[Perf] 111229 SBS Gayo Daejun


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walking down the red carpet,


teasing with every little step, a collaboration with 2pm,

greeting with the interview and..

the main event we all are waiting for, STEP dance special!

[c] kkh8587

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Thanks very much red4summer. The best performance was definitely STEP. I loved their gold costumes and dance battle at the beginning. STEP was fun and got the enrgy pumping B)

The 2pm joint stage was OK but it just seemed a bit disorganised and low energy (same for a lot of performances that night). I'm just baffled as to why of all the songs in the world they danced to a Bobby Brown song from the 80s... it seemed like such a random choice :blink:

Overall I wasn't too impressed with the SBS Gayo. Too disorganised and most of the performanaces with a few exceptions like K.Will (solo) BEG, Yoon Mi Rae singlehandedly saving that hip hop stage, 2NE1 but mostly perfromances were low energy, boring and messy. It's obvious that a lot of things have been put together last minute and the performers haven't had enough practice time. Also they might as well have called it the SMTownBS Gayo because it's obvious which artists they favour :whistling:

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I love Step performance. Our girls are so pretty. I'm kind off disappointed as SM artist, especially SNSD, got a lot more performances than other artists,also their new boy group also appeared on stage which it's very unfair for other rookies who had already debuted. Some performances were quite messy. Well, our girls had 6 mins which is quite good but I never get enough of them :)I enjoy watching our girls performing on stage a lot. Hope they can get some rest before going back to Japan tmr.

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As for the 2PMxKARA collab, I'm a little disappointed because I know these 2 groups can give a better dance production than what they did... BUT I know they had little time to practice which makes me accept and appreciate their performance. :thumbup1:

And STEP... the Dance Battle intro was great! It's always great to see Hammie giving some oomph in her dances, and of course Cole's smexy moves! I love that GyulJing HamCole moment where they hi-five'd after the intro. :thumbup: And I like that they had two dancers each in the first part. Liked Cole's dance solo (except for the camera - though it did give us a shot of Gyul and Ham beside Jing and Hara). :thumbup:

tumblr_lwzngewoUf1r18qbxo6_250.gifcr: sysbittersweet@tumblr

Above all, knowing the schedule these girls have had for the day, I definitely find their performance DAE to the BAK!!! :thumbup::thumbup: I really think they did a spectacular job, not to mention how beautiful they are in their gold outfit.

To me, the worst part of SBS Gayo Daejun was the camerawork. It was "ohh, we got ourselves a crane and can do long shots then zoom in and let's do it again with a pan" and "ohh, we have an aerial view, let's use that" without thinking if the shot is actually good. Most of the performances were near their usual choreography and they had rehearsals. A good director of photography would know where to shoot and what to shoot. How many solo dances weren't shown properly (either focused on someone else or a closeup shot that you can't see the dance itself). I really want to sack the guy in charge. (rant done :sweatdrop: sorry 'bout that)

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wtf SBS cameramen?? shot bad angle in the dance battle, missed nicole's dance break, hara bias at the end..

I have prepared my heart and soul to fully enjoy STEP remix, but cameramen sucks big time..

anywho, that was a kickass perf and really great STEP remix.. girls looked so effin hot with gold costume! :eyelove:

collab dance with 2pm is okay, not feeling it cuz the song is too 70s and there's no particular climax in the dance, but still the girls rocked it.. :thumbup: and get some rest!!

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LOOOOOOVED STEP! I will never get tired of Step. Thank you for posting! :D

I'm so happy the girls came back to Korea and made it to this. On AKP, they didn't even post the videos of their performances! So I was like "OMG, DID KARA NOT PERFORM?!" Good thing I came here. ^^ Thank you!

The collab with 2pm was okay. It was cute hahaha. WHERE'S THE COLLAB WITH SHINEE?!

Anyways, thanks for posting! (:

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The STEP performance was effing DAEBAK! You could really feel the energy and everything. I swear, I absolutely can't stop rewatching it.

The 2PM& KARA dance.. well... it was okay. =_= But still, KARA and 2PM are both great at dancing, so why couldn't they have showed that off? The song was just.. too random and the steps were way too simple. But still the girls did great, since they didn't have much time to practice, plus their schedules! <3 <3

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i don't understand the dance battle in the beginning because i would arrange coleharajing challenging the unnies. lol.

i like the litte change in step choreo for the remix but kinda disappointed with this year stage as compared to last.

better than nothing, here's a fancam on the ending and skipped to 0:55-1:08.

(i think that was where the refreshment resided?)

[c] babyblue72

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i hope there will be more fancam,

like sme, tvxq o suju will lead their artist

jyp, 2pm, cube beast..

but dsp...i hope khj will be there tgether with KARA n rainbow at end to lead them..

glad KARA n rainbow walk tgther at the end..

it will be epic, if there will be ss501, KARA, lee hyori n rainbow walk tgether at the end of concert..hope ss501 will comeback next year..

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Nicole preparing the dance break but we only can see half of it.. But maybe because no rehearsal for their performance, so the cameraman have no idea where to focus~

However, they look beyond amazing, especially with the outfit for both performance, I totally love it. :)

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is it anybody has kara performance for step???

i search anywhere,,thay have it but it contains tokyo block it///

i dont know why,.if all of u have that video can we share it..

i'm dying to look that performance..

thank you :blush:

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