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Emperor Ryu

Invincible Youth

IY Poll Questionaire.   117 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Season do you like the most?

    • Season 1 (G7).
    • Season 2 (G8).
    • All of them.
    • I haven't been able to decide yet.
    • Neither, because my bias KARA member hasn't become a cast member yet.
  2. 2. Which KARA member do you like most in the show?

    • Hara (G7).
    • Jiyoung (G8).
    • All of them.
    • I don't know.
    • Neither, because I'm bias with another/other KARA member(s).
  3. 3. Which KARA member(s) do you think will do great as a guest on the show?

    • Nicole.
    • Seungyeon.
    • Gyuri.
    • Nicole and Seungyeon.
    • Seungyeon and Gyuri.
    • Gyuri and Nicole.
    • All of them.
    • I'm uncertain at this time.
    • None of them, because I'm bias with Hara and/or Jiyoung.
  4. 4. Which KARA member(s) would you like to see as a cast member for "Invincible Youth Season 3" (That is, if there's going to be a Season 3.)?

    • Nicole.
    • Seungyeon.
    • Gyuri.
    • Nicole and Seungyeon.
    • Seungyeon and Gyuri.
    • Gyuri and Nicole.
    • All of them.
    • I'm not sure, I need to get to know them more.
    • None, because I want Hara and/or Jiyoung to come back.
  5. 5. After Season 2 is over, would you want a Season 3 later on?

    • Absolutely YES!
    • Maybe a Special Show.
    • I don't know, I need time to think about it.
    • Definitely NO!

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I like how things are coming around for our G8 members in this episode. Lots of fond memories came pouring back, as two members take a trip down memory lane, where it all began, back in the Fall of 2009. Another thing worth mentioning, Suzy came back in this episode. She must have a ton of things conflicting in her schedule to miss out on so much fun on this show. At least makes up for it, which shows just how dedicated and responsible she is, as an idol. Proud of her, including the rest of our G8 girls too. Here is a brief look into episode five. ^_^

The entire first section of this episode is dedicated to Season One. The memories just fall into my mind, like a huge waterfall. Where they stayed, the fields they worked so hard in, the people they met, and many more unforgettable memories. There was an accident that happened to one of the G7 hosts in the village, where a terrible fire burnt his home. The G7 members donated money, and a new home was built for him. His new house looks beautiful. I was so proud of our G7 members when I heard this piece of news, when it first came out last year. It was so good to see the G7 village chief Juhyeon, the Hulk. I wondered about Taewoo, Shinyeong, and Song Euni.

Hyuna, Juyeon, Sori, Sunny, Sunhwa, Hara, Hyomin, Narsha, Yuri, and Victoria poster. I remember how the G7 members wanted cardboard posters of themselves each. Fun times. Hyomin's poster. The first Invincible Youth Home. There's the pavilion. The art done by DJ Koo on the house. The fence they made. Oh, the courtyard where so many fond memories took place there. Ah, Yuchiya is still there. Grown so much. So cute. Greeny! So much memories between G7 and Greeny, especially between Sunny too. Oh yeah, Hyuna was in charge of Yuchiya. Yeah, I better stop here for this segment, there's just so many joyous moments. *wipes tears away* :crying:

Now it's back to our new G8 members, and their new home here in this village. The cooking preparations and gathering of needed creature comforts in this episode are fun to watch. Yewon, Woori, Amber, Jiyoung, Bora, and Hyoyeon add more fun moments to the Invincible Youth legacy. Jiyoung the rice cooker, Bora and Hyoyeon the cooks, Amber the washer and water gatherer, Woori and Yewon the scavengers, while Lee Soo Geun and Jaebok are the supervisors, Ji Hyun Woo the mariachi trader, and Boom the negotiator. There's a memorable house party, dancing, and singing at the end, leaving all of us with a wonderful fun filled episode again. :thumbup:

I really had lots of fun watching this, and I look forward to the complete subbed version to be uploaded soon. :jogging:

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I miss Invincible Youth so much. It is such a nice variety show and touching show. Can G7 all come back to Season 2 for some gathering? lol

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I became so nostalgic, and full of warm and fond memories in this episode. It was so reminiscing, that even after the segment was over, it still came pouring in even after the episode was done. I think and believe that when Season Two is over, it's going to be even longer in Season Three. Yeah, I'm holding onto what Boom said in episode four. But yeah, here is a detailed review from me on Episode Five in spoiler tags, . . . you know the drill, . . . if you seen it and/or want to read along as you watch it, please click the button, . . . if not, please watch it first, before reading my review, . . . enjoy, . . . :thumbup:

Ahhh, . . . Yuchiri. Sunny and Suzy. I'm starting to feel like Suzy is becoming Sunny's acolyte here. Sort of like, Jedi Master and Padawan Learner. No, I'm not going to dive into the Dark Side, because it is so Sunny today. ke ke ke ke. Road Lee! Yes, I remember that scene in Season One. Poor Hara. Oh, we learn something new in Hangul. New nickname for our Suzy, . . . "Lucky". Oh my, now I can just picture the rest of the members in miss A becoming religious followers of Suzy. They each have a mini-temple and shine of Suzy in their rooms. Ah, it's Wanggu! Sunny has such a cute laugh. Like kid that just opened the best Christmas present in the whole wide world. I swear I could just replay that laugh over, and over, and over again. Yup, he was the trot singer in Season One. I remember reading about his house caught on fire, and the G7 members and staff donated money to him after hearing about it. I went looking for the article and it is still online. It was uploaded on December 22, 2010. Their last day of shooting was on December 13, 2010, and on the 17th, it caught fire. Yes, I remember that scene at his house. Kim Taewoo was scared of getting hit by those wooden mallets. I'm so glad the new house got built and they moved into it already. Greeny! Whoa! It's Chief Hulk Noh! Awesome! Yes, the three of them together again. Nostalgic. I can still remember them becoming village brothers back then. Such good memories. Instant Sunny jealousy, after he hugged Suzy. So funny. Yes, I especially remember reading about Narsha missing Yuchiri too, online, back then. Even the online article about her not wanting the show to end too. Since Season Two started, and Boom stating that there'll be a Season Three. I'm sure the original G7 members will be able to come back. Nowadays, I see Narsha on Mnet America Channel's Style Show. Yuchi! I remember that little naughty puppy, sneaking off to see his wife-dog to be. Yes, Hyuna was in charge of taking care of him. Really good memories. :wub:

Ahhh, . . . the second poster. Left to right, top row, Sunny, and Yuri. Middle row, Hyuna, Juyeon, Sori, Hara, Narsha, Victoria. Front row, Sunhwa, and Hyomin. Don't worry Shinyoung, we haven't forgotten you either. Hyomin's poster. Yes, I remember how the girls wanted posters of their own. Yup, I remember that place was turned into a family petting zoo. I remember the families taking pictures with Greeny, Yuchi, and the chickens. Such very good memories. The painting by DJ Koo. The fence they built. The pavilion. Really good memories. Chili, eggplant, potato, sweet potato, tomato, oriental melon, and corn. I remember. Yes, it did hail in that episode. When Suzy and Sunny opened the doors, I can see the dog house, the outhouse, and Greeny's house. Wow, Yuchi grew bigger. Ahhh, Greeny! With a new piercing. The reunion. Yes, I remembered those tears too. I don't think it is the hair, or the perfume. A lot can happen in a year, not to mention that Greeny might not be hungry at this time. Ah, now Greeny eats well again. Oh, that explains it. Greeny gave birth. Awww, cute. But where is the calf though? More importantly, who is Greeny married to? Someone else is looking after Greeny's baby? Ah, I heard of this last year, on the "Foot-and-Mouth Disease". I'm glad that Greeny didn't get it. Yuchi grew big. Oh yeah, Youth and Invincible. That's right. Where are those chickens? They moved them, or did they get eaten? Ahhh, . . . Greeny is going to live with Sunny. ^_^

Oh my, the greenhouse, though, I personally called that building a make shift barracks before, but now it's the G7 Season One Museum. Sweet! Oh man, I remember the rice fields. Hara got to use the planting machine. They used snails to eat the weeds. But that didn't help much. I suspected other life forms took out the snails, or there really wasn't enough snails to do the job. All those weeds. Hoymin smiling. I think that was the first picture they took on the very first episode. Yes, the first snow fall. Yes, Taewoo is getting married. I heard about that. Yuri must've been like, "Yes!", while fist elbowing in with a big smile on her cute face. Wow, he visited Chief Noh with his wife to be. Wanggu thinks Yuri and Taewoo are getting married. So funny. Yes, I wanted Hara to pass that exam too. Ah, yes, they were making kimichi with the village ladies for the first time together. All talking stories and goofing off. So funny those memories. Suzy is funny. She just jumps right into something difficult. Chief Noh can't find any pictures of himself and wants to leave. So funny him. Ah, the memories. I'm being self-bombarded by these fond memories of our G7 girls. Good, good, very good memories. Yeah, I'm becoming emo now. *wipes tears of joy away with tissues* :crying:

Okay, now back with Season Two. Whoa, that's a nice house. Way more spacious and modern. Ah, I see, following the same model of a beach house. Nice. Both Hyoyeon and Woori have priceless looks on their faces, when they look inside for the first time. I would've been like, . . . "Hello? Anybody home?" I like all of their reactions. I found it a bit funny when they kept mentioning that there's nothing, when they are the ones responsible in bring the things to fill it, in the first place. Yes, time to do some old fashion horse trading in the west. Woori brought sunglasses. The shape does kind of reminds us of those square looking type welding goggles. I wonder if those can flip up. 3D glasses? Lee Soo Geun is funny. Yewon and the tale of the karaoke machine. She brought to trade a hair curler, a cap (That sort of reminds me of the classic horror movie "Piranha".), BB cream (Boom is funny. Oh, a new nickname for Yewon, . . . "Gypsy Yewon".), and a bunch of other tradable items.

Self-Sufficiency = Needing no outside help in satisfying one's basic needs, especially with regard to the production of food. Emotionally and intellectually independent. I won't mention the slang for this definition.

Amber is so cute. Jiyoung can't take it anymore cuteness of this type, and turns to Ji Hyun Woo for the dictionary. Ji Hyun Woo thinks it is not meaningful enough to just get one from the bookstore, but Yewon disagrees. I guess Yewon with Jiyoung on this. Ah, the school. There's that fish again. Woori is funny. Boom and the tale of the missing refrigerator. Jiyoung is funny to suggest he bring the one from his house. Lee Soo Geun quickly agrees. Must be one huge refrigerator. Both Hyoyeon and Yewon are funny to substitute a big hole for a refrigerator. There's that fish again. It got bigger since the last time we saw it. Perhaps the next time makes another funny joke, it'll be a shark nom nom nom on someone's head. Yewon continues her jokes with a ladder to the refrigerator hole, and Boom counters with the no admittance due to modified teeth. The fish appears again. So funny.

Lee Soo Geun assigns today's tasks.

Jiyoung = Rice

Hyoyeon = Japchae

Bora and Amber = Siru Rice Cake (Bora is flabbergasted, but cute, as Amber just holds onto her.)

Lee Soo Geun just hands the entire bag of rice to Jiyoung, who ends up falling to the floor with it. Oh, Jiyoung's nickname is "Jigoo". Kang Jiyoung + Goo Hara = Jigoo? Both Jigoo and Eunyoung end up outside in the cold, washing the foods. Wow, they measure the water differently than I do, when it comes to rice cooking. I use a measuring cup. I think cooking that much rice, washing it will at least take almost three hours, by my estimates. Strong Jiyoung. So cute. Priceless moment when Eunyoung and Jigoo hold each other's freezing hands together. I started saying in my mind, . . . "Do the indian palm burn (a.k.a. Buddha Praying)." Jiyoung claims victory, and collapses onto the floor. So funny. Now they have to fetch water for the Chef Bora and Chef Hyoyeon, because they are present maknaes.

Oh my goodness, Jiyoung opened it while it was still cooking. She calls her mom for help. Oh, one cup of rice if the top layer is not cooked yet, and stir and mix. Home economics class. Burnt, a little uncooked, fully uncooked rice. Chef Hyoyeon is cooking diligently. Chef Bora is cooking good too. Azuki beans. Hyoyeon making predictions on Ji Hyun Woo's Dictionary, and Boom's Refrigerator.

Ji Hyun Woo visits Daenam Primary School. Girls are squealing nearby in a car. Sneaky Ji Hyun Woo. He goes to the library for food first, before the dictionary. Funny. Baby Octopus. Alive, dead raw, or cooked? He hugs a cafeteria staff. He then gets some second hand cleaning equipment. That's a plus. The librarian gets a personal Ji Hyun Woo concert. I give Ji hyun Woo some credit here, because he can exchange singing songs for things. Oh, he borrowed the book. I hope he remembers to return it in time. Eunyoung has Ji Hyun Woo by a dictionary now. I can just picture Eunyoung holding high the dictionary in one hand, and pinning down Ji Hyun Woo to the ground saying, "You're mine now." Due by November 30, 2011.

As for Boom, Woori, and Yewon, it is karaoke and refrigerator hunting. The loud speaker phone is not working. They stop at Kim Dopung's house, this village's trot singer. They check the roof and only find a bunch of other things. No karaoke machine, or a refrigerator. But they get to have the toys for the children to play with. Nice. Now they show up at a second hand shop, and spotted some refrigerators, but nobody is around to help them. But I am wondering how did Yewon get a bunch of bananas, and Woori a bag of unidentified food, to which I'm assuming those are in the fruit category. Boom is trying to get underneath the gate. Silly Boom. Yewon suggest checking around for a key, but both Woori and Boom clarifies that can be considered stealing. Yewon could've countered Boom only with, "Why were you trying to get pass the gate in the first place then?" Yewon missed her revenge. Oh my, now they are waiting in the cold and eating the bananas. Isn't there a open and close business sign there? I noticed on the sign there, a couple of phone numbers? Perhaps they could call? Cute kid. Boom has a bottomless pit of a stomach. Poor Yewon. At least they left a message. I wonder if they will get this refrigerator.

Back on the road for the scavenger hunters. Boom wants to pick up everything, then spots something and asks what it is. Yewon looks and says it's rubbish. Boom passes it. So funny. Boom is afraid of an angered Jiyoung. I actually can picture an anime-ish Jiyoung with a large wooden paddle, wailing while repeatedly smacking a tied down anime-ish Boom's rear end. Wow, a bunch of refrigerators are found. Good eyes Boom. I'm glad you didn't get into a car accident. Yewon's modified "Boom Invincibly Youth Shoryuken". Nice. All three do the "Invincible Youth Shoryuken". Sweet. I'm happy. Wow, Jiyoung brought a couple of hooded thermal jackets for Boom, Yewon, and Woori to barter with the family with the refrigerators. The little girl is named Yewon too. Cute. The jacket fits her well. They exchange a toy slide for the two little girls, and a housewarming invitation too. "Invincible Youth Shoryuken!" Awesome.

Meanwhile, Chef Bora is in the midst of cooking, as Ji Hyun Woo takes the opportunity to spend more time with her. Sneaky Ji Hyun Woo. Chef Bora is smart to get him to do some work too. Ah, Jaebok arrives to supervise. Ji Hyun Woo is the scapegoat for Bora. Ji Hyun Woo is now the new whipping boy for Jaebok. Washing and fetching water. I wonder if this is going to be leading up to a potential coupling. Cold wind + cold water + Ji Hyun Woo = A Happy Bora. Time elapses, and Chef Hyoyeon, Jigoo, Eunyoung, and Supervisor Lee Soo Geun returns to clean up the place. Ahhh, the food is burning, because Jaebok forgot the streaming pot. Chef Hyoyeon is funny singing the blame game. Where there is smoke, we shall find Jaebok. Open the windows. I wonder if that new house has smoke alarms. Ah, Jaebok is a responsible Chief. But that doesn't stop the rest of the members from pouncing on him. Only Chef Hyoyeon's Japchae is safe to eat, and she wastes no time in taking a bite out of her labors. Lee Soo Geun is hungry.

The scavengers call home. Lee Soo Geun is interested in close proximity sensor on Chef Bora's smartphone, while she is still cooking. Bora sounded cute answering her phone. Isseo isseo isseo. Now they've returned after being away for five hours. They set up the refrigerator. Practicing their greetings. Amber is cute.

The housewarming guests arrive. Awww, Jiyoung and Hyoyeon are holding the babies. So cute. Lee Soo Geun asks the guests if they ate dinner already, and all, except for one, said "yes". So funny. Aigoo. Oh my, one grandpa doesn't like the taste. Double aigoo.

Ah, Sunny, Suzy, Yuchi, Wanggu and his wife, Noh, and Road Lee have come for the housewarming party. Oh my, that camera got too close to Suzy. Cold wind. Chief Noh likes the new house. He knows Hyoyeon. Amber is cute. Woori is there for support. Good friends. Lee Soo Geun wastes no time for a friendly match between Chief Jaebok and Chief Wanggu in an arm wrestling match. They brought some food with them too. They start to eat now. Hyoyeon is feeding Amber. Woori is getting feed too. Sunny is playing with the baby. Yewon gets feed as well. They all make a toast. Both villages establish ties with one another. Awesome. :thumbup:

And now the test of strength between the village chiefs, . . . Jiyoung and Bora look cute. Funny Jigoo.

Lee Jaebok (56) versus Lee Kwang Goo (59)

Lee Jaebok wins.

It's a dance off now, between Jaebok and Wanggu. Wanggu is the winner. Lee Soo Geun with Noh Juhyeon. Whoa! Lee Soo Geun got some moves. Lee Soo Geun is the winner. I think it best that all four of them are good dancers. Bora! Boom is funny. Ji Hyun Woo's turn. Six mothers at once. Now it's everybody. Good memory.

The village elders, like the ones in Season One, give good advice to the girls. Jiyoung is funny again. Puppies. Both Sunny and Chief Noh give more comforting advice too. *Starts playing Aretha Franklin's R.E.S.P.E.C.T.* :D

Oh, . . . Invincible Youth Season Two Song. Composed by Amber, Lyrics by Bora. Sweet! "Invincible Youth Shoryuken!" Excellent! Ah, the episode montage. Such good memories. Hey! The girls arm wrestled each other??? I want to see that! :crybaby:

Well, that concludes my full review for episode five. Although, I didn't feel like it was "fully" subbed, but it was a very good episode to watch. Yeah, I still remember Season One, and with Season Two underway, even more memories are going to be apart of this incredible legacy that is "Invincible Youth". I look forward to episode six. :jogging:

Edited by Emperor Ryu

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iy2 tv ratings are declining, hit the lowest yesterday with 5.4%.

narrow-minded people have started to lose patience and are calling for change of cast and mc, or even the production team. gosh, it's just only ep6.

they are posting like they know everythings, they represent everyone.

- when ajumma and ajusshi don't watch the show, it's the fault of the idols (whom are not of theirs).

- saddening to read who (and who) is carrying the whole show alone or who (and who) should be invited instead.

come on it's normal to compare with iy1, their favourite idol or mc but please reserve some respect to the whole team whom is trying to make the second series a success.

and the most disturbing of all, jing is annoying and faking?

i bet they fake more often when they're with their partners!

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I dont know what the solution is, but the feel of Invincible Youth 2 is just a bit off.

Perhaps in time they will improve, but with those poor ratings I dont know if it will improve quickly enough to stay on the air

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i've only seen 5 episodes of the second season

but i honestly like the first season better

im not sure if it's because of the members (season 1 wasnt the same without sunny yuri and hyuna tbh)

or if it's because of the village, farming seems more fun, the stuff they've been doing on the second season are... idk kinda boring, maybe its because of the MCs too? idk idk

its different and idk i dont like it lmao

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i still not watch IY season 2 so i think season 1 it better.. there are many funny scenes in there..

Kara is always get attention from the guest.. LoL

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I very much enjoy how well our G8 members are doing on the show, no matter what. Sure, Season One had their concerns at first, but they overcame them, and I strongly believe that Season Two will do the same. Here is my detailed review on episode six of Invincible Youth Season Two, in spoiler tags. Please watch the episode before reading this, or, if you like, you can watch it while reading my review. Enjoy, . . . ^_^

First things first, . . . Suzy is in this episode! Okay, all of you who thought Suzy wasn't going to show up, pay up. That's right, chicken katsu, katsudon, curry katsu, tonkatsu, sushi, that's right, keep bring them in. Thank you. Now, on with the episode, . . . Boom brings in wreaths sent by Sunny's Lee Dongwook, instead of Lee Dongwook himself. Well, at least he's thoughtful of our girls. Sunny looks good in that hairstyle, by the way.

Voting time. Place a vote for the best worker so far.

Sunny - Yewon, because she is open and humble about herself. She is surprised that she got one vote. Who voted for Sunny?

Votes = 1

Yewon - She choose someone with a future possibility. So vague. Oh, it's because she voted for herself. Sunny's vote appears. Now her vote appears.

Votes = 2

Bora - Jiyoung, because she is the youngest in the group. She is very happy, and makes Yewon poke her to sit back down. Oh, she voted for herself. Ah, someone else voted for her, besides herself.

Votes = 2

Woori - She thinks Sunny is going to vote for herself. I'm going out on a limb here and say Woori is going to vote for herself. Ah, I was right after all. So funny.

Votes = 1

Suzy - She looks surprised. I wonder who voted for her though.

Votes = 1

Jiyoung - Seeing her wear that head accessory is quite funny in this case. Jiyoung is now happy with her first vote. Now Bora's vote appears. Wow, another vote. Jiyoung is very happy that she is in the lead. Hara must be proud of her.

Votes = 3

Amber - She is wondering who voted for her now.

Votes = 1

Hyoyeon - Now she tries to get information out of Yewon, with Lee Soo Geun's help. And they are successful. Awww, she didn't get any votes.

Votes = 0

Boom - Trying to extract information out of Sunny. Come on. She is not like that. Boom voted for Jiyoung, . . . naturally. It's only fair that the girls get the votes.

Votes = 0

Ji Hyun Woo - No votes are required for him.

Votes = 0

Lee Soo Geun - He doesn't need the votes too.

Votes = 0

And the prize is, . . . shelling one thousand oysters! Boom and Sunny and someone else are probably going to get scoldings from her. Whiny Jigoo appears. :crybaby: But, she is not going it alone in the cold rainy weather. She gets to pick someone to join her in the oyster fun. I find this a bit strange, when comparing to Season One a bit here, the G7 cast members relished, if not overcome with complete joy, when they get camera time all by themselves. But for Jiyoung's case, I guest that's more of a support mechanism, than a reward. I still remember that time when Hara got on the bike and went shopping in the beginning. Hyoyeon is counting her blessings now. Only the three guys amongst the choices. Boom is chosen. So funny. :=)):

Boom is now under Jiyoung's command. So funny. He is carrying some equipment and is unable to see where he is stepping, thus falls down to the ground with Jiyoung scolding him. She continues to scowl about her misfortune, and how he is responsible. Funny. They are assisted by Kim Jong Chul on their oyster adventure. Then they are assisted by Lim Seung Ja, the resident expert on the local oysters. She opens one up and feeds a raw piece to Jiyoung. Wow. I went looking around for the types of oysters, and found these here, and here.

Now they are in the field of oysters. They start harvesting right away. Jiyoung accidentally rips a big one, and gets scolded for it. Boom is too worried about a thousand oysters to get. Both of them are caught off guard when both experts leave them to be. Jiyoung and Boom are now by themselves, as they guess who were the others that voted for her. They first suspect it is Suzy. I guess Sunny told her that she voted for her already. Oh, I sympathize, sitting in that position for a very long time will begin to slow down the flow of circulation through the legs. Just don't get up too fast. Now the cold breeze gets to Jiyoung. Button up and cover your head, Jiyoung! Aigoo. There's a hole in her left hand thumb glove. Her thumb looks red. Oh my, I think she hurt herself. I hope she is not bleeding. Whoa! Her bowl of harvested oysters almost fell out. Awww, coupling moment between the two. Ah, the weather conditions is getting to Boom's health. The tide starts coming in again, so they head on back in.

Back at home, the rest of the girls are going to make kimchi. The rule is they have only thirty minutes to make their own variety of kimchi. Wow, there's live octopus there. Both Lee Soo Geun and Lee Jaebok will be judges. As soon as they start, all of the girls, rush for the ingredients. Both Sunny and Hyoyeon fight over a basket of fruit and vegetables. Ji Hyun Woo just stays put and lets Sunny do the shopping. Funny. But, the other girls just start picking them out of the basket, thus Sunny and Hyoyeon disengage and join in on the fray. They get their items, and begin making kimchi. The pairs as follows, . . .

Yewon and Bora - They seem to be making a pineapple flavored type. Interesting. Yewon tries to bribe Lee Soo Geun, but is denied. Oh wait, original recipe? That means the pineapple is a snack then. Oh, the fruits are like garnishes for the dish.

Their presentation is a pineapple, and not salty, kimchi.

Lee Soo Geun = Is shocked. He then agrees with Jaebok's assessment.

Lee Jaebok = Comes to the conclusion that the pineapple helped balance out the saltiness.

Ranking: Third Place. Both are not to thrilled. Jaebok reasons with their portions are too small.

Eunyoung and Suzy - They are making an American style kimchi. Amber got skills if she can do that. Oh, they are making a paste type. Wow. That looks pretty good.

Their presentation is an L.A. (Los Angeles) dish, with fish sauce, chili paste, chili powder, and radish. The oranges are to help balance out any salty taste.

Lee Soo Geun = Is shocked.

Lee Jaebok = Is surprised. Declines the seconds.

Ranking: Second Place. They are both happy.

Hyoyeon and Woori - They picked the octopus, with oranges. Interesting concept and sells pitch. I wonder if the oranges are snacks for this team too. Wow, that's a lot to add. Hyoyeon feeds Woori. Hyoyeon taste it too. Both girls agree it's too salty. They add sugar. Oh my. All four expressions of theirs are priceless now. Hyoyeon gives Jaebok a taste, and he is like, "What is this?!" on his face, as he runs to get something to drink, or cough it out. Woori becomes worried over the limited time they have left now. So the oranges are garnishes for their recipe.

Their presentation is a unique octopus wrapping around a kimchi cabbage with radish and a persimmon that adds to the flavor.

Lee Soo Geun = He asks Hyoyeon if she has already tasted it. "Yes", she says. Woori feeds him, and he starts gasping for air, if not for water and/or some drink to wash the taste away. Hyoyeon points out that Woori made it. He points out the taste testing that must be conducted in each stage of kimchi preparations. He takes a look at the bowl of "sugar", and says that is "salt". Woori says to Hyoyeon said that it was "sugar", thus their kimichi was quite salty. Hyoyeon apologizes.

Lee Jaebok = He asks Woori if he can taste it after she does. Woori states that it is customary to eat after the elders. Woori feeds him, and surprisingly turns around and away from them. Hyoyeon attempts to feed him, and now he goes running off to join his village brother.

Ranking: Sunny declares that they are game over, sparking Hyoyeon to air jab a couple of times at her. Funny. Forty-six million, seven hundred eighty-nine thousand, four hundred and twenty-first Place. Fourth Place goes to Yuchi and Greeny? Both Hyoyeon and Woori attack the judges with their dish. So funny. :lol2:

Sunny and Ji Hyun Woo - They have pears in their kimchi. A fruit based variant. Sunny is having a tough time trying to find the right taste. Things seem to be going well for them now.

Their presentation is a fruit type mixture of kimchi. Very interesting. Fruits (Persimmon, apple, and pear.), vegetables with a spicy flavor. Wow. No sugar.

Lee Soo Geun = Sunny feeds him, and relief is spelled out before his taste buds.

Lee Jaebok = Sunny feeds him, and there's a calmness in his face.

Ranking: First Place.

Ownership of the Kimchi = Sunny and Ji Hyun Woo.

Now they start making some kimchi together, starting with one hundred pieces of cabbage to wash. Sunny immediately remembers Suzy commenting how she wanted to do that too, when the G7 members did it the first time around. Sunny scolds Suzy, and Suzy maintains her innocence. So funny. Suzy suggesting that they all die together. Aigoo. So hilarious. Ah, now they are working very hard for their food.

Lee Soo Geun and Lee Jaebok begins digging the kimchi pot hole for fermentation processing and storage. Now Lee Soo Geun knows what Kim Taewoo went through in episode one with the outhouse. They finish. Good work village brothers.

Inside the house, the G8 girls, except for Jiyoung, are with four village mothers on the next stage of kimchi preparations, slicing and dicing ingredients, like radish. Ji Hyun Woo's wrists ache. Hang in there. Just keep thinking about how delicious the kimchi will taste like when it is all done. All of the girls are learning so much from the village mothers. Ah, a precious memory.

Meanwhile, Jiyoung and Boom are still shelling out oysters. Someone drops more oysters for them to work on, and both Boom and Jiyoung are giving dumbfounded looks, but resumes the hard work. They begin to contemplate their tasks, and become even more focused on the oysters. Boom feeds Jiyoung. She is happy. Jiyoung feeds Boom. A coupling moment. I'm starting to think Boom and Jiyoung are following in the "Taewoo and Yuri" path from Season One here. Funny thought. Four hours passed and they are very hard at work. I did some looking around online, and found out that oysters go for around twenty to as much as forty U.S. dollars per. No wonder Lim Seung Ja became intensely concerned about them. Another hour passes for them. I think the weed eradication in the two rice fields went on for much longer than this.

Back at the house, the girls and their village mothers are into the mixing process. Amber must be hungry, she wants to swim in it. Funny. Ah, Bora has found her kimchi taste buds. I'm proud of Bora and our G8 girls. Lee Soo Geun and Lee Jaebok make pork stew for them. Once they brought it into the house, everybody stops what they are doing and look inside. Sunny with her mouth wide open. A perfect camera moment for her. Suzy looks cute. Bora looks determined. Everyone else, just hungry. Now for a quiz for pork and kimchi. They have to raise a radish in order to answer. Sunny is so cute with her mouth wide open again. Aigoo.

Question #1, . . . Name five different types of kimchi.

Sunny, Ji Hyun Woo Team - Sunny answers, but Lee Soo Geun is still with Bora, Yewon Team. Now the real question is revealed. They answer with "Radish, cabbage, kkakdugi, dongchimi, spring onion kimchi". Correct.

Hyoyeon, Woori Team - They raise their radish. Woori looks like, "Feed me. Please!"

Bora, Yewon Team - They are so hungry, they answer before the question is fully given. Cabbage, parsley, radish. Wrong, needed five answers. Funny. They think the question is "What different ingredients make kimchi?" Yewon is making fish lips. So funny. Yewon points out that Jaebok is not suppose to eat the prize food yet.

Suzy, Eunyoung Team - Suzy looks envious.

Question #2, . . . The song "Wishful Thinking", by Byun Jinsup, who is this song sung by? Only the village mothers must answer, and the other members cannot help. All of the mothers are stumped.

Sunny, Ji Hyun Woo Team - Sunny looks like she knows.

Hyoyeon, Woori Team - Both of them look like, "Is this a trick question?"

Bora, Yewon Team - This village mother says it's sung by "Byun Jinsup". Correct. However, Bora gets annoyed, and is told that it was a practice question to get the mothers to think more clearly.

Suzy, Eunyoung Team - Both Suzy and Amber have that, "I know the answer."

Question #3, . . . Fill in the missing lyrics to "A woman makes __________ well."

Sunny, Ji Hyun Woo Team - The village mother answers with "radish kimchi". Wrong. She tries again and answers with "radish tops". Wrong.

Hyoyeon, Woori Team - The village mother answers with "kimchi pancakes". Wrong.

Bora, Yewon Team - The village mother answers with "kimchi fried rice". Correct.

Suzy, Eunyoung Team - The village mother answers with "kimchi dumpling". Wrong. Suzy's priceless moment is capture with her hungry open mouth look.

Question #4, . . . Name three people in Invincible Youth G8. I am assuming mothers are still the only ones that is suppose to answer yet.

Sunny, Ji Hyun Woo Team - Sunny looked like, "This is too easy."

Hyoyeon, Woori Team - Both Hyoyeon and Woori looked like, "I hope our village mother knows our names."

Bora, Yewon Team - The village mother answers with "Eunyoung, Suzy, and Bora". Correct. Yewon quickly points out that the village mother skipped her, when she was giving the answer. Funny. A big mouth full of food, and Yewon still does the "Invincible Youth Shoryuken!" Awesome.

Suzy, Eunyoung Team - Suzy is raising her hand. She must be really hungry.

Question #5, . . . What is "F.T.A." abbreviated for? Is it just me, or does Lee Soo Geun like to give the answers in the questions. (For those who want to know what this issue is about, click here, and here.) They must write it down and show it.

Sunny, Ji Hyun Woo Team - Sunny begins writing her answer down. "Free Trade AC". Wrong.

Hyoyeon, Woori Team - They don't have a clue. Woori looks cute leaning on the village mother. Oh, maybe they do know. "FT Island, T-ara, A-ch.O.T. (H.O.T.)" Aigoo. Wrong.

Bora, Yewon Team - "Freedom Table Action". Wrong. Both Bora and Yewon answer with "A-Yo". So funny. YG Family in the house. Now he gives the hint, "It means agree". Yewon answers with "Free Trade Agree". Wrong.

Suzy, Eunyoung Team - Come on Amber. "Freedom Trade Alliance". Wrong. Now he gives "Free Trade" are the correct answers. Amber answers with "Free Trade Agreement." Correct. Suzy is finally happy.

Jiyoung and Boom have returned with the harvested oysters. Hyoyeon says Jiyoung looks old now. So funny. Jiyoung demonstrates her newly found skills, and one of the village mothers is impressed. Good job Jiyoung. Jiyoung feeds one of the village mothers. Oh my goodness! No! Jiyoung! Aigoo! She dropped a bowl full of oysters. At least it is customary in the Korean culture to clean the floors all the time, especially when they are making food inside. So, it's not that bad. Still edible. Ji Hyun Woo eats a piece of oyster kimchi. Sunny looks cute with the kimchi. Jiyoung begins to learn how to make kimchi. One of the village mothers suggest making a kimchi factory. Hyoyeon suggest making a commercial out of the kimchi. Woori feeds the village mother, and she does the "bbuing bbuing". Good memories being made here. Bora cleans Yewon's nose. Suzy gives a massage to one of the village mothers. Suzy then hugs Jiyoung. They start placing the prepared kimchi into the pots. Jiyoung looks cute with the kimchi.

Now the girls deliver the kimchi pots to the villagers. First, Sunny and Ji Hyun Woo deliver their pot. They sit down to get to know each other. Sunny mentions about them getting married to each other at her age now. The village grandfather instantly suggest Sunny to get married then. Sunny looks cute in her response. Hyoyeon and Woori delivers their kimchi pot to a village grandmother. She takes a taste of it and likes it. The village grandmother learns their names. She tells them that she is having trouble with her television set, because she accidentally stepped on the remote. Both Hyoyeon and Woori try to fix her problem. They figured out the problem and she can now watch it again. It appears her foot changed a setting, and all Woori had to do was put it back. Good job. Hyoyeon and Woori are following in the steps of Narsha from Season One. Hyoyeon suggests the village grandmother watch Invincible Youth Season Two, and it turns out that she does. The village grandmother is very grateful she ends up hugging everybody. Eunyoung and Suzy, and Bora and Yewon have delivered their pots of oyster kimchi. :thumbup:

Ah, the episode montage. Such delightful memories to the everlasting legacy that is Invincible Youth. I enjoyed this episode very much. I look forward to the next episode. :D

This concludes my detailed review of episode six. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have, and continue to follow our G8 girls in Season Two. As the saying goes, . . . "So many things to do, in such little amount of time." :thumbsup:

Edited by Emperor Ryu

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When I read the reviews after I watch the show it seems like we arent watching the same episodes.

I dont know if its just the subs Im reading, but G8 dont seem to have the work ethic of G7.

They seem more polished and less innocent. Also because they dont yet have the close relationships that G7 had, some of their jokes seem mean to me.

Its true that sequels dont always live up to the originals, but I want to like this show.

I love Invincible Youth. Im a fan of some of these new girls from before. I like the fishing village concept.

But somehow when all these things are put together it is still a bit awkward.

I hope they figure it out soon as rating have been reported as poor.

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I love jiyoung personality and character in IY2. Very helpful with people and other casts

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I absolutely loved invincible youth s1.. Hara was so hilarious making me unable to stop watching the show.. hopefully s2 and g8 be even better with jiyoung inside!!

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watched the whole 1st season and currently watching the 2nd season, loving jing who adapts really well in IY. However, as many feel, the feel isn't quite there for s2 as compared to s1. A female MC like Kim Shin Young would definitely help the awkwardness which is still present among the cast.

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While I've only seen the first few episodes aired on KBS World, something seems to be lacking this season.

IY1 seemed to have more warmth and seemed less scripted. I remember thinking the show and teamwork between the girls improving by leaps and bounds after 3/4 episodes.

Not so much in IY2. It seems more scripted, less of a family feeling. It just doesn't quite feel right yet. Maybe it'll get better as the season progresses. Who knows? But the way I see it, unless they improve the direction of the show, I don't see it happening.

It may even get cancelled altogether with it's worryingly low ratings. That will be too bad since I really want to see it be as successful if not more so than the first season.

While they may have Lee Suguen and Boom as MCs, the other guy just brings nothing to the show. Seems like the MCs just do not gel together the way Shin Young and Tae Woo did.

Maybe it's just nostalgia but I definitely prefer IY1 to IY2.

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Our G8 members are doing very good so far, and establishing the ground works of tradition for the show from season one. I am especially thrilled that they are adapting and overcoming their challenges together, and creating more fond memories that will endure in the legacy that is known as the Invincible Youth. Here is my detailed review on Episode Seven, . . . in spoiler tags, . . . enjoy, . . . ^_^

Our G8 members find themselves in a barn, but Ji Hyun Woo and Sunny are not there with them. I'm starting to think Greeny will be staying here, later on. Oh, that sneaky Ji Hyun Woo. They went to get some kimchi that they made as a group. Suzy takes a bite and likes it, even though it is has not ripened yet. Boom and Lee Soo Geun agree to call it "Sunny's Crackling Kimchi". So funny. Jaebok joins them and informs that they will be getting chickens and a donkey. Lee Soo Geun begins the next honorable hardest worker election, to finish construction on the barn, while the others bring the animals to it. The members begin picking the member they want to do the job. One would begin to think at this point, and ask, . . . just who has the toughest job here?

Sunny - Sunny simply draws an arrow on her ballot, which happens to point to her right side, where Suzy happens to be sitting next to at the time. But she unfolds it to reveal the person sitting next to Suzy's right side, which happens to be Jiyoung. A good joke on Suzy for the kimchi. Sunny gives Jiyoung the nickname, "Molbbang" (Someone who invests their all on something.). Sunny points her arrow to Jiyoung, as Eunyoung unveils her vote. Now she uses it on both Hyoyeon and Jiyoung.

Votes = 0

Suzy - She votes for Bora. This makes her intensely interested in why she choose her. Suzy just admits that she likes seeing Bora working very hard.

Votes = 0

Jiyoung - She picked Hyoyeon, because she disappears after she is done with her work, so she just wants her to work more visibly. Jiyoung believes it is not her for the final vote, because she thinks both Hyoyeon and Amber are indeed close to each other.

Votes = 2

Woori - Woori too, picks Hyoyeon, but because she felt like she alone was doing all the hard work while they were teamed up for the kimchi contest. Hyoyeon is giving a cute payback promise.

Votes = 1

Bora - (Side Note = I liked how Lee Soo Geun was calling out her name. I had to replay that part over again for the fun of it.) Bora chose Woori, which makes Hyoyeon smile in satisfaction. The reason why is because she feels Woori, being the oldest, should be an example of hard work for the G8 team. Woori expresses only now she feels like the oldest in the group. They both hug each other.

Votes = 1

Hyoyeon - Hyoyeon chose Eunyoung, despite picking Woori at first, because she heard Woori had just gotten over a cold. Now she wants to reverse her vote to Woori, because she elected her. Hyoyeon thinks it is not her, because she is not close with Amber. Hyoyeon makes a cute speech. Lee Soo Geun twists the plot, and allows her to choose a G8 member, and Boom, or Ji Hyun Woo, to help her in the barn task. All of the G8 members retreat into the barn stables. So funny. :=)): She picks Yewon (Her new nickname is "Teeth" now.), because she has strong arms. Boom kneels down, is picked anyways.

Votes = 3 (WINNER!)

Yewon - Yewon picks Jiyoung. Jiyoung gets frustrated. Funny.

Votes = 0

Amber - She informs the group that she did write the names of either Hyoyeon and Jiyoung, makes sure the others who got a vote, happy. Eunyoung picks Hyoyeon.

Votes = 1

Boom, Hyoyeon, and Yewon are now tasked to complete the barn construction. Hyoyeon and Boom compare themselves to Season One. So funny these two. They look over the equipment and prep themselves, but are unsure where to start in their planning. Enter Han Jeong Il. They go over the plan, and then start with the chicken coop. Hyoyeon accidentally hammers her thumb. Aigoo. It turns out that Hyoyeon doesn't know how to hammer a nail. So they go through a hammer exercise to get the fundaments of nailing it. Yewon successfully hammers a nail through a piece of wood. After Boom demonstrates, Hyoyeon got it. Now they begin fencing the chicken coop. Hyoyeon and Yewon are doing good work here.

Meanwhile, the other members go to "earn" themselves some animals to take care of, for their barn. Ah, the members finally realize what they must do to get the animals. They must first clean up a cattle pen. Woori and Jiyoung complain a bit, but Sunny reasserts herself here. Woori acts like Cinderella. Cute. Now Sunny gets cute, because Jaebok changed his G8 bias to Jiyoung. He got scolded by viewers for liking Sunny so much in a previous episode. Now they begin to clean up the place. Bora and Suzy transport the cattle cargo, but dropped the supplies en route, but they managed. Jiyoung is doing so good, Lee Soo Geun gives her another nickname, "Poop Girl", but it backfires on her performance for a bit. Eunyoung is working very hard now. Proud of her. Bora lifts a huge load into the cart. She is strong. Ji Hyun Woo helps transport and deliver the cargo now. They enlist the aid of a transporter to drive and deliver their cargo to its destination. They take a break and eat some food before continuing again, even though I have no idea what they are eating and drinking. It looks delicious. Ah, and they realize just how envious it is to be with Hyoyeon now.

Back at the barn, Hyoyeon wants the chicken coop to be hers. Ah, the Gag Concert's Top Actress segment, "Montae". Boom and Yewon try an acting scene. After two tries, Hyoyeon steps in, and delivers the "Montae" successfully. Yewon looks inspired and tries again. But is unable to overcome the butterflies in her tummy. Han Jeong Il steps in to stop gag production. They put the final touches, and the chicken coop is completed.

At the cattle pen, the members are almost done cleaning it. But, Lee Soo Geun informs the group that the younger cattle pen needs cleaning too. Suzy and Eunyoung jump at the challenge. However, he has a game to determine who gets to clean it. The game is shovel-pogo-stick. Whichever two members jumps the least amount, must go clean that other pen.

Amber = 2

Woori = 1

Jiyoung = 2

Sunny = 1

Bora = 3

Suzy = 1

Now it becomes a final match, . . .

Woori = 0 (WINNER!)

Suzy = 3

Sunny = 1 (WINNER!)

Jaebok and Jiyoung make some cattle food. Jiyoung feeds the cows. They are done with their tasks, and now the group must catch chickens. Amber and Suzy team up to catch one. Amber caught it. She begins to mimic the chicken's calling. :=)): Bora is handed a rooster. Bora asks the same question season one, when it came to chickens. One rooster, ten hens, and then two donkeys (male and female). Good job G8. "Hadang" (female), and "Kkadang" (male) are names given to the donkeys. In the calves pen, both Sunny and Woori tease each other while they clean the place up. Once they are done, they get to feed them. I did some research and found this. I wasn't able to find any more information on the variant of the species that we see in the calves pen. I assumed these were brought over from Japan, during World War II. Hyoyeon wants ownership over the animals. Yewon wants to own them too and share, but Hyoyeon wants them all to herself. Boom compromises and everybody is fine with it. Hyoyeon, Boom, and Yewon take a nap in the barn. Then they resume work again. Hyoyeon gets inured again. Aigoo. They continue onward with the tasks. They place supplies, and now they are finally done. Hyoyeon rests on Yewon's lap. Cute.

Sunny and Woori return to the barn. Now, Sunny, Woori, Yewon, and Hyoyeon weep over their hardships for the day. Aigoo. :crybaby: Hyoyeon sniffs Sunny and discovers what they had to do. Boom is repelled by the scent. So funny. Both Sunny and Woori inspect the chicken coop, but it's a trap! Boom nails them in it. So funny. :=)): And just at that moment, the rest of the G8 members return with the animals. Both Sunny and Woori want to touch and pet them. Jiyoung is riding Hadang. Sunny and Woori are released and go right at the donkeys. Bora leads Kkadang into the first stable, followed by Ji Hyun Woo with Hadang. Woori thinks the donkeys are a married couple. Funny. Now they place the chickens into the coop. One hen manages to slip pass the members and escape, but briefly because of Eunyoung's ability to catch them now. Hyoyeon expresses her gratitude towards Boom, and how much bonding has been established. Boom tries to embellish it, but Hyoyeon keeps it real. Lee Soo Geun assumed that Eunyoung has never done pen cleaning before, but as it turns out, she did before. And yes, there are cattle ranches in the State of California too.

Now comes the issue of donkey ownership. Every member wants to own them. Hyoyeon asserts special privileges for the construction work. But despite their pleads, Lee Soo Geun makes it into an ownership game. All the members agree that Sunny should be disqualified, but no, the game is fair. The game set up is to have the members answer questions via running to the table up front, and holding up the sting ray, and say "Assa! Sting ray!", and give the correct answer, in order to score.

1. Question - Fill in the blank in the following song, "When father takes the donkey to the market. Grandma crosses the town to meet ________."

Nobody knows. So funny. Yewon answers with "village chief". Deng! Bora answers with "grandma". Deng! Sunny, Jiyoung, and Woori come rushing in now. Jiyoung answers "town hall". Deng! Sunny returns. Woori asks for clarification, and then answers with "grandmother". Deng! Boom gives a hint now. Jiyoung tries again, but with "old person". Deng! Suzy tries, but fails to say "Sting Ray". Lee Soo Geun gives another hint. Yewon answers with "in-laws". Deng! Suzy tries again, and answers with "to the elders". Deng! Sunny comes again and pushes Suzy to the side and says "ajusshi". Woori complains and tries to restrict Sunny, but she comes back with the "rich get richer, and poor get poorer" phrase.

Winner = Sunny

2. Question - Donkeys and as well as horses, what food do they like? They like, carrots, right? Carrots in English? (I swear Amber got this one.)

Sunny immediately runs up and says "Carrot", but it is a spelling question, so, . . . Deng! Boom moves Sunny to the side, but in comes Woori and Suzy. Boom gets shoved to the ground by Woori, as she gives "c-a-r-r-o-t", but the answer is still incomplete. Woori retaliates with a jump attack. Lee Soo Geun then adds the spelling of "Donkey". Eunyoung rushes in and spells it and pronounces it correctly. Sunny asks Amber where she comes from, and I couldn't help but to laugh a bit, considering Sunny is a born American too.

Winner = Woori/Amber

3. Question - A donkey has 4 feet. Then how many toes do they have?

Both Jiyoung and Woori run in, but Jiyoung gets there first. She answers with "They have no toes". Deng! Woori pushes her to the side, and responds with "Two". Deng! Hyoyeon replies with "Four". But that doesn't completely answer the question, causing her to express her dissatisfaction. Lee Soo Geun adds in "How many tests do you suppose a donkey has?" Suzy runs in and gives "Six", but doesn't know why. Deng! Suzy gives a cute aegyo sound, and I couldn't help but to replay that. So cute. :D Both Woori and Hyoyeon run in together. Woori gives "one". Deng! Hyoyeon answers "Eight". Deng! Hyoyeon almost gets piled on by Bora, Eunyoung, Sunny, and Jiyoung, but Hyoyeon still has the sting ray in hand. Woori sneaks into Hadang's stable. Oh, Kkadang moved into the second stable. Hyoyeon points out Woori is unable to figure it out by looking at the donkey. Hyoyeon already returned the sting ray, and Jiyoung answers with, "Two", and reasons with the testing is similar to human mothers giving birth to a baby.

Winner = Hyoyeon/Jiyoung

4. Question - What do you all think of when Yewon is mentioned? What is the definition of the English word laminate?

Both Bora and Amber rush in before the question is given. Now both Woori and Suzy run in. Woori mentions Suzy got one too, so she should know the answer. Suzy's response is "sharpen". Deng! She is pushed aside by Woori, who gives "The things that people cannot correct even after a long time." Deng! Jiyoung joins in, but returns. Lee Soo Geun gives a hint. Yewon runs in, but Hyoyeon is already there with "Gyoda" and "Gyeoda" (Fold). Deng! Eunyoung comes in but is not sure what the word is. Boom gives a hint. Woori runs in, as well as Hyoyeon and Jiyoung. Woori gives "Gyeobpan" (Leaf). Deng! Jiyoung replies with "Gabpan" (Deck). Deng! Hyoyeon is not sure now. Yewon comes in with "Cholpan" (Billet). Deng! Jiyoung goes again, but with "Ganpan" (Sign). Deng! Hyoyeon takes a shot with "Habpan" (Plywood), leaving both Woori and Jiyoung expressing an "Awww." on their cute faces.

Winner = Hyoyeon

5. Sudden Death Question - This one is about Boom's big complex, his long philtrum. What is Boom's philtrum's length?

Yewon makes a funny inquiry with the current temperature. Boom gives a hint through Ji Hyun Woo's philtrum, which is 0.7 centimeters (0.275 inch, or 4/16ths of an inch). Boom covers his, while the members guess its length.


1 inch = 1

1/2 = 0.5

1/4 = 0.25

1/8 = 0.125

1/16 = 0.0625

Suzy - 3.1 centimeters (1.221 inch, or about 1 and 3/16ths inches).

Jiyoung - 2.3 centimeters (0.906 inch, or about 7/8ths of an inch).

Hyoyeon - 1.73 centimeters (0.682 inch, or about 11/16ths of an inch).

Woori - 1.25 centimeters (0.492 inch, or about a half inch, 1/2 as a fraction).

Eunyoung - 1.22 centimeters (0.481 inch, or about a half inch, 1/2 as a fraction).

Sunny - 1.8 centimeters (0.709 inch, or about 11/16ths of an inch).

Yewon - 2.3 centimeters (0.906 inch, or about 7/8ths of an inch).

Bora - 3.7 centimeters (1.458 inch, or about 1 and 7/16ths inches).

Boom is funny by stretching his lips lower to make his philtrum longer. It is measured nearly 4 centimeters (1.576 inch, or about 1 and 9/16ths inches). Sunny begins to doubt her answer, surprisingly regains herself after Lee Soo Geun announcing it starts with a 1.0. Hyoyeon complains a bit, but Boom assures her that it is necessary in a sudden death match to be accurate. Lee Soo Geun gives the next number to become 1.7 (0.67 inch, or about 11/16ths of an inch). So it is now a race between Sunny and Hyoyeon, who are the closest to the actual measurement.

Boom = 1.77 centimeters (0.697 inch, or about 11/16ths of an inch).

Winner = Sunny (Owner of Hadang and Kkadang)

In a desperate attempt to change the result, she claims of writing down a higher numerical value than 1.73, but faces the consequences of losing co-ownership of the barn. Thus, she rescinds her revision, but it is too late. She falls like a dead-weight with Boom softening her landing, as he ends up rolling away on the ground. Sunny explodes in joy as she adores Boom's philtrum. Bora exclaims that it is not "Invincible Youth", but "Invincible Sunny". Boom tries to comfort Hyoyeon, but is denied. So hilarious. :=)): Lee Soo Geun states that out of two hundred eighty items on the show, Sunny has only three of them. Then, he points out that since there are two donkeys, she should share one of them with another member. Bora, Yewon, and Woori rush to Sunny with flattery. Sunny states she has difficulties with males, so she shares a donkey with her fellow member "Hyoyeon". Hyoyeon is happy. :wub: It is revealed that Kkadang is pregnant, so there's a possibility of witnessing a live birthing for the show. :D

Sunny = Kkadang

Hyoyeon = Hadang

The two G8 members hang their signs on the stables. I think the next episode will have their first guest for the season. Cue video montage of the episode, and the end of another memorable episode for the show, Invincible Youth, Season Two. :thumbup:

I liked this episode very much, and how well it is progressing. I'm quite proud of our G8 members on their hard work and bonding as a group for the show. I look forward to seeing the next episode. *Invincible Youth Shoryuken* :jogging:

Edited by Emperor Ryu

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Ep 7 is one of the best episode yet :thumbup: I can see that the girls are bonding, but the MCs...

It's good to see that they are doing more farmwork (like IY1) which is more interesting. I believe that with time, the girls will be more comfortable around each other and they will be able to crack jokes more freely. :D

Hope that the show will gain more viewers. But I wonder what's the ratings for EP7?

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My take on the ratings for the show are not too concerning, because as a fan of the show, I try my best to get others into watching it, rather than become worried that the show might get cancelled. I don't really agree it is the MCs that are dragging the rest of the cast. I do agree that they should do more, and it does feels like Boom is the only one doing all of the hard work thus far, compared to sneaky Ji Hyun Woo. But, he can still make that hard work/laboring later on. As for the G8 members, they are doing quite good thus far, in my opinion. I'm still looking forward to them catching some fishes via fishing poles, and/or spear guns. Yeah, I'm still hoping for bikinis. But I think the most interesting aspect in the show, is having various guests experience the show, and help the community out. The next episode will have a guest for the show. Although, I'm not sure who it is from the preview. I am definitely excited and want to watch episode eight already. :jogging:

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Our G8 members are doing well together, as they continue to set the traditions as Invincible Youth for Season Two. I am enjoying their camaraderie, and how well they are overcoming the challenges, in spite of the cold weather in the region. I hope they have lots of guests from now on. I know they complain a bit too much, which makes it funny and cute, but if you ask me, having guests to help, will ease up on the complaining. Here is my detailed review of episode eight, . . . in spoiler tags, . . . enjoy, . . . ^_^

The G8 members arrive at their new home, Jiyoung rests her head on Hyoyeon's lap for a bit, before Woori, Bora, and Yewon pile onto each other, while commenting on the cold temperature now. So cute and funny. :D Lee Soo Geun asks the members how they spent the New Year's holiday. Sunny, Hyoyeon, Bora, and Woori spent it in their dorms with their fellow group members. Jiyoung spent it with her family, while Yewon spent it all alone. Poor Yewon. Hyoyeon invites her to their dorm. Yewon explains that all of the Jewelry members spend it in their individual homes. Suzy spent the holiday in her home, while Eunyoung visited her family in Los Angeles. Sunny misses her father, causing her to tear up a bit, which in then causes Bora to become teary too. Aigoo. Lee Soo Geun changes the mood to shift, because of Ji Hyun Woo's sitting posture.

Suzy misses her mother. Lee Soo Geun asks her to call her right now. She makes the call, and we hear Suzy's "So Many Tears" song. Her mom answers the call. Suzy informs her that she cleaned up cow manure. She praises her daughter for the good work that she is doing over there. Suzy passes her phone to Lee Soo Geun to talk to now. So funny of him to ask Suzy's mom to speak comfortably. She tells him that she hasn't seen her for over a month or so. And just then Suzy's mother enters the home, which surprises Suzy greatly. Lee Soo Geun explains that she arrived three hours earlier, and ended up playing Hanafuda with one of the staff members. Suzy and her mother embrace each other, because they haven't seen each other for so long. Awww, a precious mother-daughter moment. Cute.

Lee Soo Geun now admits that there are three more moms waiting in the original idol home. Boom will go over to them, and communicate with Lee Soo Geun and the others, via microphone speakers. Boom makes a surprise gesture to Suzy's Mom that surprises her and the others. Funny. Now the G8 members must guess which of their mothers are waiting in the other idol home. Boom makes the connection, and everything is working fine.

Sunny - Sunny felt sure for a moment, and thinks not, and sits back down. Suzy's mother whispers to her who really came. :D

Hyoyeon - Hyoyeon agrees with Yewon that mother number three is Yewon's mom. Hyoyeon is curious and asks if the mothers are aware of their daughters' hobbies. Both Hyoyeon and Yewon come out to claim mother number three.

Jiyoung - Jiyoung suspects one of them is her mother, because she recently went to a hair salon. As they continue to assert themselves that they know their daughters' hobbies, Jiyoung calls her mother out. She now believes mother number one is her mom. Jiyoung comes forth to claim mother number one, as Suzy jokes around too. The other members begin to joke around too. So funny. Both of them lean on each other. Cute.

Bora - Mother number two tells Boom, that her daughter sleeps in one position. Bora is surprised that both her and Jiyoung sleep with one foot out. Mother number one states that her daughter use to jump off the bed like a frog, when she was a child.

Woori - Woori and Bora both claim mother number two.

Yewon - The first mother speaks, and automatically Yewon believes her to be her mom. The mothers introduce themselves, and Yewon firmly believes mother number three is her mom. Boom asks the mother about her daughter's orthodontics. But she claims that her daughter didn't receive any such treatment. This surprises Yewon.

Eunyoung - Amber now comes out to claim mother number three, after she said "hello" to the girls.

Now they begin to reveal who the mothers are, . . .

Mother Number One = Jiyoung is correct. They embrace each other.

Mother Number Two = Bora is correct. They hug, and she is in disbelief. They hug again, and it brings Bora to tears. Then both Lee Soo Geun and Boom are requesting to see their moms now. Boom is going to see his mother after this episode, and Lee Soo Geun declines to accompany him, in order to avoid becoming a loan shark to his mom. Funny.

Mother Number Three = Yewon is correct. Both Eunyoung and Hyoyeon hug each other for missing their moms. Boom cuts in the hugging between Yewon and her mother. So funny.

The mothers are given a tour of their new barn. The girls are wondering who is the boy Bora is holding hands with. Bora's brother. They thought he is her boyfriend. Ah, love is not far from these girls' minds. She says he's twenty-five years old now, which Woori boldly approaches to flirt with. They do a quick popularity contest. He picked Jiyoung. Woori is disappointed and hugs Bora's mom. Woori must really like him to go through his mother, in order to get to him. He admits to being a Kamilia. Woori won't give up, and does the "Invincible Youth Shoryuken". Awesome. :thumbup:

They come back to the new house for another gathering, where Ji Hyun Woo gives a nice performance for the mothers. He reveals his upcoming music release. The mothers like the song. Boom makes a comment about Yewon's mother feeling uncomfortable sitting so high. Now the group have a mother/daughter questionnaire. Lee Soo Geun gives an example of which daughter has her appearance changed the most, and Boom raises Yewon's picture. So funny. Then Boom takes notice that the pictures and their mothers have similar appearances. Writer Hyoyeon asks Yewon's mother's thoughts on her daughter's teeth. Yewon's mom didn't know about it. They have both Yewon and her mother do a news anchor introduction. Like mother, like daughter. Cute. Now they begin the questionnaire.

1. "I really want to resemble" my daughters' beauty and (clothing) size.

Suzy's Mother. Suzy does a short dance routine from miss A's "

". Then both her and her mom does the dance together. A memorable mother/daughter moment. Now Jiyoung does a short Kara's "Mister" dance. Then she brings her mom to join her. Lee Soo Geun can't help but to bring Bora's mom into this. Bora does the signature move for Sistar19's "
". Lee Soo Geun informs her that her daughter might be edited out if she is unable to do this. As expected, Yewon does the dance routine for Jewelry's "Back It Up". So cute. They level the difficulty up by showing Amber's dancing skills. If the mothers were able to get pass that level, Hyoyeon will be next. But, the mothers all admit, they are unable to dance like Eunyoung. Suzy's Mother tells how she knew that her daughter was going to become a singer. Suzy tells everybody that her mother use to sing too. She sings a song, and the other mothers join in. Jiyoung adds that her father sang that song to her mother. Jiyoung's mother too, knew she was going to become a singer as well. Bora's mother also knew her to become a singer, only it started at a much younger age, when Bora was still an infant and still learning to walk properly, and she was against her becoming a star. Bora includes that her mom went as far as to have her transferred to another school that didn't have a dance curriculum. Later on, gradually, she accepted her passion for it. Lee Soo Geun asks Hyoyeon, Eunyoung, and Sunny about their parents' support into their careers. Eunyoung's parents were against it, but like Bora's mother, they are taking the same risks too. Sunny and Hyoyeon did not answer.

2. I, rather than have my daughter date, would like to hurry and see her get married!"

Woori, while holding Sunny's hand, raises her hands in the air. None of the mothers agree. Suzy's mom wants her daughter to find out what she wants before settling down. Suzy enthusiastically raises her hand and demands it to be "right now". So funny. :=)): Bora reminds her that she is still a minor. Woori agrees. Suzy just hugs her. Jiyoung's mom got married early and gave birth to Jiyoung's older sister. She wants Jiyoung to find what she wants to, but Jiyoung wonders if that will be too late for her. However, Bora's mom wants her to live all alone. This stirs Bora to become quite concerned with "Why?" But she too, wants her to enjoy her life, before getting married. Lee Soo Geun sweets the situation to include Bora's ideal man, Song Joong Ki. She won't agree, but Boom gives the possibility that she could say yes to them becoming a married couple. She still wants her to marry later on, but not now. But Bora really wants to marry right now. Hyoyeon is surprised to learn about the mothers' insight on this issue. She too, wants to get married right now. In her perspective, getting married young would mean spending more time together in life. Boom points out that the father is the responsible one in the family. So funny. :=)): Lee Soo Geun offers his insight, but Jiyoung's mother recommends that he wait another ten years before coming to any foregone conclusions on the subject matter. Hilarious.

When asked about the mothers' expectations in dating, Yewon's mother feels comfortable with someone like Lee Soo Geun to date her daughter. So funny. Bora's mother who like a guy dating her daughter to be like Ji Hyun Woo. Jiyoung's mother would like that potential son-in-law to be like a comedic Won Bin. I have no idea who that is. As for Suzy's mom, she would like to have a Kim Soo Hyun, Ok Taegyeon, Yoo Jae Suk combination. Suzy gives a cute aegyo. ^_^

3. I always feel sorry towards my daughter.

All of the mothers feel for their daughters. Yewon's mother struggled to look after her. Suzy's mother was struggling too. Bora's mother is very concerned and constantly worried about her, which touches Bora very deeply that results in her becoming teary, but smiling. Jiyoung's mother doesn't answer, but I have the feeling she feels the same way about her daughter.

Lee Soo Geun now starts the next phase of the gathering, . . . a quiz with food prizes. The mothers are paired up with their daughters. A bonus is added to the prize to whichever mother wins the popularity award, will receive Sunny's kimchi. Sunny gives a cute gesture. Then she adds the normal price for her kimchi is four hundred thirty-six thousand, three hundred won. Amber, Sunny, Woori, and Hyoyeon will be cheer on the sideline. Lee Soo Geun, with the "Smurf Shirt", begins the game, . . .

1. "Season One's filming location was?"

miss A Team - Suzy's mother stood up in third place to answer.

Kara Team - Jiyoung's mother is first to stand up and answer with "Saturdays at 11:05 p.m." Correct.

Sistar Team - Bora's mother stood up in las place to answer.

Jewelry Team - Yewon's mother answers with "Hong Chon". Correct. But I get the feeling he wanted a more specific answer. Follow up question, . . . "Invincible Youth 2 airs at what time?" Yewon's mother came in second to answer.

Prize Winning Seaweed = Kara Team. Yewon's mother asks if she could get at least one box for answering the first question correctly. But the guys reassure her, that there are plenty more food prizes. Funny.

2. "Amber. What did the members choose as her Korean name?"

miss A Team - Suzy's mother stands up and answers with "f(x)". Correct.

Kara Team - Jiyoung's mother stands up next to answer.

Sistar Team - They sit this one out.

Jewelry Team - Yewon's mother stands and answer with "Eunyoung". But there is another name Ji Hyun Woo wanted to hear. Follow up question, . . . "Eunyoung's girl group name is what?"

Prize Winning Sea Salt (Bags of Sodium Intake Concerns) = miss A Team. Again, Yewon's mother asks if she could get half of the prize for getting the first question correctly. Boom points out that both mother and daughter gave the same dead eye look at him. I just had to pause the video at this part. So funny. Yewon's mother felt like crying.

3. "Before So Nyeo Si Dae sang a rendition for this

, who sang it previously?"

miss A Team - Suzy's mother stands up in second place, and answers with "Lee Soonkyu". Correct.

Kara Team - Jiyoung's mother stands first to answer with "Lee Sung Chul". But, there is someone else, actually a group, he wanted to hear.

Sistar Team - Bora's mother stands up in third place to answer.

Jewelry Team - Yewon's mother stands next to answer, but she sits down, because she had the same answer as Jiyoung's mom. She tries again, and answers with "So Nyeo Si Dae". But, that wasn't what he was looking for. Follow up question, . . . "Sunny's real name is what?" Yewon's mother goes at it again, and answers with "Soonkyu". But, he is looking for the surname too.

Prize Winning Grape Wine = miss A Team. And again, Yewon's mother asks for at least a bottle for her partial answer. So funny. The Jewelry Team has their sights on the beef and grape juice prizes.

4. "Woori's nickname is what?" Sunny presents Woori's sweet face. Cute. Then Sunny answers with "Piggy Woori". But this is a multiple choice question. "Is it, . . . 1. Grandfather. 2. Grandmother. 3. Grandmother-in-law. 4. Heodang (Someone who is easily confused.). 5. Beon Halminem. 6. Halmaegi. 7. Halmaemmaemmaem. 8. Halmae (Granny.)."

miss A Team - They sit this one out.

Kara Team - They sit this one out.

Sistar Team - Bora's mother answers with "8. Halmae". Correct.

Jewelry Team - Yewon's mother answers with "5. Granny. (Beon Halmae)". But Lee Soo Geun says "Beon Halminem". Woori breaks into a dance. Yewon's mother goes at it again, and answers with "Halmae". But Lee Soo Geun says "Beon Halmaegi". Woori starts mimicking a bird now. Yewon's mother stands up yet again, and answers "Halmae" for the third time.

Prize Winning Rice = Sistar Team. Yewon's mother asks for at least a bag of rice for getting a partial answer again.

5. Another multiple choice, . . . "The sitcom shot with Ye Ji Won for KBS's "Old Miss Diary, what was Ji Hyun Woo's profession? Is it, . . . 1. Drama PD. 2. A Swallow. 3. Home Shopping PD. 4. Radio PD. 5. Business Man."

miss A Team - Suzy's mother stands up, and answers with "4. Home Shopping PD".

Kara Team - Jiyoung's mother stands up, and answers with "5. Radio PD".

Sistar Team - They sit this one out.

Jewelry Team - Yewon's mother stands up to answer with "4. Radio PD". Correct.

Prize Winning Grape Juice = Jewelry Team. Now Yewon's mom wants the beef.

Now the final food prize is up for grabs for each individual now.

6. "What is the difference in height, between Lee Soo Geun and Ji Hyun Woo?" Lee Soo Geun and Ji Hyun Woo give a brief description in their height difference, but Lee Soo Geun leaps up to confuse everybody. So funny. Now they are throwing out numbers.


1 inch = 1

1/2 = 0.5

1/4 = 0.25

1/8 = 0.125

1/16 = 0.0625

Suzy - 19.6 centimeters (7.722 inches, or about 7 and 3/4ths inches).

Suzy's Mom - 21.4 centimeters (8.432 inches, or about 8 and 7/16ths inches).

Jiyoung - 17.25 centimeters (6.797 inches, or about 6 and 13/16ths inches).

Jiyoung's Mom - 18.3 centimeters (7.21 inches, or about 7 and 3/16ths inches).

Bora - 21.5 centimeters (8.471 inches, or about 8 and a half inches, 1/2 as a fraction).

Bora's Mom - 23 centimeters (9.062 inches, or about 9 and 1/16ths inches).

Yewon - 25 centimeters (9.85 inches, or about 9 and 7/8ths inches).

Yewon's Mom - 18 centimeters (7.092 inches, or about 7 and 1/16ths inches).

Eunyoung - 16 centimeters (6.304 inches, or about 6 and 5/16ths inches).

Sunny - 17.5 centimeters (6.895 inches, or about 6 and 7/8ths inches).

Woori - 24.5 centimeters (9.653 inches, or about 9 and 5/8ths inches).

Hyoyeon - 26.3 centimeters (10.362 inches, or about 10 and 3/8ths inches).

Ji Hyun Woo's height - Lee Soo Geun's height = 21 centimeters (8.274 inches, or about 1/4th inches).

Prize Winning Beef = Suzy's Mom (miss A Team). Bora was 0.1 centimeters (0.039 inches, or about 1/16th of an inch) off. Now she wants a piece of the beef. So funny. Boom gives Lee Soo Geun the nickname "2NE1". Suzy's Mom gets Sunny's expensive kimchi.

Hyoyeon, Sunny, Woori, and Eunyoung give video messages to their mothers. Hyoyeon directly asks if her mother really was busy. But, says she is always welcome, when she has the time to visit. Eunyoung tells her mother, that she misses her and wants to eat her food again soon (In Chinese). Sunny wishes both of her parents to stay healthy, and wants to see her mother soon. Woori gives a heartfelt, and teary, message to her mother, and hopes she lives a very long life. Bora, Yewon, and Jiyoung gets teary too.

Memorable Mother/Daughter moments with Yewon and her mom, Bora and her mom, Jiyoung and her mom, and Suzy and her mom. Hyoyeon tells Lee Soo Geun to make a video message to his mother. Lee Soo Geun says that he'll call her right after the shooting is done for the day. Then he passes the suggestion over to Boom, and he gives his heartfelt admiration and support for his parents and promises to be more modest in the future. Lastly, Yewon demonstrates the "Invincible Youth Shoryuken" to the mothers. Then they all do it together. Sweet! :thumbup: Roll picture montage. A very nice G8 family bonding episode. :thumbup:

Even though no physical hard work was done, this episode highlighted the mental work in being in a family. I enjoyed this very much, and got to know more about some of our G8 members even better than what I already knew beforehand. I am looking forward to the next episode. :jogging:

Edited by Emperor Ryu

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the best quote in ep7, "boom: what's the problem with iy2? being continuously compared with iy1."

i love farming but if it was included just to please people, then they should persist with fishing.

it offers curiosity in another aspect of life and matter too. we can't possibly please everybody.

anyway just hope the effort from the entire cast will be appreciated and rewarded at the end.

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IMO.. IY2's getting more interesting...

dunno, it's because guest or what..

but yeah, am more enjoying to watch IY 2..

and our baby, she's really did a good job

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I think it's too early to tell... They try to improve the show every week. I think that G8 should have more interactions with one another. Right now, it seems like they are just going according to the scripts.

Jigoo hwaiting! KARA hwaiting! G8 hwaiting!

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I was surprised to see how well Jiyoung is doing on the show !

She sure knows to entertain people and her reactions are so cute

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The show is progressing well, as our G8 members continue on to establish the series' traditions in its legacy, while they learn more, have loads of fun, and creating precious memories. I look forward to seeing them help out the community again, and bring more guests to the show. For this episode, another guest is added to this program. Here is my detailed review, . . . in spoiler tags, . . . enjoy, . . . ^_^

The G8 members meet up with Lee Jaebok at someone's home. They enter and find a legendary actor, entertainer, and comedian, Im Ha Ryong. I actually remembered this guy from the movie, "Welcome to Dongmakgol". Woori knows him as a film actor. Hyoyeon knows him as Jaebok's friend. Jiyoung just thinks he is handsome. Eunyoung says he looks familiar, but doesn't remember from where though. Im Ha Ryong reveals that he just met Jaebok three hours ago, and they agreed to laugh to whatever he says. So funny. Im Ha Ryong tells them that February 6, 2012, is the Lunar New Year's Lantern Festival. He goes on to explain the significance of the festival. He tells them to look at the moon, but instead, they see a lamp. Again, the humor request is fulfilled for Im Ha Ryong. Both him and Lee Soo Geun are getting along very well together here.

Bora asks him if he knew the names of the G8 members. He claims that he can match at least five of the members. Im Ha Ryong tells them that he use to mistake "f(x)" for "Megan Fox". But he knows "Amber". Then names "Sunny" next, because he is a friend to one of her family members. He pauses for a moment here, suddenly says "miss A", followed by "Suzy". After her, he recognizes the next member from the girl group "Kara", immediately followed up with "Kang Jiyoung". She is the first person to be identified with her surname thus far now. Plus, she gave that cute, happy, surprised look. Im Ha Ryong quickly says "So Nyeo Si Dae", and stutters with "Hyo", before getting "Hyoyeon", correctly. Lee Soo Geun reaffirms the claim on Im Ha Ryong. Bora gives a hint with "Ma Boy", and "So Cool" lyrics, which he recognizes right away, and says "Sistar", and then "Bora". She is ecstatic and thankful now, while both Woori and Yewon hold onto each other. Lee Soo Geun says that Im Ha Ryong should try naming the last two members here. He gets "Jewelry", which excites her, but gives out the name "Bosuk". Yewon agrees to it, and announces that her name is "Kim Bosuk", and introduces herself to the staff members. So funny. Lee Soo Geun tells Im Ha Ryong that her name is "Yewon". He says he knows the girl group "Rainbow", that surprises her greatly. She sings a song lyric, which prompts him to answer with "Sayeon" (Story), and "Noh Sayeon", but with Boom's help, he names "Woori", and she becomes grateful to Im Ha Ryong.

Lee Soo Geun asks Im Ha Ryong what they would like to call him to the day. He responds with "Daegunan Oppa". Then the G8 members give out there suggestions. Yewon throws in "Ryong Oppa". Hyoyeon adds "King". Then he becomes inspired and suggests "Ha-Dragon", because they are all idols. Everyone thinks about "G-Dragon", from YG Entertainment, but he was thinking more along the lines that it is the "Year of the Dragon", in English. They all agree to call him that.

Boom points out that Ha-Dragon's dancing skills is on par with Amber's and Michael Jackson's level. He begins to dance his signature choreography, and the rest of the group joins in. Both Jiyoung and Ji Hyun Woo dance the same way, after Lee Soo Geun dances his version of the choreography. Funny. Lee Soo Geun asks Ha-Dragon, which member is the most-pre-schooler-like now. Lee Soo Geun states that Hyoyeon is the best candidate, because she is both cute and pure. Both she and Ha-Dragon dance together. Then solo performances from Suzy, followed by Yewon, Bora, who gives a sultry version, and then Eunyoung's hip-hop verson. Ji Hyun Woo, again, gives his awkward version of the dance. So funny.

They all sit together and Lee Soo Geun suggests that they all call him "Im Section Chief". Bora calls him that, and he likes it and agrees to it. Boom and Hyoyeon carry out a table with food and drink on it, to help celebrate the coming festival. The girls want to eat already, but Lee Soo Geun wants to make a game out of it, therefore, Hyoyeon suggests that "Im Section Chief" choose one person to feed. He liked one person's dancing very much, and ends up feeding her. Yewon wants a show of appreciation, and Hyoyeon performs a robot dance. Lee Soo Geun pulls out a list of questions for a quiz for the G8 members. The winner for each question, gets to be feed. Amber gives the "Bboing Bboing", and asks why is the 5 grain rice eaten, and not just rice? Im Section Chief explains that the 5 grain rice is known to be healthy and that is was harvested at this time of year, thus, they ate it along with the festival. So, whoever answers correctly, must eat it as well. Lee Jaebok will be giving out the questions now.

Let the Lunar New Year Lantern Food Festival Contest, begin, . . .

1. "This lantern festival, . . . what do you think this is used for?" Lee Soo Geun brings out an empty paint can, with a long metal wire attached to its sides.

Bora, then Hyoyeon stands up to answer the question. Bora answers with "Mouse fire playing". Correct.

Winner = Bora

After Bora explains how delicious the food is, Jiyoung gives a cute "Sunny's Feed Me" expression here. I had to repeat this a few times, because it is priceless, right next to him and that wooden pillar that she is leaning on. :=)): Im Section Chief explains the origins of this, and how it is done. According to what I found, this display is explained in a written documentary called "The Fires of Spring", that covers Buddhism. It explains that it is a practice done by farmers in Korea, to chase mice and rats away from their newly planted crops, and even help to eliminate crop damaging insects, I'm guessing locusts, in their fields, every Spring. From looking at how long the metal wiring is, and how Im Section Chief is displaying how it is used, with the help of some actually footage of children doing it, a farmer twirls the fire-lite can for a long period of time. I'm guess while running after the rodents, and/or around their newly planted fields too. Lee Soo Geun adds that his versions of the cans had small holes punctured in it, in order to make a twirled sound. Bora gives a sensual mouse fire play to LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" song. Im Section Chief says that he is from a different time era, and didn't know that there was an erotic version to this. Lee Soo Geun agrees and states that women weren't like that, back in those days. If they were, the women would be expelled from the villages. Lee Soo Geun resumes as game show host again.

2. "What do you call the walnuts, chestnuts, pine nuts, and peanuts? They're called nuts. On the night of the lantern festival, what is the reason they're eaten?"

Woori gets up and answers with "Nuts" (Bureom). But, Lee Soo Geun continues with the question, which then Woori walks over and gives a "Woori Tiger Knee" to him. Yup, I'm going to start calling her knee attack, "Woori's Tiger Knee". Even though the staffers are calling it "Granny Knee Kick". Lee Soo Geun tells the staffers that he doesn't like these types of questions, but Woori hates them more, as Eunyoung holds onto her. So funny. :lol2:

Hyoyeon gets up and answers with "To prevent white eyebrows.". Deng!

Yewon gets up and answers with "When you eat this, there's a sound that chases ghosts away.". Deng!

Sunny gets up and answers with "Catch diseases, in order to not do so that year.". Deng! Yeah, that sort of left me thinking, "???". Lee Soo Geun gives a hint here.

Woori stands up again, and answers with "Body disease, like Dong-gi.". Deng!

Bora gets up and answers with "Something like a floating disease.". Deng!

Hyoyeon stands up again, and answers with "The prevention of chicken pox.". Deng!

Sunny calls out, and answers with "For healthy teeth and the prevention of boils on the body.". Correct.

Winner = Sunny

She does her victory dance here. On her first bite, Jiyoung mimics her "feed me" expression again. This scene is cute. I think I'm going to start calling them the "Feed Me Sisters". Bora starts complaining that Im Section Chief is feeding her too much, but his excuse is that he is taking care of his friend's niece. Funny. Hyoyeon asks for a question, then explains that she wants to be the only one to be given the questions to, and no one else here. So funny. Bora asks if they can have some nuts to eat. Lee Soo Geun agrees. Then Jiyoung asks that if the members ends up getting boils, can she get too? Lee Soo Geun quickly agrees. Sunny asks that usually when you bite the nut, you call someone to "buy" something from you? Im Section Chief is surprised and tells her that was going to be the next question. He asks how old she is, and Hyoyeon says that Sunny's nickname is "60 years old". Sunny bites into a nut, and wishes Yewon's teeth health to be good for 2012. Sunny offers her a nut piece, but Yewon drops it on the ground. They girls start pretend crying. Cute. Lee Soo Geun asks that the 5 grain rice is known for being eaten during the cool season, but back then, when could you eat it hot? Im Section Chief remarks to him that his home must be a bit different, if he is eating it cold. Funny.

3. "On the morning of the lantern festival, when you call each others names, you must answer with "Buy my _____."

Sunny readies herself, but Hyoyeon tells her to wait. Funny.

Suzy gets up and answers with "Buy my ghost.". Deng!

Woori gets up, faster than Hyoyeon, and answers with "Buy my heat.". Lee Soo Geun gives a "huh?".

Jiyoung gets up and answers with "Buy my 5 grain rice.". Deng!

Lee Soo Geun then declares Woori is correct, which makes her upset again, but she is still happy to eat some delicious food. So funny.

Sinner = Woori

Hyoyeon asks why that saying is, and Im Section Chief explains it to them. Jiyoung asks if she can eat, because she is feeling cold, but Im Section Chief forgot what he was going to say next. Woori stuffed her mouth for delicious food, with Eunyoung holding out her hand in front of her, just in case she loses it from the laughter. Suzy calls out to Yewon, and Yewon turns to face her, and Suzy says, "Buy my heat." So funny. :lol2: But Woori manages to continue to chew her mouth full of food. Jaebok gives out the next question here.

4. "What do you think this is used for?" Lee Jaebok brings out a tool to show to the group.

Bora gets up and answers with "Torture.". Deng!

Jiyoung gets up and answers with "Ironing.", and "Iron.". Deng! Deng!

Sunny gets up and answers with "Soldering Iron.". Correct.

Winner = Sunny

Im Section Chief asks again, how old she is. Then Lee Soo Geun interjects that Sunny didn't really dye her hair. So funny. I think I'm going to start calling Sunny and Woori, "The Grandma Sisters". Boom ask how it is used. Im Section Chief explains that it was used to heat up the food. Bora, Woori, and Hyoyeon all agree that it was really used for torture. So funny. Jaebok gives the next question.

5. "What is this used to store?", as he brings out a wooden lidless container.

Hyoyeon gets up and answers with "You put chestnuts and peanuts in it.". Deng! Lee Soo Geun gives out a hint.

Woori gets up and answers with "Kwak.", and "Kwak! Kwak!". Deng! I had to repeat this a few more times, because it sounded like Woori was imitating a duck. So funny. :=)):

Suzy gets up and answers with "To store a set of chestnuts of one dwae.". Lee Soo Geun asks her to spell the measurement. Deng!

Hyoyeon stands up again, and answers with "D-oe-1.". Deng!

Suzy stands up again, and answers with "D-oe-i.". Correct.

Winner = Suzy

Suzy gives a playful laugh to Booms statement. Cute. Lee Soo Geun gives the next question here.

6. Out of the following pick all of Im Section Chief's catch phrases, . . . 1. Me do it at this age? 2. Ah, stop embarrassing me. 3. Everything will be fine, do I have a chin? 4. Every day I get younger! 5. Moo and die, Moo and live. 6. I'll roll and leave."

Yewon gets up and answers with "1. Me do it at this age?" But, Lee Soo Geun explains that it must he done correctly. She tries again. Deng! Im Section Chief does it. Yewon tries again. Deng!

Woori gets up and answers with "2. Ah, stop embarrassing me. 1. Me do it at this age?". Deng! Time ran out for her to answer her third choice phrase.

Hyoyeon gets up and answers with "1. Me do it at this age? 2. Moo, stop embarrassing me.". Deng! Because she mixed in the "Moo".

Suzy gets up and answers with "1. Me do it at this age? 2. Ah, stop embarrassing me. 6. I'll roll and leave." Deng! Is it just me, or is Suzy the only one having a difficult time standing up?

Sunny gets up and answers with "1. Me do it at this age? 2. Ah, stop embarrassing me. 4. Ah, I get younger every day!" Correct. Im Section Chief bursts out the age question again, and feeds her.

Winner = Sunny

Bora points out that Amber doesn't know the answer to any of these questions, because she was raised in the U.S., not in Korea. So she should get feed for being a newcomer. He feeds her too. Cute.

7. "In the 80s and 90s, the best comedian Im Section Chief had Holraeng, Young Oppa, and Teacher Ha Ryong, as his dynamic character's names that received universal love. Im Section Chief was a representative on KBS Show Video Jockey in the popular corner named 'City of Angels', what was his character's name in it?"

Yewon gets up and answers with "Red Socks.". Lee Soo Geun asks a followup catch phrase question. She answers with "Look here.". Deng!

Hyoyeon gets up and answers with "Red Muffler.". Deng! Lee Soo Geun gives a hint.

Hyoyeon stands up again, and answers with "Gompang." (Mold, Mould, Fungus, Mildew). Deng! Boom apologizes to him. Lee Soo Geun explains that Lee Bongwon's character was named that.

Suzy gets up and answers with "Byoraeng." (Rice plant something). Deng! Lee Soo Geun gives another hint.

Jiyoung gets up and answers with "Ok Susu." (Corn). Deng!

Yewon stands up again, and answers with "Gangnaeng." (Corn). Deng!

Woori gets up and answers with "Yellow Ok Susu.". Deng!

Hyoyeon calls out, and answers with "Red Ok Susu.". Deng!

Suzy calls out, and answers with "Bearded Ok Susu.". She gives a surprised expression. Deng! Then shakes her head and sits back down. Cute.

Jiyoung calls out, and answers with "Ok Susu.". Deng! Im Section Chief gives a hint here.

Suzy rises and answers with "Shin Ok Susu.". Correct.

Winner = Suzy

Sunny scored three times, while Suzy scored twice, for this game. Both Bora and Woori got one question correct each. Lee Soo Geun tries to compare his popularity to today's Yoo Jaesuk, but Im Section Chief just brushes it aside. His humor request is fulfilled again here. So funny. Thus, concludes the game.

Lee Soo Geun points out that nowadays, there aren't any fast paced comedies anymore, like it was before. So, he proposes a quick comedy skit with Im Section Chief with the G8 members.

First skit has Im Section Chief with Jiyoung as male high school students. Take 1! They are on their way to Seoul, and then meet a couple of ladies. Woori and Boom in a dress and wig. So funny. Lee Soo Geun calls "Cut!", and asks Boom, what is his character suppose to be? Boom explains that he is the "ugly girl friend" to Woori's character. Lee Soo Geun complaints that his leg hair is exposed and must be removed. Now he gives some comedic direction to both Im Section Chief and Jiyoung. Take 2! The girls show up, and Im Section Chief tells Jiyoung to go dance to impress them. She walks over to them, and Boom immediately tells her that they don't have time for this. Both Woori and Boom move away a bit, and Jiyoung pursues, while asking which school that they are from. She pulls on Boom's skirt, which gets him upset. Jiyoung retreats to Im Section Chief, but is pushed back into the fray with the dance suggestion. Jiyoung starts her dancing to this song

. Boom gets into the dancing now. Jiyoung retreats again, and Im Section Chief comes out and declares that they are here for Woori, and not him. Boom stands his ground by protecting Woori. Im Section Chief manages to pull Boom aside, while Jiyoung goes in and grabs Woori. But Woori manages to stay strong and get away from Jiyoung. Lee Soo Geun calls for "Cut!". Im Section Chief asks if he was doing well. But, Lee Soo Geun tells him that he is not suppose to laugh so much during the skit. So hilarious. :=)):

Second skit has Im Section Chief with Sunny as male high school students. Take 1! They meet Suzy, a girl dressed up in a guy's uniform. Sunny approaches her and asks her if she some time to spare. Suzy speaks formally and walks away and almost trips over. Boom comes out with a red wig and in a dress. "Pippy-Boom-Stocking". Bora accompanies him. Im Section Chief tells Sunny to go in dancing this time. Sunny approaches straight to them, and dances to this song

. Sunny pushes Boom aside and goes for Bora. Bora acts shy and accepts the dance. Bora then requests that the music change to sometime more modern. LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem is played now. Bora starts getting into it. Lee Soo Geun tells the Sunny and Im Section Chief to get into the groove. Im Section Chief jumps right into it. Bora tells "Boom Ja", to get in there with him. The two go at it. Lee Soo Geun calls for "Cut!", and is pleased with the performance, and informs Im Section Chief that this was what he was looking for. But Im Section Chief asks if this is okay at his current age. So hilarious. :=)):

Third skit has Im Section Chief with Hyoyeon as male high school students. Take 1! Hyoyeon and Im Section Chief have a good rapport right from the start. Enter Yewon and Boom in another dress and wig. Hyoyeon encourages Im Section Chief to get over there and show him his dance moves. He is hesitant, but Hyoyeon insists that he is the one to impress them. The music plays again, and Im Section Chief begins to dance to them. Both Yewon and Boom are taken aback for a bit. Then, Boom starts dancing around. Im Section Chief starts another dance routine. Boom stops in amazement, as Hyoyeon joins in on the dancing. Yewon and Boom starts dancing together with them. Suddenly, Yewon gets her cue, and says she doesn't like them. Hyoyeon grabs onto her and brings her over to their side. Yewon tells "Bomb" to stand next to her, but stays behind for a moment. Boom then comes to her aid, but Im Section Chief blocks him, as Hyoyeon gives the final catch phrase for the skit. "Cut!" Im Section Chief tells Lee Soo Geun that he is impressed with the G8 members, and as a recommendation for Boom to stay Boom, not as a woman. So hilarious. :=)):

Lee Soo Geun begins the next game, where the winner gets an honorary exclusion for the next hardest worker contest. However, the loser must go on a night hike into the mountains alone, in order to make a good and healthy wish for the G8 members. The objective of the game is to make Im Section Chief laugh, but they will be judged by both Im Section Chief and Lee Jaebok. Ji Hyun Woo becomes a curtain for the G8 members changing room.

The Invincible Youth Gag Concert 2 starts now, . . .

Suzy - Is dressed up as a character from the movie, "Welcome to Dongmakgol". The other girls thinks she is acting as a ghost. She causally walks up to Im Section Chief, who is already giggling. Then drops to her knees, which causes her wig to fall to the ground. She does the best she can to put the wig properly on, but fails. She continues anyways, and tells them that she will recite a poem of hers. "Im Haryong senior, Haryong senior, I would kill for a dragon." Then she runs away laughing madly. Funny.

Im Section Chief = Thinks she did well in capturing the movie character.

Lee Jaebok = Thinks there's room for improvement.

Score = 3 Corns.

Jiyoung - Is dressed like an animated character from, "Dooly the Little Dinosaur". She gives out a hysterical, expressive, pliable character here. She is all over the place. Funny.

Im Section Chief = Thinks it is a good act, but doesn't want a repeat performance, . . . ever again.

Lee Jaebok = Thinks she put lots of effort and thought into her well made character, in this performance.

Score = 4 Corns.

Bora - Is dressed similarly to G7's Hara's get up, in Season One. The differences are very little dialogue, and performance the signature choreography to Sistar19's "Ma Boy".

Im Section Chief = Thinks her performance was okay, but too much make-up.

Lee Jaebok = Thinks she laughed too much in character.

Score = 2 and 1/2 Corns. Bora is floored and goes to the staffers for support. She starts complaining about the situation and tries again to impress Jaebok again, again, and again. Boom and Lee Soo Geun had to carry her away.

Sunny - Is dressed up as a sells woman and tries to sell items from her hand basket. First, ear muffs and pitches a bikini out of them. Then, a bag and pitches with a cellphone with it. Funny.

Im Section Chief = Thinks she did a very good job in her performance, and likes the ideas in it.

Lee Jaebok = Thinks she worked hard to put it all together.

Score = 3 and 1/2 Corns. Bora tried again with one of Sunny's props, and becomes even more concerned about the outcome of the game. So funny.

Eunyoung - Is dressed up as a dog, and imitates one in the most simplistic fashion.

Im Section Chief = No assessments given.

Lee Jaebok = No assessments given.

Score = 3 Corns.

Hyoyeon - Is dressed up as a late 60's, if not early 70's Soul Train Hipster. She dances and interacts with both Im Section Chief and Lee Jaebok.

Im Section Chief = Thinks it was alright, but some element was missing to her performance.

Lee Jaebok = No assessments given.

Score = 2 and 1/2 Corns. She is tied with Bora.

Yewon - Is dressed up as an old, talkative lady.

Im Section Chief = Thinks she did okay in her performance.

Lee Jaebok = Thinks her outfit could've been upgraded.

Score = 2 Corns. Both Bora and Hyoyeon celebrate their fortune. Yewon is floored, while Hyoyeon and Jiyoung begin rubbing Bora's prop bald head gear.

Woori - Is dressed up as a snail, and picks up a piece of food with her mouth. She giggles and tries very hard to contain her laughter. Both Boom and Ji Hyun Woo had to carry her up onto the chair, in which Woori states that her character is a magical dragon. Funny.

Im Section Chief = Thinks her concept and performance fit well, in from a literary perspective.

Lee Jaebok = Thinks she prepared well in her get up.

Score = 4 Corns. Both Woori and Jiyoung tied for first place in the contest, so they are both exempted from the honorable hard worker contest for the next episode. They are overjoyed, while Yewon is sad.

Im Section Chief gives his sincere gratitude and had a joyous time with all of them in this episode. If invited again, he will come back to the show. Yewon heads off into the mountain to pray, . . . in the dark. She constantly worries about someone coming to get her, even though there are four or five camera crew members with night vision to keep her safe. She reaches the worship spot, and pours an offering before saying her prayers for Invincible Youth and success for her group, Jewelry. One "Invincible Youth Shoryuken". Awesome. Roll episode picture montage and preview for the next installment. :thumbup:

I enjoyed this episode very much, and how well they interacted with their guest. They shared and made many memories together, and I hope to see more from them, next time. :jogging:

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Our G8 members are progressing quite well, as they overcome each new challenge, while continuing to legacy of the show. Lee Soo Geun, Ji Hyun Woo, and Boom are holding on and aiding our girls along too. Need more Ji Hyun Woo funny interactions with the challenges, like Boom does in the earlier episodes of this season. I am enjoying how well the girls are getting along with each other with every episode so far now, which is very good and still making me wanting more from them. Here is my detailed review of this episode ten, . . . in spoiler tags, . . . enjoy, . . . ^_^

The morning starts off with the girls cleaning and taking care of their animals, and sweeping up the stable. Bora has lots of energy right now, as Yewon is unable to contain it. Hyoyeon, Sunny, and Woori check on the donkeys. They feed Kkadang, who sneezes on them. Funny. They mention that Kkadang is pregnant. Hyoyeon takes a motherly cynical and jokingly persona with Hadang, then feeds him. Funny. The girls wonder about their health, and Woori asks Hyoyeon if she got health insurance for the donkeys. So funny. :=)): A cameraman surprises them. In the meantime, Amber, Jiyoung, and Suzy feed the chickens. Eunyoung calls them by their English species name, but Jiyoung objects. Suzy mimics them feeding for a bit. So funny. No eggs today though. Yewon wonders what Ji Hyun Woo is doing, as both her and Bora are sweeping the area. He tells her that his eyes are teary from making a fire in a barrel.

Then, Lee Soo Geun and Boom arrives in protective suits, while they spray something all around the stable areas, inside the barn. I'm guessing it was just plain water. Hyoyeon continues with the fake pregnancy charade, but Lee Soo Geun clarifies again that the donkey is indeed pregnant. Then Hyoyeon points out the running nose the donkeys are still having at the moment. Sunny calls for a veterinarian. Suddenly, the village's veterinarian arrives. The girls are surprised, as well as Boom, noticing that he is the same professional from before. I believe he is the same person from Season One. Boom confirms that the veterinarian wanted to meet the G8 members. Then Boom asks him, of which member did he like the most, as the girls wait patiently for his answer. Sunny intervenes and wants to move on, but Woori points out that it would be funny, if he picked her. Sunny states that she did that, because she believes that he wasn't going to chose her.

They bring the donkeys out, and discover that Hadang has a bald spot on his neck, on the right side. I looked around about this condition for donkeys and found this. There are numerous similar circumstances surrounding the bald spots on donkeys, and is recommended to just check up on them from time to time, and if possible with a veterinarian. Hadang begins to roll around on the ground. Yeah, Hadang is feeling itchy right now. The veterinarian gives optimal diagnosis. Lee Soo Geun wants more definitive clarifications, and then, the veterinarian admits that this is the very first time checking on a donkey in his career. Everyone is shocked, and Boom asks his specialities. He tells everyone that he is experienced in cows and dogs. They continue to question his practice a bit more, before covering the running nose. I checked around for this, and it just so happens that the entire equestrian species experience this. I found this online. It is confirmed that the donkeys are suffering from some sort of infection. Kkadang needs to be checked more thoroughly, due to her pregnancy. Boom suggests that both Sunny and Hyoyeon need to keep in contact with the veterinarian, since they both caregivers to the donkeys. Hyoyeon wants his phone number written down, as Sunny gives a cute "call me" gesture to him. Funny. :lol2:

Lee Soo Geun introduces the G8 members to a group of visitors to the village today. Hyoyeon says "Hi.", in English. Boom speaks English too. Eunyoung asks them in English, why they all came. One of them tells her that they are fans of the show. Yewon points out one of the visitors looks familiar. Lee Soo Geun asks, while Eunyoung translates in English, the visitors why they like about the show. The same visitor answers in Korean, that they like everything about the show. They are very appreciative for their support. Lee Soo Geun informs them all that the Honorary Worker Contest now, and tells that not all of the local residents have gas heaters, and still rely on wood burning to keep warm, in their homes. But before Lee Soo Geun announces the winners' tasks, the G8 members become worried, and Boom takes the opportunity to express his feelings to the members, since he got chosen two consecutive times already. Lee Soo Geun automatically defaults him as a partner for the winner, and announces that they will go into the mountains to gather fire wood for them. Funny. Hyoyeon suggests that the visitors participant in the contest, and then have Sunny step forward. Bora supports this, because they will get chosen, and not her and the rest of the group, while Lee Soo Geun speaks broken English to the guests, that Boom states that the G8 members have to give their aegyos to them. So funny. :=)):

Jiyoung speaks English, and expresses her aegyos quite directly and to the point. Amber doesn't really care, as she speaks English that she can handle the task. Sunny desperately declares to the visitors to just pick her already, in English. Eunyoung grabs onto her, and gestures to them to pick her instead. Sunny counters with her whiny aegyo, and pleads to them not to pick her. Hyoyeon then, drops to the ground as a crybaby. :crybaby: Then, Bora runs to the wood, screaming "Oh my God!", picks up and throws a wood in front of her, while expressing her dislike for the winners' tasks. Suzy speaks English, and informs them that she is tired, even though she wants to go. Yewon speaks English too, and tells them she is not smelling very good right now. If they take a whiff of her, they will die. Woori speaks English as well, and informs them that she is feels sick. Some of the guests stand behind the G8 members to pick who'll be the next Honorary Worker. Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yewon, and Woori are selected for the first round. Bora is ecstatic, then she asks why Yewon is amongst the chosen. She fires back that she is popular too, while Boom restrains her away from Bora. The rest of the guests pick their G8 members. Sunny desperately gestures to them to stand behind the others, but fails. Now all four of the finalists have equal amounts of votes. The veterinarian is the deciding vote. Hyoyeon warns the good doctor about his choice. Hyoyeon admits that this is making her feel more nervous than the end of the year awards. Sunny cunningly steps in front of Hyoyeon. Both Hyoyeon and Yewon counters by positioning themselves at Sunny's left and right. Yewon is picked as this week's Honorary Worker. Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Woori celebrate, while Yewon is handed the tools and gear. However, the rest of the G8 members must become home caregivers to the elderly during this time. Ah, but there's a twist in this contest, three of the G8 members must aid Yewon's quest for firewood. Ji Hyun Woo is immediately chosen to help, as the rest of the girls were worried that they might be chosen. Yewon relishes this advantage greatly, as she gets some help from Boom, and create this award ceremony atmosphere. Both of them prolong the answer as much as possible, in order to aggravate the others. Nicely done segment for Yewon and Boom here, by the way. Lee Soo Geun is chosen. Both Jiyoung and Woori help him to the front, to claim his woodsmen gear. Funny. Yewon continues the award skit, and has Jiyoung and Lee Soo Geun announce the final chosen aid worker to help the Honorary Worker of the week. Both of them give a shameless plug-in for Jiyoung's drama, while Hyoyeon acts like a director giving the cut signal. So funny. Jiyoung announces Boom as the final winner for the journey for firewood. Both Woori and Sunny help him to the front to claim his tools and equipment for the challenging tasks ahead of them all. Boom gets emotional and begins to weep in despair for becoming a Honorary Aid Worker for the third time. Director Hyoyeon gives the continue onward signal. So hilarious. :=)): I just had to repeat that entire contest scene over again.

The four head out to their destination in the mountains. Both Boom and Lee Soo Geun lose their footing on the ice covered ground, and fall down. Along their way, they meet Jaebok, who will be helping them out. Jaebok informs the group that there are only certain places where they can get firewood, and they are still in the process of replanting and growing, due to a recent typhoon. Jaebok give Yewon the best cutting tool he has, even though Lee Soo Geun thought he was going to exclude her out of the hard parts of wood gathering.

In the meantime, the other members are grouped into teams. Jiyoung, Suzy, and Eunyoung. Bora and Sunny. Hyoyeon and Woori. Jiyoung, Suzy, and Eunyoung arrive and greet their grandmother. It is the same person who teamed up with Woori and Hyoyeon, for the family kimchi making, in episode six. She remembers all three of the G8 girls. Both Woori and Hyoyeon meet their grandmother, after wondering about the snow covered ground, in front of the house. The same one who received their kimchi and fixed the television set, when they visited her home. Woori asks her if it is alright to speak comfortably (informally), since they are her village granddaughters now. She comments that Woori feels like a daughter-in-law after asking that. Woori asks if she remembers them, and she states that KBS girls helped her fix the television set, which upsets Hyoyeon a bit. Funny. Bora and Sunny come across a cute puppy, making Sunny go into her Aegyo Mode. They play with the puppy for awhile, before arriving at their grandmother's house. They meet and greet her, and inform that they'll be her helpful village granddaughters. She tells them that she needs help in the fields. Sunny tries to specify their speciality is housework, but fails. This grandmother must've watched Season One. The girls noticed some caught flounders (a.k.a. halibut), and seaweed (Here is more information on the edible type.). The grandmother is the owner of the puppy, the girls recently encountered, in front of the house. Sunny picks the puppy up, and the girls begin to pet and fond over it. Yeah, I couldn't tell the gender. Anyways.

Suzy, Eunyoung, and Jiyoung look over some cassette tapes. Wow, it has been ages since I seen those tapes. Yeah, I was born in a time before CDs, let alone cellphones were made. Their grandmother brings some photo albums to share with the girls. The girls are amazed at her long history, from the pictures. She tells them how her husband called her "Grandmother.", most of the time. This prompts the girls to give her a make-over, so her husband can start calling her" Wife.", from now on. Sneaky and clever girls to avoid any hard work. All four of them end up sleeping together on the floor. Cute. Woori's and Hyoyeon's grandmother shows her photo album to them. Both girls are astonished on how she got married, back in those days. Woori was shocked when she mentioned that she took off her clothes on the first night, and didn't do anything. Hyoyeon wanted to continue by asking her about the following night. Aigoo. Soon after, both girls decide on using dirt to cover the snow, so that it is more stable to walk on. Sunny and Bora are given the task to help prepare the caught fishes. She teaches them how it is done. After the lesson, the girls take over. Both Sunny and Bora begin fish scale scraping, by using a knife. Then they remove the tail and organs. Bora is enjoying herself now. They both apply salt, to help clean the fish. Now they have to hang them up to dry. Sunny is faced with the reaching challenge again. Bora hangs her fish up, while Sunny still is unable to reach for the rope. Bora helps her, and Sunny manages to hang her fish out to dry. Bora suggests that she'll take off the scales and remove the organs, while Sunny salts them, and then she'll hang them up. She agrees. Soon, their task is complete.

Back to the Honorary Workers, Lee Soo Geun gives some wood cutting instructions to the rest of the group. Yewon struggles to use the handsaw. Lee Soo Geun helps her out. But Yewon still has a difficult time using it. She tries again, and finally, is successful. Ji Hyun Woo uses the handsaw, and manages well with it. All four of them start cutting and chopping wood, while this song is playing. They gathered enough wood, and piled them next to the tracker. Their next task is to slice the wood into smaller pieces.

Finally, Suzy, Eunyoung, and Jiyoung wake up, and help with the next stage in their facial make-over, for their grandmother. Both Suzy and Jiyoung pay close attention to her face, while Eunyoung gives her a nice hand massage. She begins to doubt a bit, but the girls assure her that she'll look younger. They begin to apply some cream now, while Eunyoung starts give her a leg massage. The two become a bit indecisive, but focused on their goal. Jiyoung and Suzy start working on her eyebrows, while Eunyoung starts a foot massage, while this song is playing. Both girls give her fake eyelashes now. The girls continue their facial enhancements, and succeed. Their grandmother likes it very much. Hyoyeon and Woori help their grandmother figure out her massage chair. Hyoyeon figures it out and helps her understand how it works. They help her further by writing down her television schedule.

7:00 a.m. - News

8:30 or 8:40 a.m. - Morning Yard

6:00 or 6:10 p.m. - Music Bank (Hyoyeon informs her about the group she is with. Woori helps her out in spotting her on t.v.)

11:05 or 11:30 p.m. - Invincible Youth 2 (Both girls do the "Invincible Youth Shoryuken". Awesome!) :thumbup:

Bora and Sunny begins to cook for their grandmother. They grill a salted flounder, and make some bean barely rice, and seaweed soup. Sunny and Bora finish making the meal, they all eat together. Their grandmother is very pleased with the food. Bora feeds their grandmother, and feels very good about making a tasty lunch. After the meal, Sunny proclaims a satisfied tummy, and wants to rest now, but Bora insists that they must clean up the dishes. The start back into the kitchen again. At that time, Hyoyeon, Woori, and their village grandmother help her outside. Soon after, Sunny, Bora, and their grandmother leave the home too, as well as Eunyoung, Jiyoung, and Suzy with their grandmother.

Back at the village logging site, the Honorary Workers take a break. Afterward, they begin prepping how to chop up the wood at the right length for burning. Jaebok informs them that it is now time to use the electric saw. This shocks Lee Soo Geun and the others. Funny. Lee Soo Geun is the first to try the saw, then Yewon, followed by the others. They are all very pleased with it. Lee Soo Geun attempts to split a wood in half with an axe. Unluckily, he gets the axe stuck into it, and tries very hard to dislodge the axe. Ji Hyun Woo is bewildered at the sight of this, as Lee Soo Geun continues to struggle. Then, he manages to free the axe, and try again. He succeeds in slicing the wood in half. He does it again, on another piece of wood. The others are interested in chopping wood. Lee Soo Geun shows them how, but, he missed it. Boom takes the opportunity to joke about it, and Yewon jumps right into it as well. Lee Soo Geun tries again, and gets it done in two strikes. Ji Hyun Woo takes a swing, and hits it away from him, instead of splitting it into two halves. Boom's turn is successful, and becomes relieved of his stress for the day. Yewon makes a contest out this, and the person who manages to split a piece of wood perfectly, if not in the best way possible, wins, and therefore, becomes excluded from doing the rest of the wood chopping. However, the person who fails, must chop all of the remaining wood pieces.

Ji Hyun Woo - 1

Lee Soo Geun - 1

Boom - 0

Boom must finish chopping wood, while the rest, take a break. Boom tries another piece of wood, and doesn't chop it. He tries again, and ends up breaking the axe. Aigoo. Boom acts injured, while Jaebok is dishearten, but knows that there are more axes that can be still used. It's curious though, since the revelations about using the electrical saw, how come he doesn't ask for it now? Yewon lifts their spirits up, by doing a body wave, and attempts to do a leg split. They all start pitching in on the wood chopping. Yewon cheers them on, and does a brief dance movement, and attempts another leg split. She is perplexed, but didn't realize the type of terrain she is standing up, doesn't allow to become easy, in the first place. To another disbelief, Lee Soo Geun breaks his axe too. Aigoo. Later on, they complete their tasks as Honorary Workers. :thumbup:

Back at the village, the G8 members and their grandmothers share their time together at each home. Then, the Honorary Workers arrive with the fruits of their labors, . . . firewood for the villagers who still need them. All of the girls are so very proud of Yewon. Lee Soo Geun asks the grandmothers about their granddaughters, and they express their gratitude, however, Woori and Hyoyeon didn't cook any meals for their grandmother. Yewon shares their experiences in the mountains, and reveals the contest that they had. The girls first assumed that Ji Hyun Woo didn't make it, before Boom was eventually chosen. Sunny then asks, if there is a special occasion with the grandmothers, since they are all together now. Lee Soo Geun's Speed Quiz. The objective of the game is to have a team member guess correctly to the clues being given out by another team member, in this case, the rest of the team members. That team member must answer correctly to as many as possible within one minute. The team with the most correct answers, wins the game. There are prizes that the grandmothers can win. Among them is a massage chair, and two red ginseng sets.

Woori's and Hyoyeon's Grandmother - So Nyeo Si Dae, pass. Fireplace, pass. Nail, correct. Yut Game, correct.

Score = 2

Suzy's, Eunyoung's, and Jiyoung's Grandmother - Wife, correct. Eyelashes, correct. Trot, pass. Blush, pass. Kara, ran out of time.

Score = 2

Bora's and Sunny's Grandmother - Seaweed soup (Mool Kim Gook), pass. Arthritis (Gwan Jol Yom), correct. Clothesline, correct.

Score = 2

It's a three-way tie. Bora headlocks Hyoyeon for her successful distractions. Then Sunny joins in, by pinning Hyoyeon's arms from behind, while Bora takes fake punches to Hyoyeon's stomach. So funny. Lee Soo Geun gives some of the prizes to Bora's and Sunny's Grandmother, because of interference.

Winner = Tune in to the next episode.

Preview of the continuation of the games with their village grandmothers, and other events to come in the next episode, are shown now. Roll episode picture montage. I enjoyed this episode very much. The G8 members establish excellent ties with their grandmothers, and worked very hard. :thumbup:

I am looking forward to the next episode of this show, because there is some wrestling matches amongst the G8 members. Awesome. At least this will make up for the arm wrestling match, we didn't get to see, back in episode five. I'm very proud of our G8 members. Boom and Lee Soo Geun are doing good, and Ji Hyun Woo is improving a bit more here. I hope to see more from all of them in the next episode of Invincible Youth 2. :jogging:

Things are picking up speed here, and I like where they are going with the show now. I hope to see more from the MCs, as well as from our G8 members too, in this episode eleven. I'm going to nickname Boom, "Honorary Aid Worker", already. Although, I wonder when Ji Hyun Woo will start catching up. Perhaps it will start with this episode? Hmmm. Here is my detailed review, . . . in spoiler tags, . . . enjoy, . . . ^_^

The G8 members are assembled outside of their newly painted home, with a newly characterized portrait. Woori, Eunyoung, Suzy, Jiyoung, and Bora practice some dance moves. Yewon notices that Suzy is not moving her feet, prompting Hyoyeon to walk over and stomp a foot next to her, from behind. Funny. Lee Soo Geun, Boom, and Ji Hyun Woo arrive as blackjacks, singing to one of 2NE1's song, here and here. Ji Hyun Woo looked over himself in previous episodes, and Boom comments that the Invincible Youth 2 Logo covered Ji Hyun Woo's face. Then, the girls point out the comments left by the village children about him. Suddenly, Kkadang comes out of the barn all by herself. Sunny immediately retrieves her, and brings her back into the stables. Once back inside, Ji Hyun Woo becomes the topic of the conversation. He admits to feeling uncomfortable about being called "Uncle", due to his young age presently. He would like to be called "Brother", instead. Woori then, points out that there is a significant difference in age between her and Suzy, where she is 25 and Suzy is 19. Ji Hyun Woo is 29. Lee Soo Geun suggests that they all become brothers. Lee Soo Geun is 38. Out of the blue, Jiyoung mimics the Gag Concert's Iffy Situations main character. She demonstrates the difference between "Brothers" and "Uncles", with Eunyoung and Boom. Boom tries to a different settings approach with Sunny, but it is still undecided. So funny. :=)): The group decides to call him "Brother". He dances joyously. :thumbup:

Lee Soo Geun brings up the farming season is happening right now, which inadvertently causes Jiyoung to cough. Funny. But he continues and states that it is time for grape and seaweed farming. To determine who goes out to collect seaweed, will be found in the Honorary Worker contest for this episode. He shows them the wrestling mat, and Bora, Jiyoung, and Suzy starts rolling around on it, while Yewon pushes Bora and pretends to roll them around. Lee Soo Geun explains to them that this is how they will choose the Honorary Worker. Whoever wins, picks a G8 member to become that episode's Honorary Worker. He gives an example, if Hyoyeon wins, she can choose Bora. Hyoyeon joins in on it. Funny. The Woori believes Suzy will win, because of the arm wrestling game for "Oh My School", back in mid-2011. If I recall correctly, Suzy lost the following match. I think it was a member of 5dolls that beat her. Someone brings up Sunny, although, she doesn't believe it, because that was two years ago. She is referring to the MBC's 2010 Lunar New Year Special, "God of Wrestling", when Sunny became the champion. She was up against After School's leader, Kahi. The other members take a look at the remain potential winning candidates in the group. Eunyoung might be possible. Bora has a good amount of strength, as well as Jiyoung. Sunny points out Suzy's large feet. Lee Soo Geun and Boom will MC the event, while Ji Hyun Woo sings the theme song to the contest, and displays the scheduled matches. As they continue to cover the match, both Woori and Jiyoung give the "You're dead." gestures. Funny. The referee for this contest will be Sun Jin Wong, a P.E. teacher of a local high school.

First Match, . . . Sunny versus Yewon.

Sunny wonders if Yewon's teeth is a violation of the rules. Ah, remembering Mike Tyson here, huh. Funny. They get into position, Sun Jin Wong blows the whistle, the match begins. Yewon tries to leg throw Sunny. But Sunny counters by throwing all of weight onto Yewon, who has voluntarily become unbalanced. Sunny falls onto Yewon to the mat.

Winner = Sunny

Yewon declares her support for Sunny now.

Second Match, . . . Jiyoung versus Woori.

Both of them try to intimidate each other. So funny. Hyoyeon starts sucking on a lollipop. The two get into position. Sun Jin Wong blows the whistle, and the match begins. Both G8 members start to measure each other's strength while they circle and circle one another, looking for the opportunity to win. Then, Jiyoung gets an opening, and throws Woori to the ground with all of her might. However, in the process, Jiyoung's left knee touches the mat, before Woori's body does.

Winner = Woori

Jiyoung is shocked, and playfully spiteful. Woori didn't think she would win though. Funny.

Third Match, . . . Suzy versus Bora.

Bora does a cartwheel, then Suzy copies her. They both taunt each other, by using the characters in each other's names. Interesting. Hyoyeon continues to suck on her lollipop. I beginning to wonder if that lollipop is Hyoyeon's energy boost. They both get into position, and Sun Jin Wong blows the whistle, and the match begins. Suzy and Bora tries to throw each other out of balance, over and over again. Until Bora attempts to leg throw Suzy, but Suzy counters with a body throw, and succeeds.

Winner = Suzy

Bora thinks Suzy has strong bones, while the MCs think it is because of her large feet. Yewon makes a comment, but is ignored by the MCs. Funny.

Fourth Match, . . . Hyoyeon versus Amber.

Boom thinks Hyoyeon looks like an aerobics instructor. Both of the girls give a brief dance battle, before getting into wrestling positions. Hyoyeon takes advantage of the situation to induce sympathy and confusion in her opponent. Sun Jin Wong blows the whistle, and the match begins. Amber now takes advantage of Hyoyeon. Amber tries over and over again, to pick Hyoyeon up and off balance to throw her, but Hyoyeon manages to stay standing. Amber tries to leg throw her, but doesn't succeed. I agree with Lee Soo Geun's assessment that Amber actually helped Hyoyeon to stay standing, on that throwing attempt. Hyoyeon tries to counter a inner leg throw, but only ends up kicking Amber. Hyoyeon tries three more inner leg throws, but is unable to reach, because Amber is keeping her distance. They bump into the referee. Sun Jin Wong repositions them in the middle of the mat. Amber starts her pick up throwing attempts with more enthusiasm now. But Hyoyeon continues to sustain her balance. Amber finally figures it out, and manages to get behind Hyoyeon, to throw her completely down.

Winner = Amber

Fifth Match, Semifinals, . . . Sunny versus Woori.

The two get into positions again. Jiyoung cheers Sunny on. Sun Jin Wong blows the whistle, and the match begins. The two size each other up. Then, unexpectedly, Woori manages to left leg lock Sunny's right leg, and throw her down with her body weight. Everybody is shocked.

Winner = Woori

Sixth Match, Semifinals, . . . Suzy versus Amber.

Boom continues to think that Suzy's feet are the keys to her success in this contest. Funny. Both members get themselves into wrestling positions again. Sun Jin Wong blows the whistle, and the match begins. They both can feel each other's strength, but Amber makes the first move, and attempts to leg throw Suzy. But, like her previous match with Bora, she counters by throwing her body weight over to Amber's unbalance, and thus forcing Amber to fall onto the mat first.

Winner = Suzy

Bora tells Woori that Suzy's power is found in her thighs and hip. Boom and Lee Soo Geun reenact the match, while commenting on Amber's premature victory expression, and Suzy's feet. Funny. The G8 members all pick Suzy to win the match, leaving a betrayed Woori in amazement. Yewon, Hyoyeon, and Eunyoung give a dance to encourage sportsmanship for the final match.

Seventh Match, Invincible Youth 2 Wrestling Championship, . . . Suzy versus Woori.

The girls get into position, as this song is played. Although, I prefer this version for the time being. Sun Jin Wong blows the whistle, and the championship match begins. The MCs notes the support on both sides, where Suzy has the rest of the G8 members cheering her on, while Woori is all by herself, as this song is being played. Both girls measure each other up, and just then, Woori goes on the offensive quite aggressively. Unfortunately, Woori looses her balance, and knees herself to the mat, thus Suzy wins on a technicality. Everybody is shocked.

Championship Winner = Suzy

Woori is completely stomped and victimized by her right knee. Both Bora and Hyoyeon try to give Suzy a victory lift, but they all end up toppling onto the mat. Amber gives her a lift, but Suzy falls off of her too. Woori comes to Suzy's aid, to make sure she is okay. So funny. Now, Suzy will pick this episode's Honorary Worker. The rest of the G8 members sit down in a line, while Suzy bestows the title and task that must be completed for the show. Suzy was about to place it on Hyoyeon, but she falls forward to avoid being crowned. But then, Bora is chosen for this episode as Honorary Worker. The G8 members congratulate her. Bora begins to regret going easy on Suzy. The rest of the G8 members try to contain her shock and awe. Boom even places a hand over her mouth. So funny. Now it is Bora's turn to pick which of the MCs will be accompanying her. Bora was about to pick Lee Soo Geun, but he turtles himself. I had to replay that over again, because it looked so funny. Bora ends up picking Ji Hyun Woo. Both Lee Soo Geun and Boom are overjoyed right now. I had to play this entire segment over again, because it was so awesome and hilariously fun to watch. :=)):

Later on, both Bora and Ji Hyun Woo, sneaky guy, are off to the boat to gather and harvest seaweed for the village together. Ji Hyun Woo is thankful to Bora, and maintains his integrity. Very admirable. *nods ameliorately* They board a boat, that will transport them to the vessel that will be collecting the seaweed. They meet up with Kim Jong Man, their liaison to the rest of the crew for this harvest. Ji Hyun Woo doesn't hesitate to ask him, how much do they earn. According to Kim Jong Man, they produce two hundred sacks, each weighing about sixty-five kilograms (143.3 lbs.), earning them ten million won. They begin to reel in the seaweed nets. Bora says her toes are freezing, while Ji Hyun Woo agonizes over the temperature, starvation, and back pains. Unexpectedly, Bora almost injures herself, but luckily, she is okay.

As for the rest of the G8 members, they arrive at the vineyard to help them out. They were earlier told, that they will be tending to two rows in the field, before meeting with one of the experts, Choi Jongsu. He explains to them just how important it is for them to prune the vineyard, fertilize the fields again, and shows them how it is done. The girls are very happy to help them out, because they all love to eat grapes. Suzy admits to being nicknamed, "Grapey". Jiyoung claims to eat them by the hundreds. Eunyoung is confused, and didn't do her "Bboing Bboing", for her clarification. Awww. :confused1: Boom decides that only two of them should do the trimming, and it will be decided by Choi Jongsu, as each member take turns.

Jiyoung - Is having a difficult time cutting. Boom immediately disqualifies her, even after she manages to cut the branch.

Suzy - Cuts, and has no problems.

Hyoyeon - She cuts, but the branch is a little bit tough on her.

Eunyoung - She cuts, but is unsure how much to cut off. Then, she goes with her feelings, and cuts correctly and quite easily.

Cutters = Eunyoung and Suzy

Suzy's choice is based on the closest age to his daughter, and Jiyoung quickly points out that Suzy and her are both the same age. Jiyoung and Hyoyeon are frustrated. Funny.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo Geun, Woori, Yewon, and Sunny head for the main winery house. Lee Soo Geun explains to them about the vineyard in general. To help him, they meet up with a winery representative named, Kim Jiwon. Woori asks if they're going to make some wine. He agrees to it. Woori presses further in asking if they'll be able to taste some wine. Lee Soo Geun tells Yewon that she can go visit the snack shop. Sunny wants some cheese with her wine. Funny. They all go inside, and see their 2011 wine batch. They get to sample a glass. Lee Soo Geun playful avoids Yewon's temptation to the glass of wine. Yewon gets a sip of it, and actually plays with it briefly, before drinking it down. Sunny points out that the wine is going to stain her front teeth. Funny.

Now they go outside, with a bunch of crates filled with grapes. They fill up two large containers with the grapes, where a pair of them will be stepping on the grapes in each with specialized boots, to extract the juice. Lee Soo Geun and Yewon in one container, while Woori and Sunny are in the other. Yewon can't let go of Woori. Then, Woori thinks she'll get drunk with just the smell of the crushed grapes. Sunny is surprised as she adds that the alcohol hasn't been mixed with the grape juice. Funny. Lee Soo Geun takes the opportunity to sample some of the grape juice now. The others take a taste too. Oh, that is make me hungry for grapes now. Seedless ones though. Both Woori and Sunny begin dancing with each other in the container. Sunny wants to do this with a man, then Lee Soo Geun asks if she wants join with him instead. Then Yewon comments that Suzy should be with them, but she is underage with her feet size. Funny. Then they all begin to wonder about the Honorary Workers out in the sea, collecting seaweed. Funny.

Bora and Ji Hyun Woo have a bit of a jam, while a video jockey is stuck between a section of the seaweed net. But, manages to become free from it. Bora almost fell down again. They continue the harvesting though.

Back in the vineyard, Eunyoung and Suzy are working hard on the grapevines. Oh my goodness grapes, I started reminiscing about this song. Jiyoung tries cutting again, but makes a mistake. Aigoo. Boom and Hyoyeon begin to spread manure to fertilize the soil again for the grapevines. Choi Jongsu explains how much of it is needed for a single row. Eunyoung and Suzy and Jiyoung continue trimming, but just then, Hyoyeon switches places with Jiyoung to help Boom with the manure. Hyoyeon mentions that there some members that work well without speaking, while other members work well, while carrying on a conversation. Jiyoung reprises her Gag Concert Iffy Situations persona again, and points out that the number of cameras shooting at a member, determines the level of entertainment and contribution to the program. Suzy apologizes, promises to be more expressive next time, while Eunyoung explains that she is still learning Hangul, but backs her commitment with her strong dancing abilities, and promises to be expressive to the talkative members. Jiyoung interrupts, but Eunyoung reaffirms herself in the moment. So funny. Boom declares that their tasks are done, and set to leave. Eunyoung waits until the others have left the camera view, so that she can start proclaiming the entire vineyard is hers now. Hilarious. :=)):

In the meantime, Lee Soo Geun, Yewon, Woori, and Sunny continue their grape steps. At least it is better than Short Round's fortune cookies, in the movie, "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom". Lee Soo Geun mentions Jewelry's comeback, due to her efforts recently, even though she thinks it is a bit risky. Yewon wonders about him and his show, 2 Days and 1 Night, and he responds in the same way. Funny. Sunny begins to dance and sing to Rain's "Ways to Avoid the Sun". They all try to run in their containers. Yewon comments on Lee Soo Geun's efforts mimicking Michael Jackson's Moonwalk. Funny.

Kim Jiwon tells them that they can now stop stepping on the grapes, and begin to remove the stems from the containers. Sunny takes advantage of the situation on grapes that are still attached to the stems. That reminds me of those days when I was a mere child in the supermarket with my parents, unsupervised in the wagon next to the grapes. Ah, those were the days. Woori puts some stems into Lee Soo Geun's and Yewon's container. Funny. Now they begin to separate the remaining grapes from its juice. Kim Jiwon explains that the separated juice and the grapes with juice still, will be made into two different types of wine, Rose Wine, and Red Wine. They all get to taste the juice raw, and discover the difference. Kim Jiwon explains the reason for this. Both Sunny and Lee Soo Geun take a much large sampling. Funny. Kim Jiwon then has them see for themselves, how the process of fermenting the juice, by applying yeast. Sunny makes various alcoholic comments about the smell, and Lee Soo Geun is amazed at her knowledge on such things. They complete their tasks. In two years time, they will be able to drink their wine. Lee Soo Geun comments about Woori will be closer to becoming thirty years old by then. Funny.

Out in the sea, both Ji Hyun Woo and Bora begin to shovel in the harvest seaweed from the nets. Ji Hyun Woo wonders about how much seaweed can be fill one of those containers. Kim Jong Man informs them, that each container, when full, will weigh in at 1.5 kilograms (3.307 lbs.). Suddenly, we see Bora stuck in a container filled with seaweed. Aigoo. Then, Ji Hyun Woo and Bora are struggling through the containers filled with seaweed. All of the sudden, Bora starts missing her mother, and claims the production team wants to off her. Funny. They have spent over five hours collecting seaweed, nonstop. Right then, Kim Jong Man gives them seaweed soup. Bora asks him, how long has been doing this line of work. Twenty-three years. Ji Hyun Woo comments that doing this type of work will make someone very mature, because of the surrounding environment. Kim Jong Man says, they all enjoy the sea. This always reminds of that old saying, the ones who truly love what they do, will make all the difference in the world. I pondered about this, and found out, one should be careful of the proclivities that will lead to that bottomless dark abyss called Hell. But for the sake optimism with a strong sense of virtues and responsibilities as an adult in the world, yes, one can indeed get by in life, happy and hopeful. Alas, they are done with their tasks as Honorary Workers for this episode, as they head back to port. Both Bora and Ji Hyun Woo feel a creature comfort of the ocean, while they lie down to rest on the deck of the boat. As a reward, they get two buckets full of seaweed. They head to a seaweed factory, and receive their newly made edible rewards. I'm so proud of them. :thumbup:

The last segment from the last episode continues now, where the G8 members are spending quality time with their village grandmothers. Since it was a three-way tie from that speed quiz game, Lee Soo Geun declares a winner take all match amongst the teams. Yewon announces that they will be playing the Body Language game. Yeah, I actually remembered this game show too. The difference here is that they are standing in a straight line, as they physically give the answer to each member. The last member must guess correctly to the physical answer.

Hyoyeon >>> Boom >>> Grandmother >>> Woori

Answer = Squid.

Hyoyeon mimics her favorite side dish in the village. Boom picks up on it, and turns to face their grandmother, who is suppose to be facing away, but they continue anyways. The grandmother just mimics eating some type of finger food. Woori answers with "Ramen". Deng!

Answer = Baseball.

Hyoyeon imitates a baseball pitcher. Boom gets it, and does the same movements as her to their grandmother. The grandmother does the same thing, and at first, Woori thought it was Soccer, as in a player receiving a card for a violation of the rules of the game. But she answers with "Baseball". Correct.

Answer = Yong Gu (Comedian).

Hyoyeon imitates one of his acts, and Boom gets it. Boom does the same thing, but their grandmother passes. However, time expired for them.

Score = 1

Jiyoung >>> Grandmother >>> Eunyoung >>> Suzy

Answer = Ghost.

Jiyoung puts on her hood, and covers her entire head, and tries her very best to mimic a childish version of a ghost for Trick-Or-Treating on Halloween Day. The grandmother does the same thing, but she doesn't have a hood to cover her entire head. Eunyoung ends up mimicking the same thing anyways, and Suzy answers with "Ghost". Correct. They skipped the other prior members and just showing Eunyoung imitating the answers, "Fly", "Pig", and "Dog Leg Dance", that Suzy guesses correctly.

Answer = Kiss.

Jiyoung easily portrays this, as does their grandmother, and Eunyoung. Suzy answers with "Kiss". Correct. Time expires for them.

Score = 5

Sunny >>> Grandmother >>> Ji Hyun Woo >>> Bora

Answer = Frog.

Sunny mimics a frog jumping. The grandmother does the same, only she moves her arms up and down. Ji Hyun Woo does exactly the same thing too. Bora answers with "Rabbit". Deng!

Answer - Fart.

Sunny mimics this, but their grandmother does it facing forward, instead of doing it from behind. Ji Hyun Woo just pats his butt, and Bora answers with "Fart". Correct.

Answer = Duck.

Sunny mimics a duck's bill. The grandmother does the same. Ji Hyun Woo does the same, and adds a tail to it. Bora answers with "Duck". Correct.

Answer = Robot.

Sunny imitates a robot's walk. Their grandmother does it a bit loosely. Ji Hyun Woo goes really loose for the imitation. But surprisingly, Bora answers with "Robot". Correct. Ji Hyun Woo is amazed.

Answer = Wrestling.

Sunny mimics grapple move. The grandmother does the same movements. Ji Hyun Woo grabs and shakes Bora around, and she answers with "Wrestling", while attempting to leg throw him to the ground. Correct.

Answer = Swimming.

Sunny mimics the full arm swimming technique. Their grandmother does a semi-version of it, while Ji Hyun Woo does the standard swimming technique. Bora answers with "Swimming". Correct.

Answer = Sexy Dance.

Sunny does Sistar19's signature choreography with a sensual hand gesture. The grandmother does both at the same time. Ji Hyun Woo does something different. Bora answers with "Wave". Deng! Time is over.

Score = 5

Overall Winner = Jiyoung's, Eunyoung's, and Suzy's Grandmother, and Sunny's, Bora's, and Ji Hyun Woo's Grandmother

Both grandmothers already have red ginseng set, and a padded jacket. So they give it to Woori's and Hyoyeon's Grandmother. However, both grandmothers will play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to determine who gets the warming mat.

Sunny's, Bora's, and Ji Hyun Woo's Grandmother = Paper.

Jiyoung's, Eunyoung's, and Suzy's Grandmother = Scissor.

Warming Mat Winner = Jiyoung's, Eunyoung's, and Suzy's Grandmother

The massage chair is award to Sunny's, Bora's, and Ji Hyun Woo's Grandmother. This was fun to watch. :D Roll preview for the next installment of the show, and play the episode's picture montage. Precious memories. :thumbup:

I really like how well things are turning out better and better, with each new episode. I enjoyed this episode very much, and looking forward to the next one. :jogging:

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