[Other] My student knows Kim Sunghee!

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Hey there guys, it has been awhile since I have been at Karaholic but now I'm back because I have news to share about Kim Sunghee!

I am located now in Davao, Philippines and today during my job (tutoring English), me and my Korean student (male) ended up talking about Kara. His wife came by and joined the conversation and asked me why I first started liking Kara. I said it was honestly because of Kim Sunghee during the "Break It" days. Then to my surprise, my student's wife said that they met in person!

She said she saw Kim at a Jehova's Witness "gathering". Apparently they go to the same church! She was sitting right behind Kim and her friends and mentioned how there was a different "aura" around our former Kara member. It was as if she was "glowing" or "shining" :lol: . Kim then went up stage and shared her life story and about how she made the decision to leave Kara due to her failing the college entrance exams and parent's pressure (which we already know). She also told every that she was married. Kim is a full fledged follower of Jehovah's witness and so is her husband. Her husband is also friends with my student's wife! Dedicating herself to more spiritual enlightenment was also mentioned. This gave me a total shock today haha.

This may be old news already, but it was definitely a treat knowing my student's wife was *that* close to our Sunghee! Also that we met here in Davao, such a small world. :thumbup1:

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Wow Jehova's witnesses. I don't have problems with most religions but cults on the other hand... I find rather distasteful. They can barely be considered Christian not to mention they have no respect for my wishes to sleep past 10 am on Sundays. Btw. JW is illegal in some countries, seems like a less scammy scientology.

I can understand why it might interfere with becoming an idol and now it makes much more sense why she got married so young. For a longer list of religious non-sense Jehovah's Witnesses. Armageddon, no rights for gays, male entitlement, consider themselves above everybody hence "limit their social interaction with non-Witnesses", "Jehovah's Witnesses consider the Bible to be scientifically and historically accurate and reliable and interpret much of it literally" and refuse blood transfusions.

What I'm surprised is that she somehow became an idol in the first place. It would seem that her religion would prohibit it. Can't say that I hate her but this does reflect negatively on her. These kinds of folks tend to be the non-negotiable types. All hail common sense

ps. Thanks for informing us, I always did wonder what exactly happened.

ps. ps. If somebody is a offended, feel free to condemn me to hell all you want. All I gave you is the truth.

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everyone has his/her own rights and hence i'm in no place to condemn anybody but..

unlike you, i have a problem with most religions but my religion teaches me how to be gracious and respectful toward others. i come from a multi-religious country which bans jw too but that doesn't prevent us from making friends who have different religion practices like jw. we shouldn't be judging a person solely based on his/her religion beliefs.

where's the "common sense"? that's nothing to suggest anything. let's only think about kara because the rest is inappropriate which can lead to many undeserved discussions.


thanks for sharing. i'm a new fan so this is the first time i heard that sung actually spoke about kara after she left. i don't know what she is doing now but at least glad to learn that she is finding strength, in her case, in her religious faith.

ps guys, 5 more days to her birthday.

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Well KHM i do promote religious freedom, exept for Scientologists KHAHEM, "insert cough" but i don't really have a good experience with Jehovas witnesses either, as they are quite naive,blind and foolish for the most part. Well i do wish her well but being in this cult, well i don't think it's a good idea if you ask me.

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