Which variety show do you want to see Kara on?


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Nikori needs to be on Running Man now!! And KARA should be on WGM and on more Japanese variety shows like the Tokyo Friend Park 2 game show they were on before. I think Japanese variety really gives them a chance to shine and their individual personalities show very well. Korean variety are sometimes dominated by the hosts to force drama and laughter out

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We Got Married. xD Strong Heart. Star King (Idk if this show still runs...?). I really miss them on Korean variety shows. I'm really happy they get to participate in Japanese variety shows, but those shows are usually immediately blocked once uploaded on YT. ):

Alsoo, it would be nice if KARA got to host/participate in a show with ALL of the members and not just one of them. I love them all individually, but I just miss seeing them together on Korean variety shows.

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I honestly wanna see KARA on running man! I want to see their competitive side~ Though Hara has already been on there but I really wanna see the rest of the members (especially nicole) :D

really agree with you! wish to see Nicole on the show! or maybe everyone at once! :thumbup:

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Running Man of course. With all of KARA starring in it instead of just one like the Ji Young and Hara episodes before. It'll be so much fun, and we rarely get to see them in these kinda variety shows with so much action. I want to see them play tag.

And We Got Married too. Probably Seung Yeon coupled with the guy she filmed Pit-a-Pat Shake at the start of the year. It was a good teaser and I would like to see Seung Yeon all wifey type because she really gives me that impression. :thumbup1:

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