[Video] Sunghee at MBC's A Nice Day 110517


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I wish I knew what they were saying but to summarize but Sunghee is visiting her in-laws with her now husband, Yang Won Joon (31). The father in-law is a famous voice actor who is Yang Ji Woon. Remember they got married back in May so this was shot before the wedding ^^

credit: kibou92@youtube

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after watching this one, I suddenly miss Sungja even more T_T feel like crying as well T_T

but i'm happy she's doing okay with her in-laws and husband ^^

it just feels so nice to hear from her that she was a part of Kara before, cute Sungja <3

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On 28/11/2011 at 5:54 PM, jenster23 said:


shes still soo pretty! and i got to hear her sing! ahh..finally her husband's face was revealed...hehe i almost teared up watching this...its been soo long since ive heard her sing... i hope somebody sub this...hehe

I really want to watch it but the youtube video seem like been deleted :gemcry:

Where else can i watch it?

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