[2011.11.13] Kara


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really ?

was it funny ?


jing isn't the best well-mannered member in Kara, i suppose . .

I can't say "No, Jing is well-mannered, all the KARA members are perfect" because it's just not right.. everyone can express their own opinion, right?

Just wanted to say that we have to consider that IY2 like many if not all the shows are scripted or at least PDs/whoever give artist instructions like "You'll be the bitchy one, you'll be the cute one".. everything is organized to make it "funny/entertaining" ^_^

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I watched the show till episode 3 and she is so hard working right?

We can see her effort there, I love how she so excited and never complain when catching mullet on the mud,

And love how she MC-ing with suzy. She is indeed cute, funny little sister^^

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