to Lee Gyunam. I'm assuming he is the one in charge of the fishing fleet for the village.

Watching the girls putting on life/safety vests on, sort of reminded me of the scene from the movie, "Memphis Belle", where Sean Astin's character complained about putting on his safety belt. in the ball turret. When Bora shouts that Jiyoung is too fat and seeing which part of the vest she's having trouble connecting, I can understand why Jiyoung is smiling and not offended. Again, Amber shows her charming tight capabilities, while Jaebok takes good care of Sunny's vest. Forty minutes out to sea to get Bora seasick? Lee Soo Geun is funny. So begins the King Crab Contest of Invincible Youth Season Two.

Blue Team = Amber, Bora, Jiyoung, Lee Soo Geun, and Blue Leader Ji Hyun Woo.

Red Team = Sunny, Hyoyeon, Woori, Yewon, and Red Leader Boom.

Amber and Bora wants to rock the boat. It is a bit interesting that the Blue Team takes the "red boat", while the Red Team commandeers the "blue boat". As expected from Jaebok to cheer on Sunny, but what about the rest? Lee Soo Geun is funny. Now Boom plays with the mic on their "blue" boat, then turns into a human beat box for Sunny and Hyoyeon to sway to. Red Team set sails first, followed by the Blue Team, not long after.

When the blue boat started played LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem", I was totally taken by surprised. Seeing Boom and Hyoyeon doing the shufflin' dance, and Sunny grooving to the beat, is fun to see. Yewon should've jumped right into it the music. And I guess Woori is the DJ, because I didn't see her when the music started to play. Bless the internet for connecting our world even more. Sunny and Hyoyeon continue to enjoy the music, while Woori sleeps on Yewon's shoulder as she enjoys the endless horizons of the ocean.

Meanwhile, on the "red" boat, Blue Team member Lee Soo Geun makes another funny joke with boat on water physics. Jiyoung just captures that seafaring feel with a single inhale and exhale an "Haaa." Perfect. I guess nobody didn't bring a compatible portable player with them on this boat ride. I wonder if that song Jiyoung was singing was referring to fresh water fishing. When the "red" boat comes along side the "blue" boat, seeing Jiyoung and Amber hearing the same music playing and start doing the shuffle dance, because they were jealous, was funny. Bora is funny too, when she tried to yell at the other team and almost lost her balance on a moving boat. Finally the entire Red Team dancing on their boat is good to see. I sort of found it even a bit more hilarious when Bora and Jiyoung tried to rationalize the circumstances between work and dancing. Oh the irony. But what caught my sights is Amber playing with a ukulele. Cool. :thumbup:

Forty minutes pass, and the Red Team begins reeling in nets. Sunny is first to pulling the net. Woori are cheering her on, while they just watch. Their first catch is a halibut. Now all of them pull in the net. A starfish, a conch, and their first crab. Oh, a dead crab. Although, I don't know which type of mollusca is devouring the crab. They finally catch a live crab. I have to disagree with them claiming it to be a "west coast crab", especially when there are a bunch of them classified as such around the world, and all of those do not match what we are all seeing in this episode. It took me some time to actually locate the type of crabs that they are reeling in the nets. These are called "flower crabs", but better known as part of the "blue crab" family, here. I didn't know they cut part of their claws off. I assumed they just put rubber bands on them too over there. Interesting. Hyoyeon apologizes to the crab, even though it is most likely going to be eaten later on.

I found it completely awesome to see Sunny's "Hadouken/Kamehameha" right after. Daebak! Of course I like the other members' close up takes, and I look forward to see the rest of the members too.

As for the Blue Team, they catch their first crab immediately. Bora and Amber are funny with the crab. Two more are caught, and Jiyoung cuts off a complete claw, and starts panicking. Funny. Wow, more and more crabs are being pulled in. I agree that crabs do eat mollusca too, here. Both Amber and Bora are doing so well right now. Ah, their first dead crab being devoured by a carnivorous mollusca in a conch. Jiyoung is funny by suggesting to eat a dead crab. She must be hungry. Lee Soo Geun must be hungry too, because he is asking about which species are they there to catch.

Back at the "blue" boat, the Red Team catches a ray. It took me quite a while to find this type of Batoidea. Apparently, there are quite a few variants that hang around the Korean Peninsula, but managed to zero in on the general family type, which is the Rajidae. It also appears that there is a common, if not, local going by the name "Hongeo koreana". I know it is not much, so I found these two that look the closest to what we're seeing in this episode, here and here. And there could be more even here. Woori is having fun showing its face to the rest of the G8 members. Sunny is seeing starfishes in their nets. Another skate is caught, and it's Yewon's turn. Oh my, there must be lots of carnivorous molluscas in conchs taking out crabs caught in the nets. Boom is funny trying to do child compressions and blowing at it. Silly Boom, poisons kill, if not rendered totally immobilize, living beings. The crab is a goner. Give it up. It was quite funny seeing the "Time of Death" of the crab. A caught crab's mortuary is the kitchen, funeral services is conducted by the State's trash collector's schedule, and the burial grounds of the final resting place of the caught crabs is the assigned landfills. Wow, looks like the biggest crab caught so far. Oh my, Hyoyeon got finger pinched by the crab. I hope her pointing finger isn't bleeding. Ah, another skate is caught, and Yewon is tasked to get it. Woori makes a joke about laminate treatment on the ray. Okay, now that crab looks like the largest one so far. Another halibut in the net. Nice. Ah, Red Team is organized. Sunny and Hyoyeon get the crabs, Woori gets the conchs, and Yewon gets the skates, while Boom is the main net reeler. Good team work here. $50 per kilogram in Korea. Nice. Woori wants to sell it for herself, while Sunny is trying to stuff it underneath her vest. So funny. Woori likes to eat cooked molluscas with or without the conchs.

Returning to the "red" boat, the Blue Team gets excited by another caught skate, a crab, and more starfishes. Bora puts a starfish on top of her head, and Jiyoung plays with it for a bit. Funny. Wow, more skates are caught in the nets. Bora starts acting like Jiyoung by panicking in the same high pitched tones of screams, then starts imitations of the ray's animate mouth. So funny. These two are having fun playing with it. Now they finally caught their first halibut. That's the biggest fish caught so far. More skates and conchs are caught in their nets. Jiyoung drops the fish. Good thing that didn't go overboard. Bora manages though. I'm starting to get the impression that both Bora and Jiyoung are perfect to go fishing with now. Their first sea raven is caught. At first, I thought it was an Angel Fish from the Scorpion Fish Family, better known as Scorpaeniform. The Scorpion Fishes, including the Stone Fishes are quite poisonous and difficult to spot on the reefs and ocean floor. I'm extremely glad that it was a sea raven. They caught a mantis shrimp again. 16.5 centimeters is 6.496 inches. I think that is small compared to the Red Team's biggest one. Although, I think their halibut is bigger than the Red Team's.

Both teams met up to play the OX (True and False) game now. The prize is halibut sashimi. Lee Gyunam will be the quiz giver. Sunny is great here with that crab claw take. :D

True or False, . . .

1. My (Lee Gyunam) favorite food is ganjang gejang (Crab Marinated in Soy Sauce).

Lee Soo Geun is funny trying to bring him into his team. Yewon makes sure to that his answer cannot be changed. Good strategy. There's a mix up in the team rules on the first try.

Red Team = X (False)

Blue Team = O (True)

Winner = Red Team.

Ji Hyun Woo is going to get scoldings. Lee Gyunam favorite food is chicken soup. Classic dish. Boom is correct that too much of something can be a heavy burden at times. Red Team is cheering Ji Hyun Woo. Funny.

2. The numbers of crab leg are 8.

Red Team = O (True)

Blue Team = X (False)

Winner = Blue Team

There was some confusion with the crab's claws and its rear legs. Decapod means ten legs. Yewon's discontinuity test taking law does not apply here.

3. Seaweed is called "Kim" because the surname of the person who invented seaweed is Kim.

Lee Soo Geun is funny by switching teams for this one time, because he doesn't believe that it is false.

Red Team = O (True)

Blue Team = X (False)

Winner = Blue Team, . . . not, . . . Red Team.

Both Jiyoung and Bora try to stop Lee Soo Geun from coming back into the "red" boat, when Lee Gyunam announced the "X". But instantly, it was pointed out that he gave the wrong answer. More lessons in Hangul for us all. So funny. Bora then grabs the prize plate and runs off with the other team members to eat it. At that moment, Boom comes on-board and tries to take their net catches. Bora see this happening and comes back over, and hit's Boom from behind and puts their catches back on the deck. Ji Hyun Woo is feeding both Amber and Jiyoung. Sneaky Ji Hyun Woo. Poor Hyoyeon is seasick. Aigoo. At least the prize food will make her feel much better. ^_^

I was shocked when Amber claimed that she can't cook. But then, I knew why she said that, because she wanted to help Lee Gyunam pull in more net catches. Bora points out that Ji Hyun Woo doesn't want any more labor work. Jiyoung and Ji Hyun Woo will make some food. Ah, another coupling moment. Sneaky Ji Hyun Woo. Boom is going to offer some prize food to Jiyoung, before they depart to their next set of nets to pull in. Boom is funny.

Wow, live crab noodle soup. Very outdoorsman food. Interesting that they both cook the vegetable base first, then the noodles, and finally the soup base. I normally go with the noodles, and then both bases. Lee Soo Geun is quite funny here. All three girls can prep skates. Nice. Amber is enjoying herself now. Ji Hyun Woo brings the food over to them. Bora feeds Lee Gyunam some crab noodles. Ji Hyun Woo feeds Amber, again. Now they add some skate sashimi into the eating.

Now, on the "blue" boat, the Red Team start reeling in more nets. Sunny starts singing a crab version of the "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" song. Boom is funny. Sunny holds it, Hyoyeon takes it, and Boom sells it. Hyoyeon gets tangled up in the net. Both Woori and Boom put more net over Hyoyeon, as Woori claims Hyoyeon her catch of the day. So funny. Yewon is still tasked with skate handling. They caught another rather large crab again. I think the Red Team won this contest. Just as Yewon is finished putting away a skate, another one is pulled in for her to get. I'm proud of her though, she takes her job seriously. Good work Yewon. :thumbup:

On the "red" boat, they finished their work, and now heading back. Both Bora and Jiyoung found a resting quarter. Eunyoung joins them, and she starts playing with the camera. Then it's just Bora and Jiyoung. Bora body hugs Jiyoung. Awww, their like sisters here. After they finish taking a nap, it's Ji Hyun Woo's turn to sleep. A video montage review, with Sunny waving to the sea gulls. Nice. :D

At port, . . . I wonder just how many skates/rays, conchs, halibuts, sea ravens, and crabs did they all catch each. Now for the crab measurements for both teams.

Red Team = 18 centimeters is 7.087 inches.

Blue Team = ? Dead crabs?

Yewon does the "Invincible Youth Shoryuken". Sweet. Oh my, there both the same. When Lee Soo Geun steals their crab, Whiny Sunny is shown once again. Ah, so cute. :crybaby: Poor Jiyoung is being blamed for the dead crabs. Red Team is cheering for Jiyoung for their victory in the contest. Angry Jiyoung is cute. Blue Team must clean up, and sell their catches, while the Red Team heads for home base. Red Team "Invincible Youth Shoryuken!" Sweet. Blue Team works hard again. That's good. At the market, $60 per kilogram for halibut is a good deal. $40 for the skates/rays is a good deal. 100,000 won for this episode's hard work. Excellent work G8. :thumbup:

Ah, now it is the G8 family meeting and conference committee time. Jaebok brought his grandson to the gathering. Boom passes the baby over to Hyoyeon when it comes to the money topic. So funny. Jaebok wastes no time to point out the inexpensive pricing on their catches. Both Jaebok and Lee Soo Geun are definitely elderly brothers of this village. Their nickname pairing shall be the "Daebu Village Brothers". They all quickly point out that Jaebok wasn't present during the hard working segments of the series, and he's signing autographs already. So funny. Oh, I didn't know they were building another house for our G8 members in this village. I thought that building behind them was their place to stay. I guess not? I'm confused. Well, I hope things clear up on this topic in the next episode.

Housewarming Celebration. Ah, I remember that party in Season One. Good times. All the G7 members were getting quite friendly to their guests. So funny. Now they are mentioning star names in the industry. Oh, Hyoyeon is off with the Jungmin to perform her Hello Baby skills inside. Mommy Hyoyeon. Oops, false alarm. Now back to the discussion. Invitations, . . . (Please bare with me here again, I'm going to be jumping about with the members through this segment of the episode.)

Jiyoung - Gongyu. I don't know who that is.

Sunny - Chun Jungmyung. I don't know who that is either. Sunny is worried about getting married to Lee Dongwook now? I vaguely remember that Strong Heart episode. Anybody remember that condition during that conversion? Because I don't. Both Bora and Hyoyeon give cute reactions here. Oh my, both Sunny and Lee Dongwook met before this shoot. Sunny is all shy now, hiding behind the blackboard. Oh, they didn't greet each other, just saw each other. Okay, sure, I'll buy that for a monopoly dollar. Sunny is acting all cute now. Even humbly takes Boom's cellphone to talk to him. So funny. Sunny can't contain her happiness. Sunny becomes disappointed when he isn't sure if he could come or not. But it's a success, invitation accepted.

Boom - Lee Dongwook. I have no idea who that is too. He answered the phone call. Both Sunny and Hyoyeon agree that he is different. Making six packs and arm muscles in the mud? So funny.

Hyoyeon - Asks Boom to call Lee Dongwook right now, while Jaebok plays with Jungmin. Hyoyeon's laugh is funny.

Woori - I couldn't help myself to put Woori's "Omomomo. Omomomomomomomo." on repeat. It made me laugh so much. :=)):

Yewon - I agree with her about Sunny's shyness. Yewon is now talking to Lee Dongwook, and doesn't waste any time in asking what his thoughts are about her. Now Jaebok is talking to Lee Dongwook. Jaebok is funny.

Jaebok - His bias is finally revealed. It's Yoona. Both Sunny and Hyoyeon give cute reactions here. If that's the case Sunny, we should invite the Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Tiffany, Jessica, and Taeyeon as well, to find out who Jaebok truly likes. Boom makes an observation point, and Jaebok loses his water. So funny.

Now for the second topic on the agenda, . . . the creature comforts of home, . . .

Woori - Television. Robot Cleaner.

Jiyoung - Beds. Humidifier.

Yewon - Computer. 3D Television.

Sunny - Abstains for the time being. Sunny quickly points out the volunteering aspect in all of this. Sunny grabs all the written down items. Crocks are better than the Kimchi Refrigerator. Manual labor is more proficient than the Robot Cleaner. Sunny now suggests more family time than the television. She agrees to the Refrigerator, the Dictionary, and the Karaoke Machine. Sunny adds a new rule, . . . no new items, only second hand items, better known as used items.

Ji Hyun Woo - Throws down the gauntlet on the G8 members. Woori strikes back at him. While Sunny and Lee Soo Geun are not so sure, trust Ji Hyun Woo to be the optimist in the group.

Boom - Requests Jiyoung to teach Ji Hyun Woo a lesson. That would be interesting to watch. Boom suggests "Season 3" uses it too? My happy face lighted up and beams of joy flowed in my Invincible Youth heart. Season 3. Cool. Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Towels. Sanitary goods in a set. That would mean eight sets all together.

Lee Soo Geun - He agrees with Boom's suggestion in altering the conditions in solving this circumstance. $20,000 items put in the pot and randomly picked by the members. I agree to this too. This is going to be interesting. Kimchi Refrigerator. Lee Soo Geun quickly reacts to Sunny's Crock Pot idea. Now he points out the Robot Cleaner is the G8 members acting like robots while cleaning the house. Both Amber and Woori does the robot routine. Agreed, Pillows and Blankets are needed.

Amber - A Big Dictionary. Amber is cute.

Bora - Two-Door Refrigerator.

Hyoyeon - Rice Cooker, and Microwave.

Jaebok - Karaoke Machine.

The pot is set. Let's see who gets to bring what to the home. The person who gets the Refrigerator is going to have a tough time. Hyoyeon goes on the writing attack now. Her new nickname is "Hyo-Writer". Everyone is cheering for him to get the Refrigerator.

Boom - Refrigerator. Everybody is happy. Hyoyeon cues Boom to cry now. So funny. Now he suggests the dictionary be an ancient one that King Sejong wrote, that is now worth three million dollars.

Woori - Blanket Set. Wow, I actually guessed her nickname correctly. Cool. Goose down or superfine fibers. Funny.

Yewon - She states she came to earn money, but "Hyo-Writer" says, "Select with your teeth!". So funny. She got the Karaoke Machine with her teeth. Everybody is happy. Yewon ends up tearing apart the paper. Both Boom and Yewon are tasked with difficult items.

Lee Soo Geun - He says now everybody can pick at the same time now. He gets to bring just himself to the house.

Ji Hyun Woo - Dictionary.

Sunny - Sanitary Goods.

Woori, Bora, and Amber - Nothing to buy. Lee Soo Geun must enjoy shopping all the time.

The preview for the next episode looks good. Ah, yes, the memorable montage at the end. So good. I enjoyed this episode very much. Great work G8! I feel a bit exhausted after spending so much time locating aquatic life forms for this. But, it was well worth it to finally know though. More awesome memories added to this incredible series. Daebak! :thumbup:

This concludes my review of this episode. I hope you enjoyed it, as much as I did. I can't wait for the next episode. :jogging:

Edited by Emperor Ryu

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