KARA's Car. Which one is your favourite?

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This is the their latest car.

Other Info:

-Seungyeon had a Mini Cooper before this. She just switched to Porsche Cayenne this year.
-So far, no information about Gyuri's car. She even stated she don't like to drive with her own.
-Jiyoung's car probably is a gift from her mother, cause in one interview, she stated she wanted to ask a car from her mother.
-Hara WAS a bad driver. She couldn't park her car backwards as told by Jessica SNSD, her best friend. But now, she might improve her skill driving.
-Seungyeon is a slow driver. Hara said it might take a day for Seungyeon to reach her destination. tongue.gif

Which of these car is your favourite? Let's discuss!

Other pictures of their car.

Hara with her Mercedes and Seungyeon with her old Mini Cooper at the back.

Jiyoung washing her Mini Countryman.

#UPDATED 22/1/2013

Update: Seungyeon has a new car.

oh yeah her car is a roll royce mini goodwood. only 1600km so far. price for a new one around 63,400,000 krw
seungyeon's car tuning: 1. TPI 12mm wheel spacer 2. Black muffler tip 3. tuner's custom reinforced mounting
cr. yuda

The NZ$103,000 Mini by Rolls-Royce



BMW's lower- and upper-end British brands, Mini and Rolls-Royce, have combined to create a limited edition luxury hatchback.

The new "Inspired by Goodwood" Mini was created by the Rolls-Royce design team behind million-dollar limousines such as the Phantom.

The all-black-exterior Mini Goodwood will be built in a limited production run of 1000 units with UK motoring media reporting the car could be very expensive for a small car - about NZ$103,000 (approximately £50,000).

Named after the home town of Rolls-Royce and built under the watchful eye of the town's locals, the Goodwood model features lashings of luxury with the aim of ensuring the top-dollar Mini exhibits "the highest level of workmanship and stylish supremacy".

The interior is the clearest indication of the conglomeration between the two brands. The dash, console, seats, roof-lining and door-pillars are all clad in the exclusive Rolls-Royce colour Corn Silk, while deep-pile lambswool carpet mats, identical to the fleece used in current Rolls models, are thick enough to put Ugh-boots to shame.

Other fancy materials include cashmere for the rooflining and walnut-burr wood and nappa leather for the dash. The Mini's instruments also borrow Rolls' unique typeface.

Under the bonnet, though, you won't find Rolls' coveted 6.75L V8 engine - instead, the Goodwood features the 1.6-litre turbo engine from the Cooper S, which produces 135kW of power and a maximum torque figure of 260Nm. The car will be fitted with a standard six-speed manual gearbox but a six-speed automatic will be an added cost extra.

The Goodwood is the latest in a line of pint-sized luxury runabouts from high-end prestige manufacturers, which includes Aston Martin's upcoming pint-sizer, the Cygnet, and the Ferrari-inspired Fiat Tributo 695 hot hatch.

The limited edition Mini model will make its debut at the Shanghai motor show next week.

- Sydney Morning Herald

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lol, the pictures of jiyoung is so cute <3

jeez, you KNOW these girls are making bank. the cars are so nice and expensive!

i PERSONALLY, like nicole's car and the minicooper! i've always loved minicoopers. they're so cute and little..but big at the same time..? lol, like our giant baby :D <3

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I would say the Porsche Cayenne is the best looking. Nicole's car looks like something from GTA. So I'll take both.

lol right. I just wonder why they dont do sedan instead of those big cars (except for the mini cooper obviously)

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I personally love all the cars. I think seungyeon car is a very nice, and expensive look. I just like it if it wasn't a hathback. HARA car, to me took like a orignal car, even thought it is an Mercandez. I like cole car, cause it look like suppose to be a long car. I like the back of the car to, and the colors is awesome. I like jiyoung car to, I like mini cooper. Plus the car reminder me of hyun joong oppa car in bbf. So the car that I like the most is cole and jiyoung.

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i totally agree with you guys, nicole's car is the best... i am a bit surprise about her choice of car, it seems that her car is a little off for her personality. She's sweet and cute while her car, well it has a muscular feel/look. :sweatdrop: but then again that car rocks!!! :thumbup:

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lol jiyoung car is so cute..suit her though..nicole also..no gyuri car??i think goddess only need a driver since she is the goddess o kpop..no need to drive herself.. :thumbup:

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Me personally I like the mini cooper the best. Some of you may not know Mini is owned by BMW and despite their eccentric look they are actually very much drivers' cars. As expected of such a small car it doesn't have much raw horsepower but the Minis have great handling and are very fun to drive. The Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover are both high end SUV's filled to the brim with luxury but I'm not particularly a their looks. Definitely useful for celebrities to haul around their friends though. Can't say much about the Mercedes B class as they don't sell that here in the USA. Considering the make it must be a pretty good car but in America we have a hard time associating hatchbacks with luxury.

I can totally relate to Gyuri not liking to drive. I haven't been to Seoul before but I imagine the traffic there is just like your typical Asian megacity. If I was a celebrity I'd probably have my manager drive me everywhere too. Or maybe Gyuri is such a master of disguise nobody notices her when she goes out. :hihi:

Anyways looking at the list of the cars the girls drive it's good to know they're not having any troubles financially. Considering the hundreds of performances, hundreds of thousands of merchandise and millions of records sold they'd better be able to afford some nice things in life. I remember KARA did some CFs for KIA before, I wonder if they got free cars from the deal. :giggly:

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